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December 7, 2000

Public Affairs staff win PR awards

Work by staff members in Pitt's Office of Public Affairs has garnered six awards from the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

Entries in the annual competition are judged by other PRSA chapters on a 100-point scale. Considered are creativity, research, planning, execution and results. Awards traditionally presented are Renaissance Awards, for those entries earning 85 points or more, and Merit Awards, for those earning at least 70 points.

Pitt's four Renaissance Awards were for:

* External Publications, One or Two Colors: Library Review (produced by Alison D'Addieco, Vicki Mauclair, Karen Gibbs, Len Moser).

* External Publications, Three or More Colors: Pitt Magazine (Mary Ann Aug, Gary Cravener, Sally Ann Flecker, David Eltz, Kris Mamula, Amy Notarius, Chuck Dinsmore).

* Poster: Invest in a Masterpiece (Alison D'Addieco, Chris Jones, Len Moser).

* External Web Site: (John Cooper, Louise Sciannameo, Chris Jones, Chuck Dinsmore).

Pitt's two Merit Awards were:

* Community Relations: Jazz Seminar and Concert Series (Fred Solomon, Rainey Dermond, Chuck Dinsmore, Sharon Blake).

* Internal Publications: Brown Bag News ( Dana Allwein and Len Moser; original design by Rainey Dermond).

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