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April 3, 2003




Acts of Reading: Exploring Connections in Pedagogy of Japanese

by Hiroshi Nara, East Asian languages and literatures, and Mari Noda, Ohio State University.

University of Hawaii Press.

This book brings together various research in foreign language reading and promotes an effective pedagogical approach to teaching reading in Japanese.

Advances in Japanese Language Pedagogy

edited by Hiroshi Nara, East Asian languages and literatures.

National East Asian

Languages Resources Center.

These articles deal with the author’s research in Japanese language pedagogy.

Becoming Immortal: Combining Cloning and Stem-Cell Therapy

by Stanley Shostak, biological sciences.

SUNY Press.

This book provides the philosophical, practical and theoretical leverage for abandoning evolution and development in favor of engineering immortality in human beings.

Behavior Problems in Preschool Children: Clinical and Developmental Issues, 2nd Edition

by Susan B. Campbell, psychology.

The Guilford Press.

This book discusses basic conceptual and theoretical issues in the field of developmental psychopathology, and describes important developmental tasks and transitions that occur in the life of children, ages 2-5.

Between Law & Custom: High and Low Legal Cultures in the Lands of the British Diaspora (U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand), 1600-1900

by Peter Karsten, history.

Cambridge University Press.

The spread of English common law and cultural issues that developed during the British colonial period between 1600 and 1900 are traced and compared in this book.

The Blackwell Companion to Metaphysics

edited by Richard M. Gale, philosophy.


This is a collection of original essays in metaphysics by leading philosophers.

The City-Science Fiction Trilogy

by Shi-Kuo Chang, computer science.

Columbia University Press.

This book is published in English for the first time.

Developments in American Politics, IV

edited by B. Guy Peters, political science; Gillian Peele, Oxford, and Chris Barley, Keele.


Environmental Application of Geochemical Modeling

by Chen Zhu, geology and planetary

science, and Greg M. Anderson,

University of Toronto.

Cambridge University Press.

This book discusses the application of geochemical models to environmental practice and studies, through the use of numerous case studies of real-world environmental problems.

Fairness: The Theory and Practice of Distributive Justice

by Nicholas Rescher, philosophy.

Transaction Press.

This book is an analysis of the nature of fairness in the context of its practical operation in legal and political contexts.

Gender, Song, and Sensibility: Folktales and Folksongs in the Highlands New Guinea

by Pamela J. Stewart, anthropology, and Andrew Strathern, anthropology.

Praeger Publishers.

This scholarly book discusses gender issues as expressed through folktales and folksongs in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

German National Cinema

by Sabine Hake, Germanic languages and literatures.


This is a history of German film.

A Grammar of Contemporary Polish

by Oscar E. Swan, Slavic

languages and literatures.


This book is a comprehensive grammatical description of the contemporary Polish language, including forms, structures and usage. It is intended for both the specialist and non-specialist user.

Handel und Verkehr im 20. Jahrhundert

Christopher Kopper, history.

Oldenbourg Publishers.

This book, written in German, (translated as: “Trade and Transportation in the 20th Century”) is a history of transportation, transportation policies and retail business in 20th century Germany.

Horticulture in Papua New Guinea: Case Studies From the Southern and Western Highlands

by Pamela J. Stewart, anthropology; Andrew Strathern, anthropology, and Paul Sillitoe, University of Durham, U.K.

Ethnology Monograph Series No. 18, University of Pittsburgh.

This is a scholarly monograph on the horticultural practice of people living in the southern and western highlands of Papua New Guinea.

How to Think Like a Psychologist, 2nd Edition

by Donald H. McBurney, psychology.


This supplementary text explores common questions students ask about psychology.

The Human Fossil Record Vol. 1: Terminology and Craniodental Morphology of Genus Homo (Europe)

by Jeffrey H. Schwartz, anthropology, and Ian Tattersall, American Museum of Natural History.


This is the first volume of the first comprehensive study of virtually the entire human fossil record.

Laboratory Manualfor Physical Geology

by Charles E. Jones, geology and planetary science, and Norris W. Jones, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.


This manual is designed to develop hands-on skills that range from mineral and rock identification to map reading and interpretation to reconstruction of the geologic history of an area from geologic maps to understanding a wide range of surficial processes.

A Lafcadio Hearn Companion by Robert L. Gale, English.

Greenwood Press.

This reference is a guide to the life of Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904) in Greece, Europe, the United States, the French West Indies and finally Japan. It treats his fiction, travel essays, news items and especially his major works concerning Japan, which were the first in English to display range, profundity and admiration.

La Voz Del Otro: Testimonio, Subalternidad, Y Verdad Narrativa

edited by John Beverley, Hispanic languages and literatures, and Hugo Achugar, Universidad de la República, Uruguay.

Universidad Rafael Landivar, Guatemala.

This is a re-issue of a 1992 collection of essays on testimonial narrative (testimonio) in Latin America. Contributors include Fredric Jameson, Doris Sommer, Jean Franco and George Yudice. A new preface addresses some of the issues involved in the David Stoll-Rigoberta Merchu controversy.

The Mighty Experiment: Free Labor Versus Slavery in British Emancipation

by Seymour Drescher, history.

Oxford University Press.

