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March 22, 2001


Thursday, March 22

Pgh. Cancer Conference

Introduction, Dennis Meisner; Westin Convention Ctr., Downtown, 7:15 am

Pediatric Grand Rounds

"CPC: An 11 Year Old Female With Vaginal Bleeding," Ingrid Libman & Selma Witchel; McCluskey aud. Children's, 8 am

Environmental Health & Safety Workshop

"Chemical Hygiene & Lab Safety Training," Frank Pokrywka; Benedum aud., 9-11 am (624-9505)

Immunology Seminar

"CD14+ Cells Resident in Human Dermis Represent a Putative Precursor of Epidermal Langerhans Cells," Adriana Larregina; W995 BST, noon

Epidemiology Seminar

"Diabetes & Cognitive & Physical Function," Edward Gregg; A-115 Crabtree, noon

EU Center/CILE Law School Lecture

"Current Issues in European Criminal Procedure," Eirikur Tomasson, U. of Iceland; 107 Law, noon-1 pm


"The Importance of Asset Allocation — Why Diversification Matters"; 1st fl. Craig, noon-2 pm

Chemistry Colloquium

"Ancillary Ligand Effects in Titanium-Mediated C-C Bond Formation," Folami Ladipo, U. of Kentucky; Ashe aud. Chevron, 2:30 pm

Economics Seminar

"Econometric Methods for Endogenously Sampled Time Series: The Case of Commodity Price Speculation in the Steel Market," John Rust, Yale; 4P58 Posvar, 3:30-5 pm

Classics Lecture

"The Arrhephoroi on the Athenian Acropolis," Olga Palagia, Athens U.; 203 FFA, 4 pm

Chemistry Colloquium

"Electron Transfer in Den-drimers," Deborah Evans, U. of New Mexico; Ashe aud. Chevron, 4 pm

Provost Inaugural Lecture

"Walking the Walk: The How & Why of Cell Migration," Alan Wells, Thomas Gill III Professor of Clinical Pathology; FFA aud., 4:30 pm (624-5750)

Bayer Engineering Lecture

"Perspective on Science Policy Issues for Research for the 21st Century," Mildred Dressel-haus; 11th fl. Benedum, 5 pm (624-8884)

Toastmasters Meeting

1103 Scaife, 6 pm

Women's Studies Lecture

"Imag(in)ing the Horizon: Race, Class & Gender Perceptions in the Field of the Visible," Gail Weiss; Kurtzman Rm. WPU, 7 pm

Honors College/Mathematics Presentation

"Pitt Integration Bee"; 343 Masonic, 8 pm (to register:

Friday, March 23

Medical Grand Rounds

"Urinary Tract Infections — What's New, What's True?" Calvin Kunin; lec. rm. 6 Scaife, 8 am

Human Resources Workshop

"Distress Tolerance," Brad Werley, FSAP; 342 Craig, 9-10:30 am (to register: 624-8046)

Bayer Engineering Lecture

"The Remarkable Structure & Properties of Carbon Nano-tubes," Mildred Dresselhaus; 11th fl. Benedum, 10 am (624-8884)

Human Genetics Seminar

"Transcriptional Regulation of Cardiogenesis," Jorge Sepul-veda; A-115 Crabtree, noon

Pharmacology Seminar

"Targeted Overexpression on LH in Transgenic Mice: An Endocrine Train Wreck That Signals Hypersecretion of Several Hormones, Engineers Multiple Tumors & Derails Pregnancy," John Nilson, Case Western Reserve; 1395 BST, noon

Center for Pharmacogenetics Seminar

"Molecular Mechanisms of Opioid Tolerance & Neuropathic Pain," Zaijie (Jim) Wang, U. of Arizona; S-100A BST, noon


"Retirement Distribution Flexibilities — Strategies for Managing Your Income in Retirement"; 1st fl. Craig, noon-2 pm

Center for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"Evolutionary Genetics & Infertility," Thomas Gill, Emeritus Maud L. Menten Professor of Experimental Pathology; 817R CL, 12:05 pm

Immunology Seminar

"Alterations in Myeloid DC Development in the NOD Mouse," Raymond Steptoe; W1095 BST, 2 pm

Economics Seminar

"When & Why Do Non-Complainant Firms Oppose AD Petitions?" Ted To, Bureau of Labor Statistics; 4P58 Posvar, 2-3:30 pm

Philosophy & Ancient Science/Center for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"Intimations of Ideality," Charles Young, Claremont Graduate U.; 817R CL, 3:30 pm

Economics Seminar

"Edgeworth Expansions for the Wald & GMM Statistics for Nonlinear Restrictions," Bruce Hansen, U. of Wisconsin; 4P58 Posvar, 3:30-5 pm

Music/UCIS Concert

"Ramayana: A Dance Drama in Two Traditions of India & Indonesia," Undang Sumarna, Sri Susilowati, Sreyashi Dey, Ben Arcangel & Sudanese Gamelan Ensemble; Bellefield aud., 8 pm (624-4125)

Saturday, March 24

Staff Career & Diversity Job Fair

WPU, 10 am-2 pm

UPMC Marathon Training Seminar

"Recovery After the Marathon"; LHAS aud. Montefiore, 10 am-noon (647-7866)

