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February 17, 2011

Pitt’s pay statements going green

Paper “advice” statements to end

The end is near for most paper payroll “advice” statements at Pitt.

When an online pay statement option was unveiled last October, the Payroll department announced that the end of the familiar blue-and-white advice envelopes was on the horizon.

Now the time has come. After the March 31 pay statements are distributed, the Payroll department will discontinue issuing paper statements for employees who are paid monthly.

A Jan. 25 memo to department administrators and responsibility center business administrators announced the change and advised recipients they would be receiving a letter this month that could be distributed to monthly employees explaining the changes and reiterating how to view pay advice online.

Work-study and undergraduate student workers are not included in the change, nor are employees who are paid biweekly, said Payroll director Daniel Jeffreys. Union, temporary workers and part-time non-exempt staff also are excluded from the change.

Although he could not rule out the possibility that more employees could be phased into the paperless system, Jeffreys said there are no plans to do so at this time.

According to Jeffreys, the move to paperless pay statements saves the cost of printing and distributing 168,000 pay statements each year. A 2007 cost study estimated that would save about $250,000 a year, he said.

Employees who log into the PRISM system through the portal can review their monthly statement and an archive of the past three years’ statements online by clicking on “PHR Employee Self-Service” and selecting “pay statement.”

Jeffreys, who touted the online statements as secure and convenient for users, said Payroll has not been tracking use of the online option but has been receiving positive feedback from the employees who use it.

He said that employees for whom the lack of computer access presents a problem should contact Payroll to work out a solution, adding that no one had contacted his office about that potential issue during the transition. “We plan on having a computer available at the Payroll office and there are other public access computers on campus,” he said.

Additional information on paperless pay statements is posted at

—Kimberly K. Barlow

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