This book explores the infiltration of rational social scientific arguments into the century-long debate over slavery and emancipation in the British colonies. It focuses on the relation of economic growth and expectations to economic outcomes and moral issues.

Modern Government and Politics

by B. Guy Peters, political science, and Alan Ball, University of Essex, England.

Ekdoseis, Athens.

This is the Greek translation of this book.

Narraciones Anacronicas de la Modernidad. Melodrama e Intermedialidad en America Latina

edited by Hermann Herlinghaus,

Spanish language.

Editorial Cuarto Propio, Santiago, Chile.

This book (“Anachronistic Narratives of Modernity. Melodrama and Intermediality in Latin America”) is a new theoretical anthology on the notions of melodrama and intermediality in Latin America. In exploring the Latin American cultural debate on modernity and anachronistic narratives, it introduces the concept of intermediality into cultural studies.

Norms and Nannies: The Impact of International Organizations on the Central and East European States

edited by Ronald H. Linden, political science.

Rowman & Littlefield.

This volume examines how the Central and East European states have reacted to the demands made on them by Western organizations, such as the European Union and NATO, in return for membership.

Oceania: An Introduction to the Cultures and Identities of Pacific Islanders

by Pamela J. Stewart, anthropology; Andrew Strathern, anthropology;

Laurence M. Carucci, Montana State University; Lin Poyer, University of

Wyoming; Richard Feinberg, Kent State University, and Cluny Macpherson,

University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Carolina Academic Press.

This is an undergraduate textbook.

On Nature: Great Writing on the Great Outdoors

edited by Lee Gutkind, English.

Jeremy Tarcher.

Paradoxes of Public Sector Reform

by B. Guy Peters, political science; Christopher Hood, Oxford, and Jens Joachim Hesse, Free University, Berlin.

Dunker & Humblot.

Participant Observation: A Guide for Fieldworkers

by Kathleen M. DeWalt, anthropology, and Billie R. DeWalt, anthropology.

Altimira Press.

This is a guide to a core method of ethnographic research.

Peperite: Processes and Products of Magma-Sediment Mingling

edited by Ian Skilling, geology and planetary science; James White, University of Otago, New Zealand, and Jocelyn McPhie, University of Tasmania.


This book is a collection of papers concerned with processes and products of interaction of magma and wet sediment, a common process in many volcanoes that can generate hazardous explosions. This is the first book-length treatment of this subject.

Politics of Bureaucracy

by B. Guy Peters, political science.

Pradai (Vilnius).

This is the Lithuanian translation of this book.

Power Aware Computing

edited by Rami Melhem, computer

science, and Robert Graybill.

Kluwer Academic Publishers.

This book covers a wide spectrum of power optimization and management techniques from circuit level optimization to application-level power management. The spectrum includes power optimization and management at the microarchitecture level, the compiler level and the operating system level. The book also describes a number of methods for modeling and measuring power consumption in computer systems and for evaluating the effectiveness of power management techniques.

Psychology: An Evolutionary Approach, 2nd Edition

by Steven J.C. Gaulin, anthropology, senior author, and Donald H. McBurney, psychology, junior author.


This book offers an integrated Darwinian approach to a wide range of psychological phenomena.

Rationalitaet, Wissenschaft und Praxis

by Nicholas Rescher, philosophy.

Koenigshausen & Neumann.

This book examines issues in the philosophy of knowledge from the angle of pragmatism.

Remaking the World: Myth, Mining and Ritual Change Among the Duna of Papua New Guinea

by Pamela J. Stewart, anthropology, and Andrew Strathern, anthropology.

Smithsonian Institution Press.

This is a scholarly monograph on the lives of the Duna people of Papua New Guinea.


by David Walton, English.

Carnegie Mellon University Press.

This novel, set in Pittsburgh, is about an unemployed university history professor who is teaching bus-riding to mentally handicapped adults.

A Ross Macdonald Companion

by Robert L. Gale, English.

Greenwood Press.

Ross Macdonald (1915-1983) is best known as the creator of private detective Lew Archer and as the author of such best sellers as “The Drowning Pool” (1950), “The Chill” (1964) and “The Underground Man” (1971). This reference is a convenient guide to his life and works, which include two dozen novels and many short stories.

Rushed to Judgment: Talk Radio, Persuasion and American Political Behavior

by David Barker, political science.

Columbia University Press.

This book examines political persuasion in the form of political talk radio and its influence over American public opinion and voting behavior.

Sensation and Perception, 6th Edition

by Bruce Goldstein, psychology.

Wadsworth Publishers.

This college text covers the operation of the senses — vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell — by describing how perceptual experience depends on both physiological processes in the receptors and the brain, and on cognitive processes in the mind.

Study Guide for Biology: A Guide to the Natural World, 2nd Edition

by Lydia Daniels, biological sciences,

and Laurel Roberts, biological sciences.


This is a companion volume to David Krogh’s “Biology: A Guide to the Natural World,” 2nd Edition.

Transformation in Australian Art Vol. 1: The Nineteenth Century — Landscape, Colony and Nation

by Terence E. Smith, history of art and architecture.

Craftsman House.

This set of essays surveys the major themes in Australian art during the 19th century from new theoretical perspectives.

Transformation in Australian Art Vol. 2: The Twentieth Century — Modernism and Aboriginality

by Terence E. Smith, history of art and architecture.

