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November 11, 2010


Thursday 11

EOH Seminar

“The Tip of the Iceberg: Emerging Critical Role of Micro-RNAs in Lung Fibrosis,”

Naftali Kaminski;

540 Bridgeside Point, noon

Endocrine Research Conference

“Molecular Mechanisms of Vascular Dysfunction in Diabetes,”

Hunter Champion;

1195 Starzl BST, noon

Asian Studies Lecture

“Unpacking the Archive: Ichthyology, Photography & the Archival Record in Colonial Korea,”

Gyewon Kim, Asian studies/HA&A;

4130 Posvar, noon

Humanities Colloquium

“Approaches: Charting the Sicilian Island Through Other Spaces & Non-Places,”

Lina Insana;

602 CL, 12:30-2 pm

HSLS Workshop

“EndNote Basics,”

Ahlam Saleh;

Falk Library classrm. 2, 1-3 pm


“Instructional Practices in the Distance Education Environment,”

Carol Washburn, CIDDE;

4060 Forbes Tower, 3-4:30 pm

Biostatistics Seminar

“A Social Network Analysis of Tobacco Use & Friendship Dynamics Among First-Year College Students,”

Stephanie Land;

A115 Crabtree, 3:30 pm

McGowan Inst. Lecture

“From Tissue Engineering to Regenerative Therapeutics: Impressions of the Evolution of Promise Into Practice & the Search for the Business of Us,”

David Smith;

UClub Ballrm. B, 4 pm

Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium

“A Catchment-Scale Hydrologic Response to Soil Calcium Silicate Amendment,”

Mark Green, Plymouth St.;

11 Thaw, 4 pm

REES/Film Studies Film

“The Ambulance”;

G24 CL, 7 pm (4-6564)

Pgh. Contemporary Writers Reading

Michael Thomas;

FFA aud., 8:30 pm

Friday 12

• Last day for spring term enrollment appointments.

Health Policy Inst. Briefing

“Trustee Recruitment,”

Michael Peregrine, McDermott Will & Emery;

PAA, 8-9:30 am (4-3608)

Bradford Campus OSHA Construction Safety Seminar

“Wire Rope”;

116 Frame-Westerberg Commons, UPB, 8:30-10:30 am (800/872-1787)

Theatre Arts Workshop

“More Shakespeare Alive!”

Gillian McNally, U of N. CO;

Stephen Foster, 8:30 am-3 pm (; 4-3459)

Women’s Basketball Vs. Youngstown St.;

Petersen, 11 am

WPIC Meet the PI Lecture

“Neuroimaging for the Depression Clinic: Fantasies & 1st Steps,”

Greg Siegle;

Detre 2nd fl. aud., 11 am-12:30 pm

HSLS Lunch With a Librarian

“Searching for Dollars: Grant Resources,”

Barb Folb;

Falk Library conf. rm. B, noon

ULS Concert

Parker Sisters;

Cup & Chaucer, ground fl. Hillman, noon

Philosophy Lecture

Ernest Sosa, Rutgers;

2700 Posvar, 2:30 pm

(tour of philosophy archives, 3rd fl. Hillman, 4 pm;

reception, 2500 Posvar, 5:30 pm)

Africana Studies Festival

“Sembene: The Film & Arts Festival”;

G23 Parran, 5:30-9:30 pm

(also Nov. 13, 12:30-4:30 pm; 412/657-6916)

Latin American Film

“Fresa y Chocolate”;

FFA aud., 6:30 pm

Saturday 13

• Spring term open enrollment begins.

PTEI/Engineering/UPMC Health Plan 5K/5 Mile Run/Walk

To benefit the Wounded Warrior project;

North Park, 8:30 am (info: 4-5518;

World History Workshop

“Pedagogy of World History,”

John Myers & Lawrence Charap; 5604 Posvar, 9 am-3 pm

SHRS Open House

4022 Forbes Tower, 10 am-1 pm (3-6556)

Bradford Campus Admissions Open House

12:30-3:30 pm (1-800/872-1787)

Men’s Basketball Vs. N. FL;

Petersen, 4 pm

Sunday 14

Polish Festival

CL Commons Rm., noon-5 pm

Music Concert

IonSound Project;

Bellefield aud., 7 pm (4-4125)

Monday 15

GSPIA Ridgway Lecture

“Update From Newport: Issues for the US Navy,”

Rear Admiral James “Phil” Wisecup;

3431 Posvar, 10:30 am

Bradford Campus Window Art Class

Cindy Nowacki;

Seneca 1st fl. classrm., Bradford, 6-9 pm

(through Nov. 16; 1-800/872-1787;

