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August 31, 2000

Raises to show up in September pay

Staff and faculty salary raises will show up in end-of-September paychecks, retroactive to July 1.

This year's 4.5 percent increase in the pool of money for salary increases will be allocated as follows: 2 percent distributed to responsibility centers for maintenance of salaries of employees judged to be doing satisfactory work, 2 percent distributed to responsibility centers for merit, market and equity adjustments, and 0.5 percent allocated by senior officers to targeted units to meet market and equity needs.

In announcing the distribution of the salary raise pool, Chancellor Mark Nordenberg wrote that the 0.5 percent for targeted units "represents a continuation of the effort, begun last year, to deliberately target market and equity disparities that exist between responsibility centers and between units within responsibility centers."

Pitt's Human Resources office encourages but does not require supervisors to notify staff of raise amounts and percentages before those increases become effective.

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