Craftsman House.

This book is a set of essays exploring two key themes in modern Australian art from new perspectives.

Trigger Finger

by Micki Myers, English.

Pearl Editions.

This book won the 2001 Pearl Poetry Prize. In the introduction, Jim Daniels, Pearl Poetry Prize judge, states, “‘Trigger Finger’ introduces a fresh, quirky voice to American poetry.”

Understanding Craniofacial Anomalies: The Etiopathogenesis of Craniosynestosis and Facial Clefting

edited by Michael I. Siegel, anthropology, and Mark P. Mooney, School of Dental Medicine.


This book reviews current knowledge and research concerning two of the more common human birth defects: premature fusion of the sutures of skull and cleft lip and palate.

The Vernacular Spirit: Essays on Medieval Religious Literature

edited by Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski, French and Italian languages and literatures; Duncan Robertson, and Nancy Warren.


This collection of essays deals with the use of the vernacular in religious literature in medieval Europe. It includes essays about England, France, Germany, Flanders and Spain.

Violence: Theory and Ethnography

by Pamela J. Stewart, anthropology, and Andrew Strathern, anthropology.

Continuum Publishing.

This is an upper-level undergraduate or graduate-level textbook that discusses violence in contemporary society.

Writings in Jazz, 6th Edition

by Nathan Davis, music.

Kendall/Hunt Publishing.

The new edition of this jazz studies textbook includes the European-produced “Essential Collection,” which is a historical collection of recordings similar to the Smithsonian collections.


The Character for Women

by Helen Ruggieri, humanities.

Foothills Publishing.

This work is a haibun (part journal, part travel report, part poetry) kept during a visit to Japan when the author was a visiting professor at Yokohama College of Commerce.

Narcissism and Entitlement

by David R. Champion, administration of justice.

LFB Scholarly.

This is a study of the relationship between Machiavellian and narcissistic personality dimension and self-reported sexual aggression among young men.

Renewable Energy:

Trends and Prospects

edited by Assad I. Panah, geology and environmental sciences; S.K. Majumdar, and E.W. Miller.

The Pennsylvania Academy of Science.

In this book, energy experts address a variety of renewable and alternative power-generation technologies. The 31 chapters are organized into three parts, which lead the reader through a diversity of renewable and alternative energy resources as well as their technology, review the environmental impact, and delineate policies and regulations pertinent to renewable energy.

Science, Technology and National Security

edited by Assad I. Panah, geology and environmental sciences; S.K. Majumdar; Shelton S. Alexander; Leonard Rosenfeld; M. F. Rieders, and E.W. Miller.

The Pennsylvania Academy of Science.

This book is an outgrowth of an idea which originated from a symposium on “Science, Technology and National Security,” during Panah’s tenure as president of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science (1999). The 20 chapters in this book deal with a broad range of subjects and vary in scope, depending on evolution of specific science and technology in a particular weaponry as well as specialization of authors. Lessons learned from the Gulf War and the war on terrorism by the United States’ and its allies’ military commands and the intelligence suggest an appropriate assessment of the current state of scientific and technological information in military might.


The Frontiers of Project Management Research

edited by Dennis P. Slevin; David I. Cleland, engineering, and Jeffrey K. Pinto, Pennsylvania State University, Erie.

Project Management Institute.

This is a collection of original papers reporting on recent findings.


Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 4th edition

by Mark W. Ochs, oral and maxillofacial surgery; Peter N. Demas, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and Myron R. Tucker, Louisiana State University.


This book is written for dental students and entry-level residents. Topics include preprosthetic surgery, management of facial fractures, corrections of dentofacial deformities, facial aesthetic surgery and management of temporomandibular disorders.

Understanding Craniofacial Anomalies: The Etiopathogenesis of Craniosynestosis and Facial Clefting

edited by Mark P. Mooney, oral medicine and pathology, and Michael I. Siegel, Arts and Sciences.



Applied Multivariate Analysis

by Neil H. Timm, psychology in education.


Promoting Social Communication: Children With Developmental Disabilities From Birth to Adolescence

edited by Louise A. Kaczmarek, instruction and learning; Kristina English, School of Health and

Rehabilitation Sciences, and Howard Goldstein, Florida State University.

Paul Brooks.

This book provides an overview of the literature on strategies for promoting social communication in individuals with developmental disabilities from early intervention through the school years. It describes the theoretical foundations and models of social-communicative skill development; delineates the empirical research supporting strategies for infant/toddler, preschool, school age and adolescent interventions, and presents illustrative case studies for each age group.


The Frontiers of Project Management Research

edited by David I. Cleland, engineering; Dennis P. Slevin, Katz Graduate School, and Jeffrey K. Pinto, Pennsylvania State University, Erie.

Project Management Institute.

The Linearized Theory of Elasticity

by William S. Slaughter, mechanical.


This graduate-level textbook provides a modern treatment of the linearized theory of elasticity, presented as a specialization of the general theory of continuum mechanics.


Handbook of Serious Emotional Disturbance in Children and Adolescents

edited by Diane T. Marsh, psychology, and Mary A. Fristad.


This book presents current theory, research, practice and policy concerning severe and persistent mental disorders in children and adolescents.


