Retired UPJ professor honored by Geological Society of America

William Brice, retired Pitt–Johnstown geology and planetary sciences professor, has been honored by the Geological Society of America with the annual Mary C. Rabbitt History and Philosophy of Geology Award for 2018.

He joined the UPJ staff in 1971, remaining at that post until 2005.

“The nice thing about the Mary C. Rabbitt Award for history of geology is that it is from my peers,” Brice said. “These are people that I have worked with and known for many years. To have your work recognized by your peers is a wonderful feeling. It is the premier history of geology award in the United States. That’s the only way to put it.”

Brice has visited more than 50 countries and helped found Pitt–Johnstown’s geology program.

He currently edits the International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences Annual Record.