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University of Pittsburgh
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March 8, 2001

Capital campaign raises $14 million since Oct. kick-off

The five-year "Campaign for the University of Pittsburgh" has raised $370 million so far — an increase of $14 million since the campaign was announced to the public in October.

The campaign goal is to reach $500 million by June 30, 2003. Pitt campaigners expect to raise $400 million by June 30 of this year, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement Carol A. Carter told Pitt's Board of Trustees on Feb. 22.

Of the $370 million raised to date, $155.5 was donated by foundations, $118.9 million by individuals, $47.4 million by corporations and another $48.5 million came in unsolicited gifts from "other" organizations.

"The area where we're going to see the biggest improvement is in individual giving," which currently accounts for 32 percent of the campaign total and is expected to grow to 36 percent by campaign's end, said Carter.

Since the campaign's so-called "quiet phase" began in July 1997, the number of endowed scholarships, fellowships, professorships and chairs at Pitt has increased by 35 percent, she reported.

"We've gotten past that point of the gentle slope in the campaign where the easy-picking fruit is," Carter told trustees. "It's much, much harder, folks, to raise that last $150 million than it was that first $350 million, so we continue to need your support and your help as we move forward."

J. Wray Connolly, whose final term as board chairperson ends on June 30, urged Pitt fundraisers to push beyond the announced campaign goal.

"When you're on a roll, why quit at $500 million?" he said.

— Bruce Steele

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