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March 31, 2011


From left: Moira Quigley, Julianne Avolio, Alex Stewart and Martel Manning are members of the cast of “As You Like It,” which is being staged by the Pitt Rep Theatre through April 10 in the Charity Randall Theatre, Stephen Foster Memorial. For tickets and performance times, call 412/624-PLAY.

From left: Moira Quigley, Julianne Avolio, Alex Stewart and Martel Manning are members of the cast of “As You Like It,” which is being staged by the Pitt Rep Theatre through April 10 in the Charity Randall Theatre, Stephen Foster Memorial. For tickets and performance times, call 412/624-PLAY.

Thursday 31

Bradford Campus Health Fair

Mukaiyama U Rm., Frame-Westerberg Commons, UPB, 10 am-2 pm (814/322-5272)

EOH Seminar

“Lessons From the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic,”

Kevin Harrod;

540 Bridgeside Point, noon

Epidemiology Seminar

“Effect of Cardiac Risk Factors on Clinical Outcomes in BARI 2D: Exploring Different Modeling Strategies,”

Marnie Bertolet;

A115 Crabtree, noon

HSLS Lunch With a Librarian

“Beyond PubMed: Next Generation Literature Searching,”

Carrie Iwema;

Falk Library conf. rm. B, noon

Asian Studies Lecture

“Teaching & Learning English in China & Indonesia,”

Sara Bularzik, education;

4130 Posvar, noon


“Tapestries of Hope,”

with discussion by filmmaker Michealene Cristini Risley;

125 FFA, 12:15-2 pm (8-1336)

European Studies Symposium

“The Nexus of Global Climate Change & Energy: Transatlantic Perspectives”;

Alcoa Rm. Barco, 1:30-4 pm (4-5404)

Women’s Studies Iris Marion Young Lecture

“Achieving Equal Pay: What Will It Take?”

Heidi Hartmann, Inst. for Women’s Policy Research;

UClub Ballrm. A, 3:30 pm;

award reception, 4:30 pm (4-6485)

Biostatistics Seminar

“A New Nuisance Parameter Elimination Method With Application to Unordered Homologous Chromosome Pairs,”

Jing Qin, Nat’l Inst. of Allergy & Infectious Diseases;

A115 Crabtree, 3:30 pm

Aging Inst. Lecture

“Using Medicare Part D Data,”

Bruce Stuart;

Scaife 4th fl. aud. 6, 4 pm

African Studies Lecture

“God Spends Most of His Time in Africa: Religion, Education & American Evangelicals in East Africa,”

Amy Stambach, U of WI-Madison;

4130 Posvar, 4-7 pm (4-8143)

Hispanic Languages & Literatures/Latin American Studies Lecture

“Soy AfroArgentino: Race & the National Census of 2010,”

Miriam Gomes, Organization of the African Diaspora of Argentina;

144 CL, 6 pm (lecture in Spanish; 4-5226)

Bradford Campus Improv Show

Pitt Improvers;

Mukaiyama U Rm., Frame-Westerberg Commons, UPB, 8-9:30 pm


Friday 1

HPI Briefing

“Why Health Care Organizations Need a Safety Culture & Trustees’ Roles in Establishing It,”

Mark Chassin, Joint Commission;

PAA, 8-9:30 am (4-6104)

WPIC Meet the PI Lecture

“It Is All in Their Heads: The Real Relationship Between Depression & Brain Aging,”

Meryl Butters;

WPIC 2nd fl. aud., 11 am-12:30 pm

African Studies Lecture

“Conflicting Perspectives on Relevant Education in Rural Developing Communities: A Case Study in Tanzania,“

Nina Weaver;

4217 Posvar, 11 am

Emerging Legends Concert

Jeff Miller;

Cup & Chaucer, ground fl. Hillman, noon

Greensburg Campus Music Club Program

Campana Chapel & Lecture Hall, UPG, 7:30 pm

African Music & Dance Ensemble Performance

Bellefield aud., 8 pm (4-4125)

Pitt Dance Ensemble Performance


Alumni aud., 8 pm (also April 2; 8-8262)

