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October 26, 2000

Pitt Campaign Chronicle: new weekly publication created to celebrate University's accomplishments

The Pitt Campaign Chronicle, a new weekly publication, began appearing this week in campus building lobbies and in mailboxes of alumni, trustees, major donors to the University, community and business leaders, legislators, government officials and the news media.

Campaign Chronicle publisher Robert Hill, Pitt's executive director of Public Affairs, said the 8-page, four-color weekly will appear each Monday, 44 times a year at least for the duration of the University's capital campaign, set to kick off publicly this weekend.

In the Oct. 23 inaugural issue, Hill wrote that the Campaign Chronicle's mission is to provide the University's key publics with "an accurate, positive, and consistent view of the University: its mission, its goals, its stories, its successes, and its importance to the community."

Pitt already had student newspapers (The Pitt News, the College of General Studies' First Degree), a faculty and staff newspaper (the University Times), alumni publications (Pitt Magazine plus various magazines and newsletters published by individual schools and colleges), funding the Office of Institutional Advancement's World of Giving) and periodic information vehicles such as the Chancellor's Updates.

Hill told the University Times that a new weekly publication was needed "because the University is about to launch the biggest fundraising campaign in its history. And in support of that campaign, the University would like to inform all of our audiences on a high-intensity basis about all of the wonderful programs, projects, initiatives, activities and accomplishments, victories and triumphs that are going on at the University at this critical time."

In the Pitt Campaign Chronicle's inaugural issue, Hill called it "the University's first newspaper whose primary mission is to report and celebrate Pitt's accomplishments." Hill also is publisher of the University Times, which functions as an editorially independent newspaper.

Office of News and Information staff write the Campaign Chronicle's stories. Dwight A. Chambers, who has worked in the University Relations side of Public Affairs, is the weekly's graphic designer. Veteran local journalist Evan M. Pattak is editing the Campaign Chronicle on an interim basis but Pitt is still searching for a permanent editor, Hill said.

While its name might indicate that the Campaign Chronicle's lifespan will be limited to that of the capital campaign itself, Hill said: "Depending on the receptivity to it, the embracing of it and how well it serves our purpose, then we can review it down the road and see if there is merit in continuing it."

He declined to reveal the publication's annual budget.

— Bruce Steele

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