Music/UCIS Concert

Sudanese Gamelan Ensemble; Bellefield aud., 8 pm (624-4125)

Sunday, March 25

Center for Philosophy of Science/Bayer Lecture

"Illuminating the Allegheny Observatory," Arthur Glaser, historian of Allegheny Observatory; Carnegie Science Ctr., 3 pm

Choral Compline Concert

James Chepponis, St. Paul's Cathedral; Heinz Chapel, 8:30 pm

Monday, March 26

Physical Therapy Clinical Rounds

4060 Forbes Twr., 7 am

Biological Sciences Seminar

"Control of DNA Replication S. pombe," Thomas Kelly, Johns Hopkins; 169 Crawford, 4:15 pm

Francis Clifford Phillips Chemistry Lecture

"Beta & y-Peptides, a Brave New World," Dieter Seebach, Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule; Ashe aud. Chevron, 5:30 pm

UPMC Health System/Pgh. Regional Minority Purchasing Council Minority Business Opportunity Fair

Westin Convention Ctr., 6-10 pm; also March 27, 7:45 am-4:30 pm

Drue Heinz Lecture

Michael Chabon; Carnegie Music Hall, 7:30 pm (622-8866)

French Film

"Capitane Conan"; 7th fl. aud. Masonic, 7:30 pm (624-5220)

Tuesday, March 27

HA & A Colloquium

"New Deal Murals & Chicago Public Schools: The Censorship Case of Edward Millman's Outstanding Women, 1938-1941," Sylvia Rhor; 203 FFA, noon

Center for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"The West Digest System in American Jurisprudence: Taxonomy & Rhetoric," Lisa Nelson, GSPIA; 817R CL, 12:05 pm

Francis Clifford Phillips Chemistry Lecture

"TADDOLS & Other Diaryl Methanols in Enantioselective Syntheses," Dieter Seebach, Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule; Ashe aud. Chevron, 2:30 pm

Pitt Libertarians Meeting

542 WPU, 8:30 pm (RSVP to

Wednesday, March 28

New Issues in Nutrition & Health Lectures

S120 BST, 8:30 am-5 pm

Intercultural Bag Lunch

5th Med. Arts, noon

Cell Biology & Physiology Seminar

"Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Gene Expression in Male Germ Cells," Norman Hecht; 5th fl. brdrm. EEI, 4 pm

UPMC Gastroenterology/Hepatology Grand Rounds

1104 Scaife, 5 pm

Thursday, March 29

Wellness Fair 2001

Assembly Rm., Ballrm., & Kurtzman Rm. WPU, 10 am-2 pm

Epidemiology Seminar

"Experience Corps: A Randomized Trial of a Volunteer Program on Health Outcomes in Older Adults," Linda Fried; A-115 Crabtree, noon

Immunology Seminar

"Immune Response to lgG: Implication for Rheumatoid Arthritis," Xin Dong; W995 BST, noon

Bioethics Grand Rounds

"Trust in Managed Care," Allen Buchanan, U. of Arizona; lec. rm. 5 Scaife, noon-1 pm

Geology & Planetary Science Seminar

Paul Kimberly, Smithsonian Institution; 104 Thaw, 4-5 pm (624-8780)

GSPIA Lecture

"Ethical Challenges of the Genetic Age," Allen Buchanan, U. of Arizona; 2K56 Posvar, 4 pm (to register: 648-2204)

Geology & Planetary Science Seminar

"How the Sicilian Volcanoes Work: Gas Pistoning at Stromboli, Migratory Fumaroles at Vulcano & Foam Soup at Etna," Andrew Harris, U. of Hawaii; 104 Thaw, 4 pm (624-8780)

Toastmasters Meeting

1103 Scaife, 6 pm

Friday, March 30

Senior Vice Chancellor's Research Seminar

"Understanding the Cellular & Molecular Basis of Uterine Receptivity," Julie DeLoia; aud. 6 Scaife, noon

Center for Philosophy of Science/HPS Alumni Lecture

"Mirrors, Machines & Bacon's Bees," Madeline Muntersbjorn, U. of Toledo; 817R CL, 3:30 pm

Classics Lecture

"A Hero for the Aeneid — at Last," Anton Powell, U. of Wales; 149 CL, 3:30 pm

Saturday, March 31

Pitt Black Law Students Association

Community Law Day; Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, 271 Paulson Ave., East Liberty, 10 am-4 pm (624-6895)

Jumpstart KidsFest

WPU lawn, 11 am-3 pm (648-1250)

Indian Earthquake Relief Benefit Concert

Tejendra Narayan Majumdar & Subhankar Banerjee; FFA aud., 7:30 pm (963-8023)


Sunday, April 1

Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology Open House

Linesville, PA 1-5 pm (814/683-5813)

Center for Philosophy of Science/Bayer Lecture

"Brightening Einstein's Path," John Norton; Carnegie Science Ctr., 3 pm

Music Concert

"Bach & the Baroque"; Heinz Chapel, 3 pm

Choral Compline Concert

Gene Bertsch; Heinz Chapel, 8:30 pm

Monday, April 2

Women's Studies Faculty Book Discussion

"Coming of Age in Academe: Rekindling Women's Hopes & Reforming the Academy," by Jane Roland Martin; 901 CL, noon-1:30 pm