UCIS/Global Studies Film

“My Tehran for Sale”;

FFA aud, 7-9 pm

Tuesday 16

Blood Drive

WPU lower lounge, 8 am-4 pm

(also Victoria 1st fl. lounge, 8 am-2 pm; 4-7702)

GSPIA Author Reception

“The Quiet One: A Biography of Roscoe Robinson Jr.,”

Leon Haley;

UClub library, 11 am

Cell Biology & Physiology Seminar

“Genetically Targeted Multichromophore Structures for Bright, Sensitive & Responsive Cellular Imaging,”

Marcel Bruchez;

520 E&EI, 11 am

Johnstown Campus Memorial Service

For Jean Sedlar, UPJ history professor, who died Nov. 7; J. Irving Whalley Memorial Chapel, 2 pm

Provost’s Inaugural Lecture

“Dendritic Leukocytes & the Quest for Transplant Tolerance,”

Angus Thomson, surgery;

2500 Posvar 4 pm

UPCI Basic & Translational Research Seminar

“Prostate Cancer Risk & Recurrence: Successes in Working Together to Identify Modifiable Risk Factors, Genetic Profiles & Tissue-Based Markers,”

Elizabeth Platz, Johns Hopkins;

Hillman Cancer Ctr., Cooper Conf. Ctr. classrm. D, noon (412/623-7771)

CVR Seminar

“Immune Activation Inflammation & Aging in HIV Pathogenesis,”

Alan Landay;

6014 BST3, noon

Health Services Research Seminar

“The Road to Efficiency? Re-examining the Impact of the Primary Care Physician Workforce on Health Care Utilization Rates,”

David Bradley Wright;

305 Parkvale, noon

Senate Community Relations Committee Mtg.

272 Hillman, noon

Philosophy of Science Lecture

“The Berlin Group,”

Nikolay Milkov, U of Paderborn;

817R CL, 12:05 pm (4-1052)

MMG Seminar

“Molecular Mechanisms of Jun Kinase Pathway Regulation in Drosophila,”

Beth Stronach;

503 Bridgeside Point II, 3:15 pm

Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Seminar

“Endocrine Resistance in Breast Cancer: Genetics or Epigenetics?”

Steffi Oesterreich, Magee;

1395 Starzl BST, 3:30 pm

UCIS/Global Studies Lecture

“The Pulse of the Planet: Deluged by Dilemmas or Showered With Solutions?”

Marylin Lisowski, Int’l Environmental & Science Programs;

109 Barco, 6-7:30 pm (8-5085)

UCIS/Global Studies Film

“Shirley Adams”;

FFA aud., 7-9 pm

Titusville Concert

Fast Horse;

Henne Aud., UPT, 7:30 pm (814/827-4429)

Wednesday 17

Orthopaedic Surgery Grand Rounds

“What I’ve Learned About the ACL Over the Past 40 Years,”

Peter Indelicato, U of FL;

LHAS aud., 7th fl. Montefiore, 7 am

Clinical Oncology & Hematology Grand Rounds

“Overcoming Melanoma Immune Tolerance in the Management of High-Risk & Metastatic Disease,”

Ahmad Tarhini;

Hillman Cancer Ctr., Cooper Conf. Ctr. classrm. C, 8 am

GSPH ReSET Lecture

“New Directions in Tobacco & Systems Science Research,”

Patricia Mabry, NIH;

109 Parran, 8:30-10 am

HSLS Workshop

“PowerPoint for Beginners & Advanced PowerPoint,”

Sam Lewis;

Falk Library classrm. 2, 10 am-2 pm

Biomedical Informatics Workshop

“Text Information Extraction System: A New Tool for Research”;

M3901 PresbySouth, 11 am

(registration required:

Hispanic Languages & Literatures Reading

“Lisboa: Un Melodrama,”

Leopoldo Brizuela;

319 CL, 1 pm (4-5226)

HSLS Workshop


Carrie Iwema;

Falk Library conf. rm. B, 1-3 pm

World History Seminar

“Mobility Transition Revisited, 1500-1900: What the Case of Europe Can Offer to Global History,”

Leo Lucassen, Leiden U;

3703 Posvar, 2-3:30 pm

OED Limbach Lecture

“Tapping Into the 700M NIH SBIR/STTR Funds,”

Gregory Milman, Nat’l Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases;

S120 Starzl BST, 3-6 pm (4-3160)

A&S Teaching Excellence Lecture

“Efficiency & Innovation in Teaching & Learning,”

Daniel Schwartz, Stanford;

UClub Ballrm. A, 3-5 pm

Humanities Lecture

“How America Invented the Humanities,”