Saturday 2

UPMC Ctr. for Integrative Medicine Holistic Medicine Workshop

Herberman Conf. Ctr., 8:30 am-3 pm (412/623-1203)

Greensburg Campus Rubber Duck Race for MS

Slate Run Creek, UPG, 11 am-2 pm (724/523-3357)

Campus Women’s Organization Community Summit

WPU lower lounge, 11 am-4 pm (

Men’s Glee Club Concert

1st Baptist Church of Pgh., 159 N. Bellefield, 8 pm (4-4125)

IonSound Project Concert

Bellefield aud., 8 pm (4-4125)

Sunday 3

Medieval & Renaissance Studies Performance

“Bad Hamlet”;

Bellefield aud., 2 pm

Memorial Concert

For Honors College Dean G. Alec Stewart, who died in April 2010; 104 FFA, 2-5 pm

Monday 4

Neurobiology of Brain Dysfunction Lecture

“Brain Tumors,”

Robert Friedlander;

114 Victoria, 9:30-11:30 am

HSLS Lunch With a Librarian

“Jazz Up Your Fliers & Presentations,”

Michelle Burda;

Falk Library conf. rm. B, noon

Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Seminar

“Bladder Afferents: Targets for the Treatment of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms,”

Clare Fowler, University College, London;

1395 Starzl BST, 3:30 pm

Biological Sciences Lecture

“Holding Hands While Doing the Twist: A Nano-scale Rotational Bearing in DNA Recombination,”

Nigel Grindley, Yale;

169 Crawford, 4 pm

Law Lecture

“Reflections on the ICTR & International Criminal Justice,”

Erik Møse, Norwegian Supreme Court;

Teplitz Courtrm., Barco, 6 pm

Latin American Lecture

“Mexico to Madison: Unions Under Attack & Fighting Back!”

Pipino Cuevas Velázquez, Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas;

107 Barco, 7 pm (8-7391)

Tuesday 5

GI Journal Club

“Planning Studies/Writing a Manuscript,”

Jennifer Wu & Dhiraj Yadav;

M2 conf. rm. Presby, 7:30 am

Law Symposium

“Developing the Law of the Marcellus Shale: Innovation for a Prosperous Community, a Safe Environment & a Common Law”;

UClub, 8 am-5 pm

HSLS Workshop

“PubMed Basics,”

Rebecca Abromitis;

Falk Library classrm. 1, 9-10:30 am

CVR Seminar

“CD4+ T Cell Subset Homeostasis in Progressive & Non-Progressive Lentiviral Infections,”

Mirko Paiardini;

6014 BST3, noon

Health Services Research Seminar

“Implications of Nat’l Health Reform for People With Mental Disorders,”

Julie Donohue;

305 Parkvale, noon

MWRI Seminar

“Promoting Smoking Cessation During Pregnancy,”

Kathryn Pollak;

MWRI 1st fl. conf. ctr., noon

Philosophy of Science Lecture

“Belief Here, Doubt There: What Do You Really Think?”

Brad Armendt, Arizona St.;

817R CL, 12:05 pm (4-1052)

Faculty Assembly Mtg.

UClub Ballrm. A, 3 pm

Academic Career Development Workshop

“Diversifying Your Funding Portfolio,”

Barbara Folb;

S120 Starzl BST, 3-5 pm

MMG Seminar

“A Fast & Powerful DNA Packaging Machine From Bacteriophage T4,”

Venigalla Rao;

503 Bridgeside Point II, 3:15 pm

Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Seminar

“Mechanisms of Right Ventricular Failure in Pulmonary Hypertension,”

Hunter Champion, Montefiore;

1395 Starzl BST, 3:30 pm

Global Health Film

“Music by Prudence”;

A115 Crabtree, 3:30-5:30 pm

Latin American Studies Honors Day Reception

WPU lower lounge, 4-6 pm (8-7391)

Medieval & Renaissance Studies Lecture

“Imaging the Waves of a Silent Past: The Role of Performance Decisions in Shaping the Musical Space of Hildegard von Bingen’s Ordo Virtutum,”

Michael Gardiner, music;

602 CL, 4:30 pm

HSLS Lecture

“Michael DeBakey, Denton Cooley & the Controversial Artificial Heart Implants of the 1960s,”

Shelley McKellar, U of W. Ontario;

Scaife lecture rm. 5, 6 pm

Wednesday 6

Orthopaedic Surgery Grand Rounds

“Cartilage Degeneration & Repair”;

Montefiore 7th fl. LHAS aud., 7 am

Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Symposium

“Neural Mechanisms of Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction”;

1395 Starzl BST, 8:30 am-5 pm

(register by contacting by March 31.)

