Bigelow Boulevard streetscape and UPJ bike path get state funding

Transportation funding from the state’s Commonwealth Financing Authority was approved last week and two of the more than 100 projects will impact Pitt campuses.

The City of Pittsburgh received $500,000 for the Bigelow Boulevard streetscape project between Fifth and Forbes avenues, which was included in Pitt’s campus master plan. The project would involve re-landscaping the street to support sustainability and to prevent jaywalking, and a mid-block crosswalk would be added. Other planned improvements include new sidewalks; bike lanes; a new shuttle stop; and improvements to parking and ramps for the disabled. There is no date yet for when the work will start.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported this week that the city hopes to begin the project this fall. 

Karina Ricks, the city Department of Mobility and Infrastructure’s director, told the Post-Gazette, that although funding for the project is about $1 million short of the $4.5 million goal, the city will review what work can be done as soon as possible.

“Maybe it’s not everything we envision, but maybe there’s a way we can get started and do some things now and other things when we can,” Ricks said.

Also getting funding — $190,453 — was the second phase of the Richland Sidewalk/Bike path project, also known as REACHland connect, near Pitt–Johnstown. The project will involve the installation of sidewalks along Theatre Drive and Eisenhower Boulevard, according to WJAC.