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October 28, 2010

Trustees approve $4 million more for capital projects

Trustees last week gave final approval to the addition of $4 million to the fiscal year 2011 capital budget for three Pittsburgh campus projects. The additional funding was recommended by the trustees budget committee Oct. 20.

In August, the property and facilities committee approved all three projects, as well as four other capital projects and one lease renewal. (See Sept. 2 University Times.)

The total cost of the three capital projects is $14 million, of which $10 million previously had been approved by the budget committee.

Specifically, the Board of Trustees approved $3.4 million in funding from School of Arts and Sciences reserves for renovations in Eberly Hall. The project will renovate about 5,300 square feet of former library space on the building’s second floor to house new synthetic and spectroscopy lab suites for physical chemistry research in nanomaterials.

Some of the space will be reserved for a new nanoscience faculty member in the Department of Chemistry.Chevron

The project also includes renovations to the chemistry electronics shop on the third floor of Eberly Hall. The renovation of 1,500 square feet of space will permit the consolidation of the chemistry and physics electronics shops.

The physics electronics shop is being relocated from Allen Hall as part of a project funded by the National Institute for Standards and Technology that will expand research labs in the mid-campus complex.

The remainder of the $4 million in additional capital budget funding is needed to cover changes in the cost and scope of renovation projects at the former Concordia Club and the Chevron Science Center.

The board approved an increase of about $450,000 for the Concordia Club renovations, bringing the total project to $5.8 million, and an extra $150,000 for the Chevron Science Center 5th floor renovation, bringing the total project to $4.85 million.

—Kimberly K. Barlow & Peter Hart

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