Faculty members elected for senior vice chancellor search committee

Five faculty members have been elected to serve on the search committee for the next senior vice chancellor for the Health Sciences:

  • Sanjeev Shroff from the School of Engineering, representing the provost’s area schools
  • Jeanine Buchanich, Graduate School of Public Health, Jan Beumer, School of Pharmacy, representing the schools of the health sciences
  • Olivera Finn and Mark Shlomchik, both from the Department of Immunology, representing the School of Medicine.

These committee members were chosen by faculty from their own areas, according to the University’s guidelines for search committees for senior administrators. The new committee will also include members selected by the Student Government Board, Staff Council and Chancellor Patrick Gallagher.

The committee will select a replacement for Arthur Levine, who also is stepping down as dean of the School of Medicine. Some faculty have urged that the deanship and senior vice chancellor post be split between two individuals in the future, and Gallagher said this move would be considered while the search committee was active.

— Marty Levine