University Times survey results show readers know who we are and what we do

More than 100 people responded to our very unscientific Qualtrics poll about the University Times. Of course, that’s only a small fraction of the roughly 7,000 people who visit the website during each two-week period between editions.

Of those responding, 77 percent were staff members and 20 percent faculty. And almost everyone understood that the primary audience for the University Times is faculty and staff.

Shared governance issues were rated the most important type of stories for the University Times to cover. Other topics that rated highly were news and announcements from Pitt’s administration and Human Resources issues and announcements. While the University Times will continue to cover those two types of stories, many of those announcements also can be found weekly on @Pitt.

We aim to cover stories about and issues important to faculty and staff.

More than 75 percent of respondents felt the UTimes should continue publishing every two weeks, and 82 percent had no preference on which day we should publish. Because of this, we will continue publishing every other Thursday through the end of July. We’ll take a break in August and return for the new semester on Aug. 29.

Want to know what the most popular story was during the past year? The faculty and staff mean and median salary report for 2017, published on April 9, 2018. You’ll find the 2018 report in this week’s edition of the University Times.

— Susan Jones