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September 30, 2010

Science 2010

91175-33WEDNESDAY 6

Life Sciences Supplier Show

Petersen concourse level, 10:30 am-2:30 pm (4-8586)

Career Development Symposium

“Early Career Transitions: Exploring Your Passions & Recognizing Your Potential”;

Alumni 7th fl. aud. & Cathedral Views Gallery, 3-5 pm

Opening Reception & Technology Showcase

Alumni Connolly Ballrm., 5-7 pm (4-3160)


Science as Art

“Translational Art: From Bench to Bed Top”;

Alumni Cathedral Views Gallery, 7th fl. (also Oct. 8)

Spotlight Session 1: Endocytosis

Moderator: Ora Weisz;

“Cell Signaling & Endocytosis: Friends or Enemies?” Alexander Sorkin;

“Clathrin Couture: Designing Membrane Coats,” Linton Traub;

“Endocytosis in Bladder Umbrella Cells: You Get What You Give,” Gerard Apodaca;

“Nedd4-2: A Ubiquitous Bridge Between Kinase Cascades & Epithelial Channels,” Kenneth Hallows;

Alumni 3rd fl. science lecture hall, 9 am

Spotlight Session 2: Material Related to Energy

Moderator: Brian Gleeson;

“University Collaboration: A Driver for Energy Innovation & Regional Economic Development,”

Anthony Cugini; “Next Generation Plastic Solar Cells: Faster, Cheaper, Better,”

Geoffrey Hutchison; “Multifunctional Materials: Sustaining & Enabling ‘Clean’ Nuclear Energy Technologies,”

Jörg Wiezorek; “Steels for Conserving & Transporting Energy,” Anthony DeArdo;

531 Alumni, 9 am

Spotlight Session 3: Biological Implications of Climate Change—Past & Present

Moderator: K. Christopher Beard;

“Ancient Episodes of Global Warming & the Iterative Rise & Fall of North American Primates,” K. Christopher Beard;

“Climate Change & Birds: What Is Already Happening & What Can We Expect to Happen?” Andrew Mack;

“Climactic Variability Over the Last 100 Years: Is It Unusual for the Holocene?” Mark Abbott;

532 Alumni, 9 am

Special Spotlight Session: Navigating Intellectual Property Rights in Biomedical Research

Theresa Colecchia, Kelly Donwing & Alexander Ducruet;

528 Alumni, 9 am

Plenary Session 1: Dickson Prize in Medicine Lecture

“The DNA Damage Response: Stopped for Repairs,” Stephen Elledge, Harvard;

Alumni 7th fl. aud., 11 am

Poster Session I

Alumni Connolly Ballrm., 1 pm

Science at Work 1

“Building a Smart Planet: Hype or the Real Deal?” Christine Kretz;

531 Alumni, 1 pm

Science at Work 2

“Long Distance Relationships: Telemedicine Today,” Robert Noecker,

532 Alumni, 1 pm

Spotlight Session 4: Computational Advances

Moderator: J. Karl Johnson;

“Mastering the Art of Cooking…Carbon Nanotubes,” Albert To;

“Observing Rare Conformational Changes in Membrane Transporters Using GPU-Accelerated Path Sampling,” Michael Grabe;

“Controlling Particle Segregation: To Mix or Not to Mix?” Joseph McCarthy;

“Bayesian Rule Learning for Mining Data From Biomarker Profiling Studies,” Vanathi Gopalakrishnan;

531 Alumni, 2 pm

Spotlight Session 5: Cell Cycle Checkpoint Pathways—DNA Damage & DNA Replication Interference

Moderator: Robert Sobol;

“The Mitochondrial Genome: A Fossil to Fix or a Harbinger of Cell Death?” Bennett Van Houten;

“The Interplay Between Rad17 & Cdh1/APC in DNA Damage Checkpoint Signaling,” Yong Wan;

“DNA Damage Signaling at the Replication Fork,” Christopher Bakkenist;

“Creation of an Enzymatically Synthesized Genome,” Michael Trakselis;

Alumni 3rd fl. science lecture hall, 2 pm

Spotlight Session 6: New Ways of Seeing Things

Moderator: James Conway;

“‘Seeing’ With 3-D Electron Microscopy: Visualizing HIV-1 Particles in Host Cells,” Peijun Zhang;

“Studying Troublesome Solids: How Magic (Angles) & High RPMs Allow a Molecular View of Aggregated Proteins,” Patrick van der Wel;

“Luminescent Lanthanide Compounds for Real-Time Biological Imaging,” Stéphane Petoud;

“A Novel Nanoscale Optical Detector,” Jeremy Levy;

532 Alumni, 2 pm

Plenary Session 2: Provost Lecture

“Strengthening the Connections: Research, Innovation & Economic Growth,” Patrick Gallagher, Nat’l Inst. of Standards & Technology;