Geoffrey Harpham, Nat’l Humanities Ctr.;

UClub Ballrm. B, 5 pm

Latin American Film

“Elpidio Valdés”;

FFA aud., 6:30 pm

Thursday 18

Molecular Biophysics/Structural Biology Seminar

“Structures of Anti-HIV-1 mAbs & Immunogen Design,”

Xiangpeng Kong;

6014 BST3, 11 am

EOH Seminar

“Role of Abcal & Brain Lipoproteins in Amyloid Deposition & Clearance: Lessons From Complex Animal Models,”

Iliya Lefterov;

540 Bridgeside Point, noon

Epidemiology Seminar

“Can Aspirin Prolong Healthy Life in Older Adults? Waiting for 18,000 Answers,”

Patricia Kearney;

A115 Crabtree, noon

Asian Studies Lecture

“US Drone Strikes in Pakistan: 3 Myths vs. 3 Realities,”

A.S.M. Ali Ashraf, GSPIA;

4130 Posvar, noon

Humanities Colloquium

“The Humanities as a Foreign Language,”

Geoffrey Harpham, Nat’l Humanities Ctr.;

Dennis Looney, French & Italian;

Nancy Glazener, English, & John Beverley, Hispanic;

602 CL, 12:30-2 pm

Biostatistics Seminar

“The Role of Biostatistics in Health Research Towards New Scientific Knowledge,”

Kuntoro, Airlangga U;

A115 Crabtree, 3:30 pm

Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium

“What Makes Up the Martian Upper Crust? Revisiting the Notion of a Planet Dominated by a Mega-Regolith & Lava Flows,”

Josh Bandfield, U of WA;

11 Thaw, 4 pm

ULS Concert


Cup & Chaucer, ground fl. Hillman, 6 pm

Bradford Campus Performance

Pitt Improvers;

Mukaiyama U Rm., Frame-Westerberg Commons, UPB, 8-9:30 pm

Friday 19

SBDC Workshop

“The 2nd Step: Developing a Business Plan,”

Mervis, 7:30-10 am (8-1542)

GSPH Conference

“Health Effects of Shale Gas Extraction: Do We Need to Know More and, if so, How Can We Find It Out?”;

UClub, 8 am-6 pm (3-7540)

WPIC Clinical Grand Rounds

“Child & Adolescent MR Services,”

Martin Lubetsky;

Detre  2nd fl. aud., 11 am-12:30 pm

Sr. VC’s Research Seminar

“The Danger Within: Insights Into the Inflammatory Response Following Sterile Injury,”

Allan Tsung;

Scaife aud. 6, noon

Medical Education Grand Rounds

“Exploring Selected Research on Physician-Patient Communication: Some Practical Implications for Medical Students & Physicians,”

Donald Cegala, Ohio St.;

Scaife aud. 3, noon (8-9000)

African Studies Film

“All About Darfur”;

4130 Posvar, 1-2:30 pm (4-8143)

Hispanic Languages & Literatures Lecture

“Políticas de la ambigüedad y el secreto en ‘Fantasmas en el parque, autobiografía de María Elena Walsh’ y ‘María Elena Walsh, retrato de una artista libre,’ de Sara Facio,”

Leopoldo Brizuela;

244A CL, 3 pm (4-5226)

Philosophy of Science Lecture

“Contextual Emergence,”

Paul Humphreys, U of VA;

817R CL, 3:30 pm (4-1052)

Latin American Film

“Titón, de la Habana a Guantanamera”;

FFA aud., 6:30 pm

CGS Student Government Lecture

“Teaching Astronomy Online”;

Allegheny Observatory, North Side, 7 pm

Saturday 20

Global Studies Film

“The Shaft (Dixia De Tiankong)”;

630 WPU, 3-5 pm

Latin American Studies Jazz Workshop

Eric Mintel;

FFA aud., 4:30 pm (412/362-1771)

Latin American Studies Performance

“The Americas: In Concert,”

Eric Mintel Quartet;

FFA aud., 7:30 pm (8-7392)

Sunday 21

Women’s Basketball Vs. Radford;

Petersen, 2 pm

Monday 22

HSLS Workshop

“PubMed Basics,”

Linda Hartman;

Falk Library classrm. 1, 11 am-12:30 pm

Univ. Senate CERTS Forum

“The Oakland Neighborhood & Its Comprehensive Planning Initiative,”

Wanda Wilson, OPDC, & Adrienne Walnoha, Community Human Services;

2017 CL, 11:30 am-1 pm

Tuesday 23

Flu Shot Clinic

1228 CL, 10 am-2 pm

Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar

“Novel Therapeutic Targets for Myeloma”;

456 Salk, noon

Health Services Research Seminar

“Promoting Patient Empowerment Through Electronic Health Information Exchange,”

Ellen Beckjord;

305 Parkvale, noon

CANCELED_ Faculty Assembly Mtg.