HSLS Workshop

“Advanced PowerPoint for Presentations,”

Julia Jankovic;

Falk Library classrm. 2, 9-11 am

HSLS Workshop

“Galaxy: A Web-Based Genome Analysis Tool, Part 1,”

Anton Nekrutenko;

Falk Library conf. rm. B, 10 am-noon (part 2: 2-4 pm)

Johnstown Campus Great Americans Day Forum

Amy Greenberg, Penn St.;

Heritage Hall, Living/Learning Ctr., UPJ, 11 am-1 pm

Religious Studies Colloquium

“Constructing Christian Identity, One Canaanite Woman at a Time,”

Nancy Klancher;

2628 CL, noon

Humanities Lecture

“Excentricity & Concentricity in Translation: Various Modes at Work,”

Christine Raguet, Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3;

602 CL, 4-6 pm

Wm. Pitt Debating Union Debate

“Should Pgh. Permit Marcellus Shale Drilling?”;

G23 Parran, 6-8 pm (4-2887)

Lenten Services

Heinz Chapel, 7 pm (412/298-1461)

Women’s Studies Queer Film

“Let the Right One In”;

2201 Posvar, 7:45 pm (4-6485)

Thursday 7

American Assn. for Italian Studies Annual Conference

Holiday Inn University Center, 8:30 am-7 pm

(also April 8, 8:45 am-8 pm & April 9, 8:45 am-9:30 pm; or

Pitt Supplier Showcase

“Buy It Green”;

WPU Ballrm., 10 am-2 pm

Greensburg Campus Lecture

“Religious & Secular Illuminated Manuscripts in the Middle Ages,”

Domenic Leo;

118 Village, UPG, 11:30 am

Asian Studies Lecture

“The Khmer Rouge Tribunal: Justice vs. Impunity,”

Sopheada Phy; 4130 Posvar, noon

UCSUR Lecture

“Affordable Housing Development,”

Karl Schlacter, McCormak Baron Salazar;

121 University Place 2nd fl. conf. rm., noon (4-9177)

Epidemiology Seminar

“Collaborative Care for Treatment of Depression in Patients With Heart Disease: The Bypassing the Blues Trial & Future Research Directions,”

Bruce Rollman;

A115 Crabtree, noon

Chemistry Seminar

“Novel Catalysts & Catalyst Supports for Fuel Cells: Synthesis & Characterization,”

Francis DiSalvo, Cornell;

12B Chevron, 2:30 pm

World History Seminar

“This Time Will Be Different: A Dataset on Financial Crises,”

Carmen Reinhart, U of MD;

501 IS, 3-4:30 pm

Aging Inst. Lecture

“Transitional Care & Medication Safety,”

Ken Boockvar;

Scaife 4th fl. aud. 6, 4 pm

Chemistry Seminar

“Characterization of Host Cell-HIV Protein-RNA Interactions as Novel Antiviral Targets,”

Karin Musier-Forsyth, Ohio St.;

12A Chevron, 4 pm

Provost’s Inaugural Lecture

“Looking Small to See the Big Picture: Explaining Feudists, Racists & Grassroots Activists,”

Kathleen Blee, sociology;

2500 Posvar, 4:30 pm

Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Lecture

“Strategies for Catalytic Conversion of Biomass-derived Carbohydrates to Hydrogen & Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels,”

James Dumesic, U of WI-Madison;

102 Benedum, 5 pm

Greensburg Campus Lecture

“The Sun as an Astrophysics Rosetta Stone: What Our Friendly Neighborhood Star Can Teach Us About ‘Life, the Universe & Everything,’”

W.P. Abbett, UC-Berkeley;

Campana Chapel & Lecture Ctr., UPG, 7 pm

Pgh. Writers’ Reading

Lydia Davis;

FFA aud., 8:30 pm

Friday 8

Marcia Landy, English, will deliver a plenary address April 8 as part of the American Assn. for Italian Studies annual conference being held on campus.

