Bayles Receives Award for excellence in teaching chemical engineering

Taryn Bales, vice chair for education and professor of Chemical Engineering at the Swanson School of Engineering, has been awarded the James Pommersheim Award for Excellence in Teaching Chemical Engineering.

The Pommersheim Award was established by the chemical engineering department and James M. Pommersheim (’70) to recognize faculty in the areas of lecturing, teaching, research methodology, and research mentorship of students. Pommersheim, formerly professor of Chemical Engineering at Bucknell University, received his bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Pitt.

“Taryn excels in every area of Chemical Engineering education. She is not only a leader in our department but also a leader nationally,” said Steven R. Little, chair of the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. “Our students rave about her in her teaching evaluations, but also rave to me about how she is an exceptional mentor and a friend. We are proud to have Taryn as a colleague.” 

Bayles’ research focuses on engineering education, increasing awareness of the engineering field and understanding how to help students succeed once they choose engineering as a major.