Human Communication Disorders: An Introduction, 6th Edition

edited by George H. Shames,

communications science and disorders, and Noma B. Anderson, Florida

International University.

Allyn & Bacon.

Promoting Social Communication: Children With Developmental Disabilities From Birth to Adolescence

edited by Kristina M. English,

communication science and disorders; Louise A. Kaczmarek, School of Education, and Howard Goldstein,

Florida State University.

Paul Brooks.


Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web Based Systems

edited by Peter Brusilovsky, information science and telecommunications; Paul De Bra, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands, and Ricardo Conejo, University of Málaga, Spain.


These papers are from the Adaptive Hypermedia 2002 conference.

Archives & the Public Good: Accountability & Records in Modern Society

edited by Richard J. Cox, library and information science, and David A.

Wallace, University of Michigan

School of Information.


These case studies illustrate the importance records play for accountability in society. It is organized around four closely related themes — explanation, secrecy, memory and trust. This volume demonstrates how records compel, shape, distort and recover social interactions across space and time.

Computer Sciences: Macmillan Science Library

edited by Roger R. Flynn, information science and telecommunications; Ida M. Flynn, information science and telecommunications, and Ann McIver McHoes.

Macmillan Reference, USA.

This four-volume book reviews the history, concepts, people and impact of the field of computer science.

Principles of Wireless Networks: A Unified Approach

by Prashant Krishnamurthy, information science and telecommunications,

and Kaveh Pahlavan, Worcester

Polytechnic Institute.

Prentice Hall.

This book takes a unified and comprehensive approach to introducing the full spectrum of engineering demands across all wireless networks and systems. It is intended for upper-level undergraduate electrical engineering, computer science, telecommunications or information science courses that focus on wireless telecommunications technology, as well as a reference for technicians and other professionals.

Vandals in the Stacks? A Response to Nicholson Baker’s Assault on Libraries

by Richard J. Cox, library and

information science.


This book is a response to Nicholson Baker’s book, “Double Fold,” which generated wide-scale public discussion and controversy about preservation, libraries and archives.


College Study Skills: Becoming a Strategic Learner, 4th Edition

by Dianna L. Van Blerkom, education.


This book helps students acquire effective study skills through an emphasis on strategic learning and practice with college-level-text material. Strategies for getting motivated, becoming an active learner, setting goals, managing time, improving concentration, taking notes, reading and understanding college textbooks and preparing for and taking exams are included. There is a companion web site.

Ekho Epokhi

by Boris A. Kushner, mathematics, and Yulia Kushner, Graduate School of Public Health.

VIA — Press.

This is a book of poetry in Russian with original graphics by Yulia Kushner. The English translation of the title is “Echo of the Epoch.”

Electronic Design, 4th Edition

by William R. Wieserman, engineering; Martin S. Roden, California State University, Los Angeles, and Gordon L. Carpenter, California

State University, Long Beach. Discovery Press.

This book is written for use in the core electronics courses in undergraduate programs in electrical engineering. It covers discrete devices, linear integrated circuits and digital integrated circuits. A practicing engineer looking for a current reference for self-study also may find this book helpful.

Integrated Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology

by Bruce J. Colbert, allied health, and Barbara J. Mason, Idaho State University College of Pharmacy.

Prentice-Hall (Pearson Education).

This textbook and web site combine for a unique interdisciplinary perspective of respiratory therapy, cardiopulmonary physiology/pathology and cardiopulmonary pharmacology.

Orientation to College Learning, 3rd Edition

by Dianna L. Van Blerkom, education.


This book provides an all-in-one guide to studying for academic success. The text helps students make a successful transition to college by focusing on the academic skills and strategies that they will need to use in college-level courses. Topics include getting motivated, setting goals, managing time, improving concentration, taking notes, reading and understanding college textbooks, and preparing for and taking exams. There is a companion web site.


Comparative Law: An Introduction edited by Vivian Curran, and Michael Corrado, University of North Carolina.

Carolina Academic Press.

This book sets forth a theory for conducting comparative legal analysis as well as practical applications of the theory.

Criminal Defense Ethics: Law & Liability, 2nd Edition

by John Burkoff.


Criminal Law: Cases & Materials, Problems & Exercises

by John Burkoff; Russell Weaver, Louisville; Leslie Abramson, Louisville, and Catherine Hancock, Tulane.


Elder Law in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition

by Lawrence A. Frolik, and Richard L. Kaplan, University of Illinois College of Law.


This book is an overview of federal and state laws that impact on the legal rights, finances and personal lives of the elderly.

The Right to Die — 2003 Cumulative Supplement

by Alan Meisel, and Kathy Cerminara, Nova Southeastern University.

Aspen Law & Business.

This volume is a summary and analysis of significant legal developments in the law governing end-of-life decision-making.


Bringing the Internet to School: Lessons From an Urban District

by Janet Ward Schofield, and Ann Locke Davidson, Educational Connections.


This book gives practical, detailed advice about how to incorporate the Internet into instruction, as culled from the authors’ study of how the local school cultures shape the ways that teacher and students use the medium.

Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction

by Isabel L. Beck; Margaret G. McKeown, and Linda Kucan, Appalachian State


Guilford Publications.

This book provides a research-based framework and practical strategies for vocabulary development from the earliest grades through high school.