Marcia Landy, English, will deliver a plenary address April 8 as part of the American Assn. for Italian Studies annual conference being held on campus.

• Last day for fall term enrollment appointments.

Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Lecture

“Routes for Production of Liquid Transportation Fuels by Catalytic Generation & Conversion of g-Valerolactone,”

James Dumesic, U of WI-Madison;

102 Benedum, 9:30 am

WPIC Lecture

“Dealing With the Heterogeneity of Autism: The Autism Phenome Project,”

David Amaral;

WPIC 2nd fl. aud., 11 am-12:30 pm

GI Research Rounds

“Tool Like Receptor 4 Regulation of Intestinal Stem Cells in the Pathogenesis of Intestinal Inflammation,”

David Hackam;

M2 conf. rm. Presby, noon

ULS Emerging Legends Concert

Sue Gartland & Jordan Umbach;

Cup & Chaucer, ground fl. Hillman, noon

CRSP Lecture

“How the Urban Poor Navigate Social Space: Lessons From Chicago’s Gautreaux Mobility Program,”

Kathryn Edin, Harvard;

2017 CL, noon-1:30 pm (4-7382)

Renal Electrolyte Lecture

“Regulation of Renal Na-K-Cl Cotransporter by AMP-Activated Kinase,”

Ignacio Giménez;

F-1145 Presby, 12:15 pm

American Assn. for Italian Studies Conference Plenary Session

“Addio Mario Monicelli: Reflections on Commedia all’Italiana as Counter History,”

Marcia Landy, English;

FFA aud., 5:30-7 pm

University Gamelan Indonesian Music Concert

Bellefield aud., 8 pm (4-4125)

Saturday 9

Fall term open enrollment period begins.

Survival Skills & Ethics Workshop

“Grant Writing”; Scaife 4th fl. lecture rm. 2, 10 am-3 pm (412/578-3716)

American Assn. for Italian Studies Conference Plenary Session

“Women & Women’s Studies in the Italian Contemporary History: A Guarded, Startling Presence,” Simonetta Soldani, Università di Firenze; FFA aud., 5:45-7 pm

Sunday 10

Heinz Chapel Choir Concert

Heinz Chapel, 3 pm (4-4125)

Pitt/CMU Engineering Sustainability Conference

“Innovation & the Triple Bottom Line”;

David Lawrence Convention Ctr., Downtown, 5 pm

(also April 11 at 8:30 am & April 12 at 8 am;

Monday 11

Neurobiology of Brain Dysfunction Lecture


Deborah Holder;

114 Victoria, 9:30-11:30 am

Greensburg Campus La Cultura Lecture

“Gods in the Bazaar: Images in Indian Vernacular Capitalism,”

Kajri Jain, U of Toronto;

118 Village, UPG, 7 pm

Tuesday 12

GI Pathophysiology/Board Review

“Vascular Disorders of the Gastrointestinal Tract,”

Amit Raina;

M2 conf. rm. Presby, 7:30 am

Health Services Research Seminar

“Psychological Attitudes & Health: A Conceptual Framework & Presentation of Data From the Women’s Health Initiative,”

Hilary Tindle;

305 Parkvale, noon

Survival Skills & Ethics Workshop

“Grants Over Lunch”;

S100 BST2, noon-1:30 pm (412/578-3716)

Philosophy of Science Lecture

“Evidence & Risk: Medicine Meets the Philosophy of Science,”

John Worrall, London School of Economics;

817R CL, 12:05 pm (4-1052)

Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Seminar

“Identification, Analysis & Therapeutic Targeting of GBM Tumor Suppressor Genes,”

Todd Waldman, Georgetown;

1395 Starzl BST, 3:30 pm

Provost’s Inaugural Lecture

“The Changing Face of Childhood Diabetes,”

Silva Arslanian, pediatrics;

2500 Posvar, 4 pm

Endocrinology & Metabolism Bone Club

“Pathogenesis of Paget’s Disease,”

G. David Roodman;

1195 Starzl BST, 4:30 pm

OED/Technology Management Workshop

“Intellectual Property: The Commercialization Pathway”;

532 Alumni, 5-8 pm

(also April 19;

Bradford Campus Lecture

“The Earthquake in Lisbon—1755,”

Marvin Thomas, history;

Rice Aud. Fisher, UPB, 8 pm

Wednesday 13

Clinical Oncology & Hematology Grand Rounds

“The ABO Blood Group & Transfusion: 110 Years After Landsteiner, Do We Still Have a Problem With Clinical Outcomes?”

