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October 10, 2002

LRDC to co-manage NSF project

The Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC) will co-manage a five-year, $35 million National Science Foundation-funded project to reform math and science education nationwide.

Pitt will join with the University of Wisconsin to form Systemwide Change for All Learners and Educators (SCALE). The partnership includes four urban school districts serving approximately 900,000 students — Los Angeles, Denver, Providence, R.I., and Madison, Wis.

SCALE will focus on five key areas:

• Implementing the best math and science programs;

• Implementing in-depth science, technology, engineering and mathematics study;

• Reforming teacher education in partner districts;

• Mounting a program of peer tutoring aimed at keeping high school students who serve as tutors intimately engaged in mathematics and science, and

• Implementing a comprehensive program of research and evaluation.

SCALE is aimed especially at students from minority and low-income families, including non-native English speakers. Lacking equal opportunities to learn basic math and science, such students are dropping out of these courses in discouraging numbers, according to LRDC director Lauren Resnick.

LRDC and its Institute for Learning will receive $2.85 million annually for the project, which will involve major science and engineering departments and the School of Education. Resnick and Christian Schunn, LRDC research scientist, will co-direct the project.

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