Learning Conversations in Museums

edited by Kevin Crowley; Karen Knutson, and Gaea Leinhardt.

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

This book explores how conversations in museums reflect and change a visitor’s identity, discipline-specific knowledge and engagement with an informal learning environment that has been purposefully constructed by an almost invisible community of designer, planners and educators.


Antimicrobial Therapy and Vaccines

edited by Victor L. Yu, medicine.

Apple Trees Productions.

This is a reference book for infectious disease specialists.

Assessing and Treating Physically Abused Children and Their Families: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach

by David J. Kolko, psychiatry, and Cynthia C. Swenson, Medical University of South Carolina.

Sage Publications.

This book provides a comprehensive approach to assessing and treating families referred for physical abuse of children. It integrates research studies and clinical experience in its description of different applications of specific treatment procedures.

Cerebral Blood Flow: Mechanisms of Ischemia, Diagnosis and Therapy

edited by Michael R. Pinsky, critical care medicine.


This book describes normal qualities of the cerebral circulation and its auto-regulatory and barrier functions; brain injury with acute ischemia from embolism, hemorrhage and trauma; state-of-the-art methods to visualize and quantify cerebral blood flow, and the current status of the large multi-center clinical trials.

Coronary Circulation and Myocardial Ischemia, 2nd Edition

edited by Michael R. Pinsky, critical care medicine.


This book describes normal qualities of the coronary circulation and its auto-regulatory and adaptive functions; ischemic injury from coronary artery disease; state-of-the-art methods to visualize and quantify coronary blood flow and the current status of the large multi-center clinical trials in the management of acute coronary syndromes, and myocardial infarction.

Dendritic Cells

edited by Michael T. Lotze, surgery, and Angus W. Thomson, surgery.

Academic Press.

Dendritic cells are the pacemakers of the immune response, driving initiation and maintenance of the immune response to cancer, viruses, atheroma, transplanted organs and normal tissues in the setting of autoimmunity.

Handbook on Firesetting in Children and Youth

by David J. Kolko, psychiatry.

Kluwer/ Academic Press.

This book provides a multi-disciplinary perspective on child and adolescent firesetting. It offers practical recommendations in the context of a balanced approach to evaluation and service delivery.

Immunology and Infectious Disease

edited by Peter Linden, critical care

medicine, and Lesley A. Doughty,

Rhode Island Hospital.

Kluwer Academic Publishers.

This book deals with key aspects of the inflammatory response in critically ill patients and contemporaneous discussions on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infections in the intensive care unit.

The Ladies Dispensatory

co-edited by Carey Balaban, otolaryngology, and Richard Siderits; edited by Jonathon Erlen, Graduate School of Public Health.


This is a republication of a 1653 medical advice handbook with the addition of an extensive glossary.

Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

edited by Jonas T. Johnson, otolaryngology; Mark H. Sanders, medicine,

and Jack L. Gluckman.

Martin Dunitz.

Chapters of this book are devoted to the description of sleep disorder, diagnosis and management techniques for treating patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

Pediatric Endocrinology

edited by Mark A. Sperling, pediatrics.

W.B. Saunders.

This book is about the discoveries in basic and clinical endocrinology over the past five years.

Personal Therapy for Schizophrenia and Related Disorders

by Gerard E. Hogarty, psychiatry.

Guilford Press.

This book describes the first evidence-based psychotherapeutic approach to the management of schizophrenia. Personal therapy is an individualized, three-phase, integrated method designed to achieve and maintain clinical stabilization following an episode of schizophrenia.

Saunders Manual of Critical Care

edited by Mitchell P. Fink, critical care medicine.

Elsevier Science.

This manual provides a rapid review of common as well as infrequently encountered disorders, including diagnostic tips and step-by-step approaches to therapy. Both seasoned intensivists and house officers rotating on an ICU service will find a concise summary of the key facts needed for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment.

Strategies for Addressing Behavior Problems in the Classroom, 4th Edition

by Mary Margaret Kerr, psychiatry and School of Education, and C. Michael Nelson.

Merrill, Prentice Hall.

This text looks at specific behaviors and the strategies employed for addressing each behavior. This revision places school-based interventions in the context of positive behavioral support, a view embraced by practitioners and supported by research.

Surviving Intensive Care (Update in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, #39)

edited by Derek C. Angus, critical care medicine, and Jean Carlet, Fondation Hopital, St. Joseph, Paris.


For many years, intensive care has focused on avoiding immediate death from acute, life-threatening conditions. However, there are increasing reports of a number of lingering consequences for those who survive intensive care. This book is dedicated to better understanding the consequences of surviving intensive care and is intended to provide a synopsis of the current knowledge and a stimulus for future research in improved care of the critically ill.

The Trauma Manual, 2nd Edition

by Andrew B. Peitzman, surgery; Donald M. Yealy, emergency medicine; Timothy C. Fabian, University of Tennessee Health Science Center; Michael Rhodes, Thomas Jefferson University, and C. William Schwab, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.

This book is a pocket manual for the management of injured patients.


Core Curriculum for Pediatric Emergency Nursing

edited by Lisa Marie Bernardo.

Jones & Bartlett.

This first-of-its-kind text covers treating children with injuries and illnesses, as well as disaster management and bio-terrorism.