Neil Blumberg;

UPMC Cancer Pavilion Herberman Conf. Ctr. 2nd fl. aud., 8 am

Fox Ctr. for Vision Restoration Lecture

“Retinal Stem Cells & Vision Restoration,”

Derek van der Kooy, U of Toronto;

E&EI 5th fl. boardrm., 11:45 am (

Staff Assn. Council Mtg.

630 WPU, 12:15 pm

HSLS Workshop

“Gene Regulation Resources,”

Ansuman Chattopadhyay;

Falk Library classrm. 2, 1-3 pm

Senate Council Mtg.

2700 Posvar, 3 pm

Humanities Discussion

“Collaborative Research in Translation Studies”;

602 CL, 4-6 pm

Lenten Services

Heinz Chapel, 7 pm


Greensburg Campus Chorale & Chamber Singers Concert

Ferguson Theater, UPG, 7:30 pm

Pitt Symphony Orchestra Concert

Bellefield aud., 8 pm (4-4125)

Thursday 14

HSLS Workshop

“Adobe Photoshop for Beginners,”

Julia Jankovic;

Falk Library classrm. 2, 9-11 am

Greensburg Campus Lecture

“Stained Glass: Loving the Light,”

Terry Bengel;

Campana Chapel & Lecture Ctr., UPG, 11:30 am

Epidemiology Seminar

“The Challenges in Environmental Epidemiology: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly,”

Evelyn Talbott;

A115 Crabtree, noon

Sr. VC’s Laureate Lecture

“Yeast Prions: Pathology, Biology & Structure,”

Reed Wickner;

Scaife aud. 6, noon

Survival Skills & Ethics Workshop

“Grants Over Lunch”;

S100 BST2, noon-1:30 pm (412/578-3716)

Senate Plenary Session

“Teaching Excellence as a Criterion for Promotion & Tenure”;

WPU Assembly Rm., noon-3 pm

Chemistry Seminar

“NanoGUMBOS: The Next Generation of Nanomaterials,”

Isiah Warner, Louisiana St.;

12B Chevron, 2:30 pm

Ctr. for Nat’l Preparedness Seminar

“Security Implications of the Resurgence of Nuclear Power,”

Larry Foulke, nuclear engineering;

Alumni 5th fl., 3 pm

Greensburg Campus Lecture

“Leadership Lessons From the Oval Office & the Board Room,”

Kenneth Duberstein, former chief of staff to Pres. Ronald Reagan;

Ferguson Theater, UPG, 7 pm (724/836-7497)

PhD Defenses


“Genetic Epidemiology of Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease & Osteoporosis Indices in African Ancestry Families,”

Allison Kuipers;

March 31, 109 Parran, 1 pm

Education/Instruction & Learning

“The Representation of Culture in Award-Winning Picture Books From the United States, Australia & Great Britain (1960-2010),”

Virginia Hall;

March 31, 5140 Posvar, 2 pm


“The Art of Citizenship: Suffrage Literature as Social Pedagogy,”

Maggie Rehm;

April 1, 527 CL, 9 am


“Mathematical Modeling of Chemical Signals in Inflammatory Pathways,”

Ian Price;

April 1, 703 Thackeray, 9 am

A&S/Geology & Planetary Science

“Thermal Emission Spectroscopy of Silicate Glasses & Melts: Applications to Remote Sensing of Glassy Volcanic Environments,”

Rachel Lee;

April 1, 214 SRCC, 10 am


“Structure & Dynamics of Biomolecules in the Gas Phase Using Vibrationally & Rotationally Resolved Electronic Spectroscopy,”

