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September 30, 2010

Reaccreditation steering committee & working group members

Steering Committee

Co-chairs: Patricia Beeson, provost and senior vice chancellor, and Samuel Conte, University registrar.

Members: David Bartholomae, English; Andrew Blair, vice provost for faculty affairs; Jeffrey Brodsky, biological sciences; John Camillus, Katz Graduate School of Business (KGSB) and College of Business Administration (CBA); Valire Copeland, social work and public health; Mary Crossley, dean, School of Law;

David Gau, undergraduate student; Steven Kanter, vice dean, School of Medicine; M. Kathleen Kelly, health and rehabilitation sciences; Byron Kohut, graduate student; Alan Lesgold, dean, School of Education; Juan Manfredi, vice provost for undergraduate studies; Arthur Ramicone, vice chancellor, Budget and Controller; Sheila Rathke, assistant provost for strategic and program development;

Mark Redfern, associate dean for research, Swanson School of Engineering; Richard Schulz, director, University Center for Social and Urban Research; William Shields, president, Pitt-Titusville; Jane Thompson, associate vice chancellor, Management Information and Analysis.

Shannon Hukriede, Office of the Provost, is staffing the committee.

Working Group:

Using Assessment to Improve the Student Experience

Co-chairs: M. Kathleen Kelly and Juan Manfredi.

Members: James Baldwin, assistant dean of academic affairs and registrar, Pitt-Bradford; Frank Beatrous Jr., mathematics; Shawn Brooks, associate dean of students and director of Residence Life; Helen Burns, associate dean for clinical education, School of Nursing; Sharon Corey, assistant dean of students, School of Pharmacy; Michael Goodhart, political science; Janet Grady, interim vice president for academic affairs, Pitt-Johnstown; W. Richard Howe, associate dean for administration and planning, School of Arts and Sciences (A&S);

Kathy Humphrey, vice provost and dean of students; Steven Husted, interim dean, University Honors College; J. Wesley Jamison, vice president for academic affairs, Pitt-Greensburg; Kelly Otter, associate dean, College of General Studies; Edward Palascak, associate dean, CBA; Betsy Porter, director, Admissions and Financial Aid; Cynthia Roberts, director, Office of Institutional Research; Robert Rodgers, senior information analyst, Office of Institutional Research;

Larry Shuman, associate dean for academic affairs, Swanson School of Engineering; Molly Stieber, undergraduate student; John Twyning, English; Hidenori Yamatani, associate dean for research, School of Social Work; Madalina Valeria Veres, graduate student.

Working Group:

Using Assessment to Improve Institutional Effectiveness

Co-chairs: Richard Schulz and Jane Thompson.

Members: Susan Albrecht, associate dean for external relations, School of Nursing; Steven Belle, public health; Mary Besterfield-Sacre, Swanson School of Engineering; Stephen Carr, A&S assistant dean for graduate studies; Samuel Conte; David Givens, graduate student; Amanda Godley, education;

Elizabeth Greville, assistant to the president and director of sponsored programs, Pitt-Bradford; James Gyure, vice president for enrollment services and planning, Pitt-Johnstown; Laurie Kirsch, senior associate dean, KGSB and CBA; Rush Miller, director, University Library System; Sam Rezaeian, undergraduate student; Linda Rinaman, neuroscience; Cynthia Roberts; Eli Shorak, associate vice chancellor for business.

Working Group:

Demonstrating Compliance Through Document Review

Chair: Andrew Blair.

Members: Malcolm McNeil, health and rehabilitation sciences; Susan Meyer, associate dean for education, School of Pharmacy; Thurman Wingrove, associate vice chancellor, financial information.

(Source: Office of the Provost)

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