Pharmacotherapy Casebook: A Patient-Focused Approach, 5th Edition

edited by Terry L. Schwinghammer, pharmaceutical sciences.

McGraw-Hill, Medical Publishing Division.

This casebook involving 145 disease states is designed for student self-study and small-group discussions. Patient information is followed by questions that ask the reader to identify drug therapy problems, determine desired outcomes, consider therapeutic alternatives, design treatment plans, outline assessment parameters and provide patient counseling information.


Ekho Epokhi

illustrated by Yulia Kushner, epidemiology; written by Boris A. Kushner,

Johnstown campus.

VIA — Press.

Handbook of Exercise in Diabetes

edited by Andrea Kriska, epidemiology.

American Diabetes Association.

This is a physician’s handbook.

Health Policymaking in the United States, 3rd Edition

by Beaufort B. Longest Jr., Health

Policy Institute.


This is a graduate-level textbook.

The Ladies Dispensatory

edited by Jonathon Erlen, behavioral and community health sciences; co-edited by Carey Balaban, School of Medicine, and Richard Siderits.



Public Personnel Management

edited by Carolyn Ban, dean, and Norma M. Riccucci, State University of New York, Albany.

Priscilla McGeehon.

The Regional Governing of Metropolitan America

by David Miller.

Westview Press.

The financial system of state and local government is reviewed at the national level. The relationships between the federal government, the 50 state governments and the 86,000 local governments also are explored.


Clinical Social Work: Beyond Generalist Practice With Individuals, Groups and Families

by Lambert Maguire.


This book describes the underlying theories, research and interventive techniques for social work practice. The first chapters clarify a systems-oriented model for generalist practice with individuals, groups and families. Cognitive, behavioral and psychodynamic models are included.



boundary 2

edited by Paul A. Bové, English;

guest editor of Vol. 29, No. 3, John Beverley, Hispanic languages and literatures.

Duke University Press.

boundary 2 encourages new thinking in all areas of humanistic study in an era of emerging globality. The journal is published three times a year. Issue No. 3 features work of Cuban artists and intellectuals who have retained primary identification with or residence in Cuba.

Child Development

associate editor: Sharon Nelson-Le Gall.

Blackwell Publishing.

This journal, the flagship journal of the interdisciplinary Society for Research in Child Development, publishes original empirical, theoretical, review, applied and policy articles reporting research on child development from the fetal period through adolescence.

Computational Geosciences:

Locally Conservative Numerical Methods for Flow in Porous Media

edited by Ivan Yotov, mathematics.

Kluwer Academic Publishers.

This special issue presents new developments in the area of locally conservative discretization methods and their applications to flow in porous media. The manuscripts represent diverse trends in the construction, analysis and applications of these methods, which have a major impact on reservoir simulation and groundwater flow modeling.

Diversity Dialogues

edited by Lee Gutkind, English.

Creative Nonfiction.


edited by Daniel Russell, French and Italian languages and literatures;

Michael Bath, University of Strathclyde; Peter Dady, McGill University, and David Graham, Memorial University

of Newfoundland.

AMS Press.

This is an interdisciplinary journal.

Evolution and Human Behavior

edited by Steven J.C. Gaulin, anthropology; Martin Daly, McMaster University, and Margo Wilson,

McMaster University.


This is the official journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society. It is ranked by Social Science Citation Index as No. 1 (out of 24) in biomedical social science journals.

Governance: The Institutional

Balance and the Future of European Union Governance

edited by Alberta Sbragia, political science, and Laura Cram, University of Strathclyde.

Blackwell Publishing.

This special issue examines the tensions and dilemmas within the European Union that have been created or exacerbated by the forced resignation in 1999 of the Santer Commission and the negotiations in 2000, which led to the Treaty of Nice and the possibility of enlarging the European Union.

International Journal of Computer Processing of Oriental Languages

edited by Shi-Kuo Chang, computer science.

World Scientific.

This is a quarterly journal.

International Journal of Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering

edited by Shi-Kuo Chang, computer science.

World Scientific.

This is a bi-monthly journal.

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

edited by Susan B. Campbell, psychology.

Kluwer Academic/Plenum.

This journal brings together the latest empirical research on child and adolescent psychopathology, with an emphasis on the prevalence, diagnosis, course, correlates and treatment of the major childhood disorders. It is the official journal of the International Society for Research in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology.

Journal of Mathematical Sociology

edited by Patrick Doreian, sociology.

Taylor & Francis.

This journal is published quarterly.

Journal of Ritual Studies

edited by Pamela J. Stewart, anthropology, and Andrew Strathern, anthropology.

Ritual Studies/Anthropology of Religion Group, University of Pittsburgh.

This is an interdisciplinary journal.

Journal of Visual Languages & Computing

edited by Shi-Kuo Chang, computer science, and Stefano Levialdi, University of Rome.


This is a bi-monthly journal.

Physics Reports: Halo Models of Large Scale Structure

by Ravi K. Sheth, physics and astronomy, and A. Cooray, California Institute of Technology.

Elsevier Science.

In this volume, the authors review the formalism and applications of the halo-based description of nonlinear gravitational clustering. They describe the model, demonstrate its accuracy by comparing its predictions with exact results from numerical simulations and then present several applications to astrophysical problems. These include descriptions of the real and redshift-space distributions of galaxies, nonlinear velocity, momentum and pressure fields, gravitational lensing and secondary contributions to the anisotropy of the cosmic background radiation.