Jessica Thomas;

April 1, 228 Eberly, 1 pm


“The Sacred Multivoice Music of Nicolas Gombert: A Critical Examination,”

Brandi Neal;

April 1, 302 Music, 1 pm

A&S/Geology & Planetary Science

“Quantitative Drought Reconstruction in the Pacific Northwest From Lake Sediment Records & Predictive Models,”

Byron Steinman;

April 1, 214 SRCC, 2 pm


“A Correlated Random Effects Hurdle Model for Excess Zeros With Clustered Data Based on BLUP (REMQL) Estimation,”

Sung Hee Kim;

April 1, 109 Parran, 2:30 pm

Education/Administrative & Policy Studies

“Project 720: A Case Study of High School Reform,”

Robert Postupac;

April 1, 4321 Posvar, 3 pm

Medicine/Molecular Biophysics & Structural Biology

“Structure-Function Studies of the Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Type 6 (mGlur6) & Comparison With Rhodopsin,”

Kalyan Tirupula;

April 4, 1018 BST3, 1 pm


“New Frontiers in Population Recording,”

George Fraser;

April 4, 6014 BST3, 2 pm

Education/Administrative & Policy Studies

“The Turner & Colodny Cases: Academic Freedom at the University of Pittsburgh, 1934 & 1961,”

Curtis Good;

April 6, 4321 Posvar, 1 pm

GSPH/Behavioral & Community Health Sciences

“Financial Distress & Depressive Symptoms Among African-American Women: Exploring the Role of Religious Coping & Social Support,”

Angelica JoNel Starkey;

April 6, Stevenson Bldg. 2nd fl., 141 S. Highland Ave., 2 pm

SHRS/Rehabilitation Science & Technology

“Impact of Mobility Aids on People With Multiple Sclerosis,”

Ana Souza;

April 7, 6081 Forbes Tower, 10 am


“3 Essays on the ‘Dark Side’ of Teams,”

Kevin Cruz;

April 7, 101 Mervis, 1 pm


“Changes in Vitamin B12, Homocysteine & Neurological Function in Older Adults,” Kira Leishear;

April 7, 130 N. Bellefield, 5th fl. conf. rm., 1:30 pm

A&S/Intelligent Systems

“Analytical Techniques for the Improvement of Mass Spectrometry Protein Profiling,”

Richard Pelikan;

April 7, 5317 Sennott, 2:30 pm

Education/Administrative & Policy Studies

“Accountability From the Inside Out: A Case Study of Isolation & Autonomy,”

Veronica Kozar;

April 7, 4321 Posvar, 3:30 pm

IS/Library & Information Science

“The Relationship Between Appraisal Practice & User Studies in US State Archives & Records Management Programs: An Exploratory Study,”

Hea Lim Rhee;

April 8, 501 IS, 10 am


“Presence to Self: An Essay on the Phenomenal Origins of Intentionality,”

Christopher Frey;

April 8, 1001B CL, 1 pm

GSPH/Behavioral & Community Health Sciences

“Syndemic Processes Among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM): Pathways Toward Risk & Resilience,”

Amy Herrick;

April 8, Stoner Conf. Rm., Keystone Bldg., 3:30 pm


“When the Mix Was Perfect: Voices From the Post-Motown Soundscape,”

Carleton Gholz;

April 11, 1128 CL, 10 am


“Skepticism About Epistemic Reason,”

Tim Willenken;

April 11, 1001D CL, noon


“The Role of Delayed Care Seeking & Toll-like Receptors in Pelvic Inflammatory Disease & Its Sequelae,”

Brandie DePaoli Taylor;

April 11, A523 Crabtree, 1:30 pm

SHRS/Health Information Management

“Design & Usability Assessment of an Integrated Telerehabilitation Information Management System to Support Remote Wheelchair Prescription,”

Andi Saptono;

April 11, 6050 Forbes Tower, 2 pm


“Markers of Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease in Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome & Controls,”

Michelle Meyer;

April 11, A622 Crabtree, 4 pm

A&S/Hispanic Languages & Literatures

“Lecciones de esclavos y animals fabuloses: literature y crítica moral en la América Latina del siglo XIX,”

Betina González;

