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University of Pittsburgh

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“What’s New at Pitt?” Issue

Although summer is still in full swing, Arrival Survival and the fall term soon will be upon us. Here at the University Times, we are looking ahead to the first issue of the new school year and we’d like to include your news as we inform the University community about what’s new. The deadline for submissions is Aug. 10.

We are collecting information that focuses on the new people, places and things that are in place or coming soon at Pitt. We hope to publish a wide-ranging overview of the highlights. In addition, we don’t want to reiterate items that have previously been covered in University Times. (As a guideline, “new” for the purpose of this story would be as of approximately April 1, 2017.)

Among the items we’d like to include are:

New people – Including new department chairs, administrators, staffers or significant new faculty members. Please include a brief outline of the person’s title and department, area of expertise, where he/she has come from and a brief description of the job he or she will be doing, or classes he or she will be teaching. If a photo is available, please feel free to forward it electronically to for consideration. (High-resolution jpg files work best.) If your photographer would like a photo credit, please be sure to include his/her name.

New places – Is construction being started, or newly completed? Do you have new labs, equipment, facilities or a whole new address? Did your area move or undergo remodeling? Please let us in on the details of the project, along with the time frame. Again, if photos are available, email them and we’ll be happy to consider them.

New things — Are there new academic programs (including majors, minors, certificates, tracks, courses or articulation agreements)? New research grants (please include funding sources and amounts if available)? New or updated web sites, equipment upgrades, or anything else?

Are any new events coming up in the near future? When and where?

If there’s anything else that’s new in your area that you’d like us to be aware of, please include it even if it doesn’t fit the above categories.

Information will be edited for style, length and content.

In order to compile information from around the University in time for our first issue of the new term, we need to have your information by Aug. 10.

Please send information to