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May 1, 2003

Senate committee members elected

The following faculty members have been elected to three-year terms on standing committees of the University Senate:

Admissions and student aid

Dennis Looney, Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS); Patrick Smolinski, engineering, and Carol S. Stilley, nursing.

Anti-discriminatory policies

Anthony C. Infanti, law; Ethan P. Pullman, University Library System (ULS), and Mark A. Von Stein, nursing.


Lou Fabian, education; Valerie M. Howard, nursing, and Leonard Plotnicov, FAS.

Benefits and welfare

William E. Bickel, education; Jacob G. Birnberg, business, and Alan Meisel, law.

Budget policies

Leonard W. Casson, engineering; Balwant N. Dixit, pharmacy, and Richard H. Pratt, FAS.

Bylaws and procedures

Frank Beatrous, FAS; James T. Cobb Jr., engineering, and Alice B. Kuller, Health Sciences Library System (HSLS).

Commonwealth relations

Carl I. Fertman, education; Mary Ann Peterson, Greensburg campus, and Debora A. Rougeux, ULS.

Community relations

Edward Galloway, ULS; Linda M. Hartman, HSLS, and Gretchen E. Zewe, nursing.

Computer usage

David J. Birnbaum, FAS; Michael W. Ford Jr., ULS, and George H. Pike, law.

Educational policies

Chao-Lin Chiu, engineering; Susan M. Sereika, nursing, and Walt Alan Stoy, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS).


Rosemary L. Hoffman, nursing; Lina Insana, FAS, and Lipika Mazumdar, Greensburg.

Plant utilization and planning

Shirley A. Cassing, FAS; Attilio Favorini, FAS, and Drynda Johnston, ULS.

Student affairs

Marian C. Hampton, ULS; Ewa A. Rudnicka, Greensburg, and Susan L. Whitney, SHRS.

Tenure and academic freedom

Mark Ginsburg, education; Herbert L. Needleman, medicine, and Luis E. Vallejo, engineering.

University Press

Lester C. Olson, FAS; Evelyn S. Rawski, FAS, and Judith Vollmer, Greensburg.

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