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Answers to Questions Frequently Asked in the Summer

Are you traveling for work or for fun this summer and curious about what types of services and benefits — routine and emergency and health-related — Pitt offers? Are you looking for help in being mindful of your health during the summer? Or are you confused about how the University’s vacation time off works?

Below, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) has compiled answers to frequently asked questions related to programs and benefits that are relevant to employees during the summer months.

What is International SOS?

International SOS is a program that provides health and security coverage to Pitt faculty, staff and students who are traveling abroad on University business, programs or activities only; this program does not cover personal travel. Member of International SOS receive several benefits while traveling abroad, including medical or security evacuation, emergency medical and travel assistance and coverage for spouses, domestic partners and dependents.

Additional details about the International SOS program and instructions on how to become a member are on OHR’s Coverage While Traveling webpage.

What kind of services does Assist America offer?

Assist America offers global emergency medical services to Pitt employees for business and personal travel. Its services include physician referral, emergency medical evacuation, hospital admission, trip preparation and more.

Employees must be covered by a UPMC Health Plan to take advantage of this benefit. Spouses, domestic partners and dependents of employees under a UPMC Health Plan are also covered.

Learn more about the Assist America program on the Coverage While Traveling webpage.

How does the UPMC International Travel Program assist Pitt employees?

UPMC offers an International Travel Program to individuals at Pitt with a UPMC Health Plan who travel abroad for University business or personal vacations. Services are offered before, during and after traveling, including general information about safe practices while abroad, a review of traveler health and immunization history and follow-up care after returning.

Pitt individuals who would like to learn more about the UPMC International Travel Program can check out the Coverage While Traveling webpage.

How can I attend to my health and wellness this spring?

You can look after your health by visiting the MyHealth@Work Health and Wellness Center. MyHealth@Work offers wellness and preventative services to Pitt faculty and staff to provide relief from common spring and summer health conditions like allergies, sunburns and insect bites and stings. Services are offered to Pitt employees at no cost, regardless of insurance coverage.

You can also attend to your wellness by exploring the following dimensions of wellness and applying them to your daily life. Ideas include:

Learn about the rest of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness on the OHR website.

Make caring for your wellness a social activity with the OHR #PittWellness Instagram challenge.

Learn how to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle while also sharing what your wellness looks like on Instagram. The challenge is open until July 1. Details about the #PittWellness challenge, along with where to find wellness tips and tattoos to share on Instagram, are on the OHR announcements page.

How does vacation time accrual work?

Vacation time is accrued at the end of a pay period and is available to use during the next pay period.

Staff members who would like to use their vacation time must request approval from their supervisor in advance. Once maximum vacation time has been accumulated, employees must use their vacation time before accruing any more time off.

Please note that vacation time and personal time are different.

You can learn how and when to take vacation time on OHR’s time off webpage.