UClub Ballrm. A, 3 pm

Biostatistics Seminar

“Live From the ASA!”

Ronald Wasserstein, American Statistical Assn.;

A115 Crabtree, 3 pm

Academic Career Development Postdoc Professionalism Workshop

“Making Connections: Networking at Professional Meetings & Conferences,”

Beth Fischer;

S120 Starzl BST, 3-5 pm

Men’s Basketball Vs. Robert Morris;

Petersen, 7 pm

Wednesday 24

• No classes through Nov. 28 due to Thanksgiving recess for students.

Orthopaedic Surgery Grand Rounds

Sarah Henry;

LHAS aud. 7th fl. Montefiore, 7 am

Women’s Basketball Vs. Duke;

Petersen, 7 pm

PhD Defenses

Medicine/Integrative Molecular Biology

“Biophysical Characterization of Chemically Unfolded States of the Membrane Protein Rhodopsin,”

Arpana Dutta;

Nov. 11, 6014 BST3, 3 pm

SIS/Library & Information Science

“Image Retrieval as Information Seeking Behavior? Self-Categorizations of User Motivations to Retrieve Images,”

Tim Schlak;

Nov. 12, 502 IS, 10 am

Medicine/Integrative Molecular Biology

“4-(Phenylthio)butanoic Acid, a Novel Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor, Stimulates Renal Progenitor Cell Proliferation,”

Eric David de Groh;

Nov. 12, 6014 BST3, 1 pm


“Afrobeat, Fela & Beyond: Scenes, Style & Ideology,”

Oyebade Dosunmu;

Nov. 12, 302 Music, 3 pm

Medicine/Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics

“DNMT3b’s Role in Hematopoietic Stem Cells,”

Matthew Boyer;

Nov. 12, Bridgeside Point II 4th fl. conf. rm., 3 pm

Education/Administrative & Policy Studies

“A Case Study Exploring Perceived Professional Development Needs for Secondary School Administrators in Pakistan,”

Asif Khan;

Nov. 15, 4321 Posvar, 1 pm


“Oapan Nawa Folktales: Links to the Pre-Hispanic Past in a Contemporary Indian Community of Mexico,”

Joanne Michel de Guerrero;

Nov. 15, 3106 Posvar, 1 pm


“The Role of Stress Resistance in Cell Transplantation Efficacy for Muscle Regeneration,”

Joseph Vella;

Nov. 16, Bridgeside Point II 2nd fl. conf. rm., 9 am


“Generalized Topological Semantics for 1st-Order Modal Logic,”

Kohei Kishida;

Nov. 17, 1001B CL, 9 am

Education/Health & Physical Activity

“Effect of Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity on PLA2 & CRP Levels in Middle-Aged Women,”

David James Rice;

Nov. 17, Baierl Student Recreation Ctr. conf. rm., Petersen, 11:30 am

A&S/Geology & Planetary Science

“Super-Resolution of Thermal Infrared Data With Contemporaneous Visible & Near Infrared Data,”

Christopher Hughes;

Nov. 18, 214 SRCC, 11 am


“Experimental Control of Morphogenesis in Embryonic Tissues,”

Sagar Joshi;

Nov. 18, BST3 5th fl. conf. rm., 11 am


“Regulation of Antigen Processing Machinery Component Expression in Head & Neck Cancer by Signal Transducers & Activators of Transcription & ARC Homology -2 Domain-Containing Phosphatase,”

Michael Leibowitz;

Nov. 18, 123 Starzl BST, 1:30 pm


“Effect of Host on Cellular Therapies for Bone Healing,”

Laura Meszaros;

Nov. 19, Bridgeside Point II 2nd fl. conf. rm., 9 am


“Idology & the Development of Social Hierarchy at the Site of Panquilma, Peruvian Central Coast,”

Enrique Lopez-Hurtado;

Nov. 19, 3301 Posvar, 10 am


“Conditions of Social Change at El Dornajo, Southwestern Ecuador,”

Sarah Taylor;

Nov. 19, 3301 Posvar, 1 pm


“From Conflict to Unity: Motivation & Practical Reason,”

Evgenia Mylonaki;

Nov. 19, 1001B CL, 1:30 pm


“Reconstructing Images From in Vivo Laser Scanning Microscope Data,”

Mihaela Obreja;

