Registry for clinical trials reaches 200,000 participants

Pitt+Me, a registry of people willing to participate in clinical and translational research projects, now has more than 200,000 participants, one of the largest pools of research subjects in the country.

The registry started 10 years ago by Pitt’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) enrolled its 200,000th participant in March. Those who sign up are put in a pool of subjects that researchers can draw from for studies and clinical trial. The participants can decide if they want to be involved in studies they are qualified for.

This large and diverse group of adult and pediatric participants helps Pitt and UPMC researchers make groundbreaking discoveries, gives Western Pennsylvanians access to innovative research studies, and contributes to advancing exceptional medical care across the region. 

CTSI Director Dr. Steven Reis started the registry in 2008 with just 4,200 participants, and 75 studies using the service during its first year. Participants may join research studies to find treatments for their own health conditions, to advance knowledge in the hopes of preventing disease in the next generation, or to help move science forward in general. Many studies also provide compensation for a participant’s time and effort. Since 2008, Pitt+Me has assisted with more than 1,000 research studies and made over 123,000 participant referrals to study teams.

Those interested in becoming a Pitt+Me participant can register here