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University of Pittsburgh
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May 29, 2003

Pitt meets city evacuation plan deadline

Pitt met the city’s May 15 deadline for submitting plans on how campus buildings with seven or more stories would be evacuated in an emergency.

Now, Pitt — like other city employers with high-rise buildings — faces an Aug. 15 deadline for staging evacuation drills.

A city ordinance passed in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks required implementation of “all hazard” plans detailing procedures for evacuating buildings that have seven or more stories.

The law also requires posting floor plans showing evacuation routes, as well as areas of rescue and safety in corridors and highly visible areas. And, by Aug. 15, employers must drill building occupants in evacuation procedures.

A staff member in Mayor Tom Murphy’s office said Pittsburgh’s emergency management agency was pleased with the “all hazard” building evacuation plans that Pitt submitted in accordance with the city ordinance.

“The University of Pittsburgh already had a very good emergency plan,” said Catherine Beahn, emergency operations director in Murphy’s office. “The University worked with our emergency management staff to augment that plan to meet the city’s requirements.”

The University Times could not reach Jay Frerotte, Pitt director of Health and Safety, for comment yesterday.

— Bruce Steele

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