Nov. 19, 2318 CL, 1:50 pm


“In Vivo Assessment of Serotonergic Signaling Pathways Underlying the Corticolimbic Response to Threat in Humans,”

Patrick Fisher;

Nov. 19, LRDC 2nd fl. aud., 2:30 pm

Education/Administrative & Policy Studies

“The 21st Century Principalship: Influence of High Expectations on the Functional Work Performance of Middle Level Principals in Western PA,”

Tammy Andreyko;

Nov. 22, 4321 Posvar, 2 pm


“Marriage Across the Taiwan Straits: Male Migrants, Marital Desire & Social Mobility,”

Joseph Cichosz;

Nov. 23, 3106 Posvar, 11 am


“Sequential Delivery of Angiogenic Growth Factors From Porous Hollow Fiber Membranes,”

Jillian Tengood;

Nov. 23, 4th fl. conf. rm. Bridgeside Point II, 12:30 pm


Theatre Student Labs

“Wanda’s Visit” & “Krapp’s Last Tape”;

through Nov. 14; Studio Theatre, CL, W-F 8 pm, Sat. 2 & 8 pm, Sun. 2 pm

Kuntu Repertory Theatre

“Harriet Tubman Loved Somebody”;

Pgh. Playwrights Theatre Co., 542 Penn Ave., through Nov. 20;

Th-Sat. 8 pm, Sun. 4 pm, also 1 pm Nov. 13 & 11 am Nov. 18 (4-8498)

Greensburg Campus Theatre Arts

“Play It Again, Sam”;

Nov. 18-20;

Ferguson Theatre, UPG, 7:30 pm (724/561-8496)

Bradford Campus Communication & Arts

“Arms & the Man”;

Nov. 18-21;

Studio Theatre, Blaisdell, UPB, Th-Sat. 7:30 pm, Sun. 2 pm (814/362-5113)


Law Library Exhibit


John Fobes, through Nov. 12;

“Rustique: The Art of Oxidation,”

Dan Coyle, Nov. 19-Jan. 28;

Barco Law Library Gallery, reg. library hours

University Art Gallery Exhibits

“Slag: What’s Left After Industry?”

HA&A students;

through Nov. 29;

U Art Gallery, FFA, 10 am-4 pm M-F (8-2400)

Bradford Campus Exhibit

“Affairs of the Art: 8th Annual Pitt-Bradford Student Art Exhibition”;

through Dec. 3;

KOA Art Gallery, Blaisdell, UPB,


Chancellor’s Awards for Staff

For Excellence in Service to the Community & for Excellence in Service to the University. Nomination forms must be submitted online by Nov. 12.  (guidelines & nomination forms:

Chancellor’s Distinguished Public Service Awards for Faculty

Nomination letters must be submitted to Alberta Sbragia, 801 CL, by Nov. 15.

Student Sustainable Projects Committee Proposals

Project guide & application due Nov. 19. Forms available at

Submissions can be sent to or 848 WPU.


Provost’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring

Nominations must be submitted to Alberta Sbragia, 801 CL, by Nov. 22.

Engineering Sustainability Conference Grants

Funding available for those wishing to attend the April 10-12, 2011, conference at the David Lawrence Convention Ctr., Downtown.

Applications must be submitted to Kim Wisniewski,, by Nov. 30.

Faculty European Grant Competition

Deadline to submit applications is Dec. 3.

Application forms & grant information can be found at

EUCE Faculty Grant Competition

Deadline to submit applications is Dec. 10. Application forms & grant information can be found at

Women’s Studies/GSPIA Iris Marion Young Award

Nominations must be received by Dec. 15 at or 2208 Posvar. (info: 4-6485)

Bradford Campus Literary Magazine

Submissions for “Baily’s Beads” literary magazine due by Dec. 17 at 103 Blaisdell, UPB, or mail to 300 Campus Drive, Bradford 16701.

Event Deadline

The next issue of the University Times will include University and on-campus events of Nov. 24 (Wednesday)-Dec. 9. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 pm on Nov. 18 at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information may be sent by fax to 4-4579 or email to


The University Times events calendar includes Pitt-sponsored events as well as non-Pitt events held on a Pitt campus. Each events calendar covers a two-week period; material must be submitted one week prior to publication.

For deadlines, see the current publication schedule.

Information submitted for the calendar should identify the type of event, such as lecture or concert, and the program’s specific title, sponsor, location and time. The name and phone number of a contact person should be included. Information should be sent by email to:, by FAX to: 412/624-4579, or by campus mail to: 308 Bellefield Hall. We cannot guarantee publication of events received after the deadline.

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