Board committee approves ‘appointment stream’ faculty titles

Without dissent, the Academic Affairs/Libraries Committee of the Board of Trustees on June 25 approved changes to faculty titles, replacing “non-tenure stream” with “appointment stream” and adding the prefix “teaching” and the suffix “of the practice” as options for appointment-stream titles.

Provost Ann Cudd announced this proposed revision to Pitt’s bylaws, which defines “teaching” ranks as applying to one whose primary assignment or contribution is instruction, and who is not ordinarily expected to undertake research responsibilities.”

A professor, associate professor, assistant professor or instructor of the practice is defined as:One who may not have a terminal degree but who has considerable skill, expertise and experience in a specific profession and whose major contribution is usually teaching and facilitating experiential opportunities for students in the profession.”

The changes, already approved by Faculty Assembly, still need to pass the trustees’ Governance and Nominating Committee this summer and the full board in September.

— Marty Levine