Reader: Essays in Reader-Oriented Theory, Criticism and Pedagogy

editors in chief: Paul Kameen, English, and Mariolina Salvatori, English;

managing editor: Geoff Bonina, English.

Book Concern Printers.

As a semi-annual publication, this journal promotes research on reading-related issues in the profession. The journal originated in 1976 in response to the growing interest in reading theory, and now has international circulation and contributors from diverse disciplinary backgrounds: literature, composition, rhetoric, gender studies, cultural studies and pedagogy.


Dental Clinics of North America: Dental Informatics

guest editor: Titus Schleyer, dental informatics.

W. B. Saunders, Co.

This journal covers topics such as information retrieval on the Internet, application service providers, clinical decision support, simulations, dental practice web sites, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, handheld computing, digital radiology, educational software, teledentistry and data integration.

Dental Clinics of North America: Dental Therapeutics Update

guest editor: Paul A. Moore, dental public health, and Elliot Hersh, University of Pennsylvania.

W. B. Saunders, Co.

The goal of this edition of this journal is to provide an update on therapeutic agents of interest to general practitioners of dentistry. Theses agents include antimicrobial agents, analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs, local anesthetic formulations and the sedative and anxiolytic agents. Additionally, drugs of special importance for managing unique patient populations, such as geriatric patients, pediatric patients and dry mouth patients are presented. Other topics include a review of supplemental fluoride requirements, manifestations of drug therapy and emergency drugs.


Journal of Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing

edited by Marwan Simaan, electrical; N.K. Bose, Pennsylvania State

University, and E. Fornasini, University of Padova, Italy.

Kluwer Academic Publishers.

This is an archival journal that publishes original papers spanning the theoretical and applied research contributions in image processing, array signal processing, spectral analysis and transform techniques, and prediction and filtering of multidimensional processes.

Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications

guest editor: Marwan Simaan, electrical.

Plenum Publishers.

This special issue is published in honor of Jose B. Cruz Jr., former dean of the College of Engineering at Ohio State University, on his 70th birthday. The issue consists of contributions in the fields of control, optimization and game theory written by colleagues and former students.

Water Research

regional editor: Frederick G. Pohland, civil and environmental.

Elsevier Science, Ltd.

This journal publishes original papers on all aspects of the science and technology of water quality and its management worldwide. It is a journal of the International Water Association.


Seminars in Speech and Language — Apraxia of Speech: From Concept to Clinic

guest editor: Malcolm R. McNeil, communication science and disorders.

Thieme Medical Publishers.

This issue has assembled experts and current researchers to discuss the neurological bases of, and psycholinguistic and motor theories governing, apraxia of speech. In addition, age of onset, prosody, diagnosis, assessment for treatment planning, demonstrated treatments and treatment target selection are discussed.


The International Information and Library Review

edited by Toni Carbo, information science and technology.

Academic Press.

The focus of this journal is on three issues: the ways in which information is used as a resource within organizations; the impact that information use is making on societies throughout the world, and the legislative and regulatory implications of an information-intensive community.


The Pennsylvania Geographer

edited by William B. Kory, geography; associate editor: Gregory Faiers,


University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

This is a state scholarly journal focusing on a variety of geographic and regional topics.

South Asian Review, Vol. 23, No. 1 and No. 2

edited by R.D. Verma, English.

South Asian Literary Association.

This annual journal is a representative international scholarly forum for the examination of South Asian languages and literatures in a broad cultural context.


American Education Research Journal

edited by Margaret G. McKeown; associate editor: Kevin Crowley.

American Education Research Association.

This journal publishes original empirical and theoretical studies and analyses in education that are significant to the understanding and/or improvement of educational processes and outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence and Law

edited by Kevin D. Ashley; Anja Oskamp, Free University, Amsterdam, and Giovanni Sartor, Universita degli studi di Bologna, Italy.

Kluwer Academic Publishers.

This journal publishes theoretical or empirical studies in artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, jurisprudence, linguistics and philosophy that address the development of formal or computational models of legal knowledge, reasoning and decision-making.


American Journal of Rhinology

edited by Philip Fireman, pediatrics,

and David Kennedy, University of Pennsylvania.

Oceanside Publications.

This is the official journal of the American Society of Rhinology.

Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care

edited by Mitchell P. Fink, critical care medicine, and Rene L. Chiolero, University Hospital CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.

This features concise analyses of recent literature in various fields.

MRI Clinics of North America: Head and Neck MR Imaging I

guest editor: Scott A. Mirowitz.

W. B. Saunders, Co.

This issue is a practical guide to the application of MR imaging of the head and neck.

Pediatric Diabetes

edited by Mark A. Sperling, pediatrics.

Blackwell Munksgaard.

This is a quarterly journal devoted to disseminating new knowledge relating to the epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, management, complications and prevention of diabetes in childhood and adolescence.

Plasmid: A Journal of Microbial Genomes and Genome Dynamics

edited by Saleem Khan, molecular genetics and biochemistry.

Academic Press.

