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March 4, 2010

How to fix an approved time record mistake

What happens if a timecard needs to be corrected after it has been approved?

Stephen Ferber, HR assistant vice chancellor, said the new PRISM TRKS system can accommodate such changes. “You can correct an approved timecard, but you have to do it a certain way, or it restarts the system and restarts the process,” in effect canceling the approval, he noted.

• To   access and  correct  an  approved  timecard,  the  employee should use the “View Timecard” icon; do not use the “Revise Timecard” icon. Using the “Revise Timecard” icon changes the status of the timecard from approved to “working,” which, in turn, triggers the approving supervisor’s Missing Timecard Report.

• Also, when correcting timecards that have been approved, the employee should revise the number of hours in the “Hours Type” box and add hours as appropriate in another “Hours Type” box. Never delete or change the “Hours Type” in a row on an approved timecard.

For example, if an approved timecard has listed 7.5 hours of jury duty in the Monday slot but those hours should have been recorded as vacation time, change the number of hours in the “Jury Duty” slot to 0, and add another row to record 7.5 hours of vacation time. Do not delete or change the “Jury Duty” hours type category.

—Peter Hart

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