April 12, 1528 CL, 10 am


“Child Eating in the Absence of Hunger & Loss of Control Eating,”

Carrie Sheets;

April 12, 4401 Sennott, noon

Medicine/Clinical & Translational Science

“The Epigenetic Regulation of Chemotherapy Resistance in Melanoma,”

Hussein Tawbi;

April 12, UPMC Cancer Pavilion 5th fl. boardrm., noon

Medicine/Biomedical Informatics

“Ontology Enrichment From Free-Text Clinical Documents: A Comparison of Alternative Approaches,”

Kaiong Liu;

April 12, M185 Parkvale, 1:30 pm


“Diabetic Coronary Heart Patients’ Adherence to Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs,”

Joyce Miketic;

April 13, 331 Victoria, 8:30 am


“Cortical Layer-dependent Hemodynamic Regulation Investigated by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging,”

Cecil Chern-Chyi Yen;

April 13, 3025 E. Carson St., 2nd fl. conf. rm., 9 am

Education/Instruction & Learning

“Dynamic Assessment in the Early Language Classroom,”

Kristin Davin;

April 13, 5700 Posvar, 10 am

Education/Administrative & Policy Studies

“The Role of Higher Education Institutions in Addressing Youth Unemployment in Lebanon,”

Hana Addam El-Ghali;

April 13, 5702 Posvar, 2 pm

Education/Instruction & Learning

“An Investigation of ELL Instruction in 2 Classrooms in an Urban District in Transition,”

Anna Arlotta-Guerrero;

April 13, 5140 Posvar, 2 pm

GSPH/Environmental & Occupational Health

“A Study of Xenoestrogens in the Greater Pittsburgh Area,”

Lara Renz;

April 13, Bridgeside Point 5th fl. conf. rm., 2:30 pm


Greensburg Campus Theatre Arts

“You Can’t Take It With You”;

through April 2;

Ferguson Theater, UPG, 7 pm (724/561-8496)

Pitt Repertory Theatre

“As You Like It”;

through April 10; Charity Randall Theatre, Stephen Foster, W-Sat. 8 pm, Sun. 2 pm (4-7529)

Bradford Campus Communication & Arts Dept.


April 7-10; Studio Theatre, Blaisdell, UPB, Th.-Sat. 7:30 pm, Sun. 2 pm (814/362-5113)

Pitt Student Labs

“Henna Night” & “Sparagamos”;

April 13-17;

Studio Theatre, CL, W-F 8 pm, Sat. 2 & 8 pm, Sun. 2 pm (4-7529)


Bradford Campus Exhibit

“The Art of Oleg Gotchev & the Development of Contemporary Bulgarian Mural Paintings”;

through April 15; KOA Art Gallery, Blaisdell, UPB, M-Th 8:30 am-8 pm, F 8:30 am-6 pm

Studio Arts Student Exhibit

Through April 30; U Art Gallery, FFA, 10 am-4 pm M-F (8-2430)

Law Library Exhibit

“Landscapes: Imagined/Real,”

Timothy Thompson;

through May 20; Barco Law Library Gallery, reg. library hours (8-1376)


Conflict of Interest Filing

Deadline to file forms through the Superform system ( is April 15.

Supervisors must send the management reporting forms & annual data summary reports to the provost or sr. VC for Health Sciences by May 16. (technical assistance: 8-2222)

Chancellor’s Affirmative Action Award

Nominations should be submitted to the Senate office, 1234 CL, by May 3. (info: 8-7860)

Event Deadline

The next issue of the University Times will include University and on-campus events of April 14-28. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 pm on April 7 at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information may be sent by fax to 4-4579 or email to


The University Times events calendar includes Pitt-sponsored events as well as non-Pitt events held on a Pitt campus. Each events calendar covers a two-week period; material must be submitted one week prior to publication.

For deadlines, see the current publication schedule.

Information submitted for the calendar should identify the type of event, such as lecture or concert, and the program’s specific title, sponsor, location and time. The name and phone number of a contact person should be included. Information should be sent by email to:, by FAX to: 412/624-4579, or by campus mail to: 308 Bellefield Hall. We cannot guarantee publication of events received after the deadline.

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