This bi-monthly journal publishes original research on microbial chromosomes and extrachromosomal elements with the emphasis on functions that contribute to their maintenance and transmission. The journal also is a forum for articles on plasmids, bacteriophages and mobile genetic elements, including transposons and genomic islands, that contribute to microbial antibiotic resistance, pathogenicity and evolution.

Seminars in Ophthalmology

edited by Thomas R. Friberg,


Swets & Zeitlinger.

This journal presents the most current available strategies for treatment and diagnoses of ocular diseases and disorders. Each issue has a single focus and consists of multiple articles from the physicians and scientists who are international experts on the specific topic being discussed.



In the Garden of Live Flowers

written by Attilio Favorini, theatre arts, and Lynne Conner, theatre arts.

Produced by Slippery Rock University.

This play is a theatrical exploration of Rachel Carson’s life and the events surrounding the publication of “Silent Spring” in 1962. The play tells two stories simultaneously. The first follows Carson from childhood to death. The story of “Silent Spring” speculates on how a creative imagination was brought to bear on the hard scientific facts with which the book is filled.

Report of the Commission on Abandoned Mine Voids and Mine Safety

written by William Harbert, geology and planetary sciences; F. Kirby; J. Kohler; S. Kravits; J. Lamont; R. Ramani; J. Roberts; D. Smith, and J. Szalankiewicz.

Department of Environmental Protection, State of Pennsylvania.

This electronic publication is the report of the Governor’s Commission formed after the Quecreek Mine accident. It can be accessed at

Thaw Cinema: CD-Rom Database

executive producer: Nancy Condee,

Slavic languages and literatures.

Artima Studio.

This database contains scholarly entries on 300 feature films of the Thaw period (1953-68): filmography, bibliography, biographical entries; 130 cinema posters; press reviews; over 2,000 illustrations and photographs; 17 video fragments; excerpts from film-crew memoirs, and 70 production sketches.

Then and Now: Trio of Artists

written by Lynne Conner, theatre arts.

Produced by Gateway to the Arts.

This play explores the contributions of several important African Americans from an early African-American aviator to Michael Jordan.

Up & at ‘Em

composed by Eric Moe, music.

Albany Records.

This CD features chamber and electro-acoustic music. Songs include “Time Will Tell,” “Blue Air,” “Mouth Music,” “A Whirling and a Wandering Fire,” “The Lone Cello” and “Up & at ‘Em.”


Instructor’s Resource CD-Rom for “Fundamentals of Chemistry,” 4th Edition, by Ralph A. Burns

written by Ronald E. Mattis, engineering, and John L. Borte.

Prentice Hall.

An instructor’s resource, this CD provides resources for integrating multiple media into the lecture. The CD provides illustrations from text, animations, video laboratory demonstrations and PowerPoint presentations. The CD also provides software to simplify browsing content.

Understanding Drug Structures

written by David Soriano, chemistry, and Jamie Blair, computer science.

Nova Science.

This is a user-interactive CD written for non-science majors. The CD describes fundamental classes of drugs and the importance of the 3-D shape to efficacies.


Oral Cancer Screening: A Brief Review

created by Nina Markovic, behavioral medicine; Margaret Kuder Hamilton, public health and community dentistry, and Eugene N. Myers, School of Medicine.

Oral Cancer Center, University of Pittsburgh.

This video has been developed for health care professionals to quickly review how to conduct the examination of the oral cavity, the head and the neck.


Oral Cancer Screening: A Brief Review

created by Eugene N. Myers, otolaryngology; Nina Markovic, School of Dental Medicine, and Margaret Kuder Hamilton, School of Dental Medicine.

Oral Cancer Center,

University of Pittsburgh.

Shots 2002

written by Richard Zimmerman, family medicine; Donald Middleton, family medicine, and Sanford Kummel. Programmer: Kent Willyard.

Group on Immunization Education.

This is Palm OS software on the childhood immunization schedule that includes details on administration, catch-up, contraindications and high-risk indications.


Ovarian Cancer and High-Risk Women: Implications for Screening, Prevention and Early Detection

edited by Francesmary Modugno, epidemiology.

Jeffrey L. Eppinger.

This CD/DVD set contains the presentations of the first International Symposium on Ovarian Cancer and High-Risk Women, which was held in Pittsburgh last May. The symposium brought together experts in ovarian cancer research, clinicians, public health practitioners and consumer advocates to discuss the scientific and health implications of prevention, screening and early detection modalities in women at high risk for the disease. The CD/DVD set includes video with timed PowerPoint presentations from 19 world leaders in ovarian cancer research and three consumer advocates.


Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science Vol. 73 — Indexes to Volumes 48-72

indexed by Michael Bolam, information sciences library; Rachel Callison, Bevier engineering library; Tina Gross, catalog management unit; Sarah Leroy, catalog management unit; Elizabeth Tillapaugh Mahoney, information sciences library; Danianne Mizzy, Hillman reference, and Eve Wider, Hillman reference.

Marcel Dekker, Inc.

The final index for volumes 48-72 of the “Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science” has been prepared by University Library System librarians. This publication contains three separate indexes that describe the article content found in 25 volumes of ELIS. In addition to the subject matter index, the librarians also prepared referenced author indexing and contributing author indexing. By preparing this work, the librarians have provided scholarly access to the more than 500 articles that have appeared in ELIS since 1990.

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