Alumni 7th fl. aud., 4 pm

Undergraduate Research Poster Reception

Alumni Connolly Ballrm., 5 pm


“Darwin & the Kid”;

Heymann Theatre, Stephen Foster Mem., 7:30 pm


Spotlight Session 7: The Mysterious Operation of the Basal Ganglia in Health & Disease

Moderator: Robert Turner;

“Basal Ganglia Loops With the Cerebral Cortex: The Neural Substrate for Disorders of Movement, Cognition & Affect,” Peter Strick;

“Angling for Cures: Drug Discovery for Basal Ganglia Diseases Using Novel Zebrafish Models,” Edward Burton;

“Why Basal Ganglia Go Bad, or What the Creature From the Black Lagoon Taught Me About Parkinson’s Disease,” J. Timothy Greenamyre;

“Protein Networks Regulating Dopamine Homeostasis,” Gonzalo Torres;

532 Alumni, 9 am

Spotlight Session 8: Pragmatic Clinical Trials & Comparative Effectiveness Research

Moderator: Jane Cauley;

“Does It Really Work? Making Clinical Trials Practical,” Sheryl Kelsey;

“Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs: Peeking at the Future,” Daniel Normolle;

“Comparative Effectiveness & You:  What, When, How & Why?” Sally Morton;

“Comparative Effectiveness Research: Are There Methods in the Madness?” Mark Roberts;

531 Alumni, 9 am

Spotlight Session 9: Stem Cells in Embryogenesis & Cancer

Moderator: Cecilia Lo; “Cardiovascular Differentiation From Human ES/iPS Cells,” Lei Yang;

“Targeting the ‘Untargetable’: The c-Myc Oncoprotein as a Universal Driver of Malignant Proliferation,” Edward Prochownik;

“The Quest for Liver Development & Regeneration,” Donghun Shin;

“Chemical Genetics Reveals Specific Functions for Src-Family Kinases in ES Cell Differentiation,” Thomas Smithgall;

Alumni 3rd fl. science lecture hall, 9 am

Plenary Session 3: Mellon Lecture

“Our Habitual Lives: How the Brain Makes & Breaks Habits,” Ann Graybiel, MIT;

Alumni 7th fl. aud., 11 am

Poster Session II

Alumni Connolly Ballrm., 1 pm

Science at Work 3

“Adding Trend Discovery to Search Engines,” Raul Valdes-Perez & Carrie Iwema;

532 Alumni, 1 pm

Science at Work 4

“Bringing Science to Market: Navigating the FDA’s Regulation of Medical Technologies,”

David Smith & Stephen Bollinger;

531 Alumni, 1 pm

Spotlight Session 10: Systems-Level Science

Moderator: Bino John;

“Finding Needles in Haystacks: Exploring the Genetics of Complex Diseases,” M. Michael Barmada;

“Distributed Computing in Cells,” Ziv Bar-Joseph;

“From Stem Cell to Pancreas: Can We Treat Diabetes?” Ipsita Banerjee;

“Rule-Based Modeling of Biochemical Systems: Past, Present & Future,”

James Faeder; 532 Alumni, 2 pm

Spotlight Session 11: Buying Time—Metabolic Flexibility

Moderator: Mark Gladwin;

“Emergency Preservation & Resuscitation of Otherwise Lethal Trauma,” Patrick Kochanek;

“Buying Critical Time in Acute Brain Injury: Novel Lipidomics-Based Anti-Apoptotic Strategies to Rescue Neurons,” Hülya Bayir;

“Hemorrhagic Shock & Therapeutic Carbon Monoxide: Story of an Asphyxiant Gas,” Brian Zuckerbraun;

“Curing Disease: The Role of the Nitrite Anion in Hypoxic Signaling & Cytoprotection,” Mark Gladwin;

Alumni 3rd fl. science lecture hall, 2 pm

Spotlight Session 12: Environmental Exposures

Moderator: Aaron Barchowsky; “Climate Change & Its Potential Impacts on Food Safety: Fungal Toxins,” Felicia Wu;

“Environment, Lifestyle & Asthma in Hispanics,” Juan C. Celedón;

“Prenatal Marijuana Exposure, Adolescent Marijuana Use & Symptoms of Psychosis,” Nancy Day;

“Potential Human Inhalation Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds From Marcellus Shale Operations,” Conrad Volz;

531 Alumni, 2 pm

Plenary Session 4: Klaus Hofmann Lecture

“Metabolic Flexibility & Suspended Animation,”

Mark Roth, U of WA;

Alumni 7th fl. aud., 4 pm

Closing Happy Hour

Alumni 5th fl. foyer, 5 pm

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