Center for Research in Chronic Disorders Presentation

"How Do the Elderly React to Robots? A Progess Report From the Pitt/CMU Nursebot Project," Sebastian Thrun, CMU; 125 Victoria, noon-1:30 pm

Learning Skills Workshop

"Speed Reading," 1st of 4 sessions; 3rd. fl. WPU, 4-6 pm (648-7920)

Biological Sciences Seminar

"The Relative Contribution of Trait-Mediated Indirect Effects to Net Effects of a Predator," Earl Werner, U. of Michigan; 169 Crawford, 4 pm

Drue Heinz Lecture

Spalding Gray; Carnegie Music Hall, 7:30 pm (622-8866)

Tuesday, April 3

HA & A Colloquium

"Michelangelo & Mithra," Edith Balas; 203 FFA, noon

Vanguard Seminar

"Take Charge of Your Financial Future"; 1st fl. Craig, noon-2 pm

Center for Philosophy of Science Talk

Dave MacCallum, Carleton College; 817 CL, 12:05 pm

GSPH Educational Policies & Curriculum Committee

109 Parran, 2 pm

Faculty Assembly Meeting

2P56 Posvar, 3 pm

History & Philosophy of Science/Center for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"The Ptolemic World View," W. HŸbner, MŸnster U.; 149 CL, 3:30 pm

Music on the Edge Concert

Judith Weir; FFA aud., 8 pm

Wednesday, April 4

Human Resources Workshop

"Financial Management Fundamentals," Carolyn Kaempf; 342 Craig, 9 am-noon (to register: 624-8046)

Intercultural Bag Lunch

5th fl. Med. Arts, noon

ADRC Lecture

"Dementia Training for Staff Using a Computer Based Interactive Video: An Innovative Approach," Jules Rosen, psychiatry, & Debra Fox; ADRC conf. rm. 4 S. Montefiore, noon-1 pm (692-2700)

Vanguard Seminar

"Parenting & Finance"; 1st fl. Craig, noon-2 pm

Public Health Roundtable

"Legionella Outbreak in a Senior High-Rise," Joan McMahon; G-23 aud. Parran, 4 pm

UPMC Gastroenterology/Hepatology Grand Rounds

1104 Scaife, 5 pm

Challenges in the Office Care of Children & Adolescents Lecture

"Adolescent Medicine Round-tables," Maurice Clifton; B level conf. rm. Children's, 6 pm

Biology Lecture

"Success & Death in Thin Air: Evolutionary Analyses of Himalayan Mountaineering," Raymond Huey, U. of Washington; Carnegie Museum of Art aud., 7 pm

French Film

"Voyages"; 7th fl. aud. Masonic, 7:30 pm (624-5220)

Music Concert

University Chamber Orchestra; Bellefield aud., 8 pm

Pgh. Contemporary Writers Lecture

Sandra Cisneros; 120 Law-rence, 8:15 pm (624-6506)

Thursday, April 5

Office of Research Video-conference

"NSF Hands-on Fastlane Workshop Videoconference"; B23 Masonic, 9 am-noon (to register: 624-7410)

Human Resources Workshop

"The Sandwich Generation," Paul Ganster, FSAP; 342 Craig, 9-10:30 am (to register: 624-8046)

Bioethics Grand Rounds

"Ethics of Clinical Research Involving Children," Joel Frader, Northwestern; lec. rm. 5 Scaife, noon-1 pm (648-1305)

Vanguard Seminar

"Investments: Beyond the Basics"; 1st fl. Craig, noon-2 pm

Atlantic History Lecture

"The Revival of Market Ideology," Daniel Rodgers, Princeton; 3P11 Posvar, 3 pm

Classics Lecture

"Marking Imperial Time: Augustus, Mussolini & the Monuments of the Campus Martius," Ann Wilkins, Duquesne; 203 FFA, 4 pm

Rangos Research Seminar

1st fl. conf. rm. Rangos Research Ctr., 4 pm

Toastmasters Meeting

1103 Scaife, 6 pm

C.F. Reynolds Medical History Society/Medicine Lecture

"Breast Cancer Surgery as Amputation: Reconsidering Halsted's 'Complete Method'," Maarten Ultee, U. of Alabama; lec. rm. 5 Scaife, 6 pm (648-8927)

Ph.D. Defenses


"Physiologic Variables, Medical Therapy & Psychosocial Issues: Effect of Gender & Outcome in Patients With CHF," Luann Richardson, March 27; 331 Victoria, 11 am


"A Series of Studies Directed Toward the Elucidation of the Neuroendocrine Mechanism Responsible for the Nongo-nadal Restraint of Hypo-physiotrophic GnRH Secretion During Prepubertal Development in Primates," Matthew Fraser, March 27; 1395 BST, 2 pm

Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

"Wheelchair Integrated Occupant Resistant Feasibility in Frontal Impact," Linda van Roosmalen, March 29; 5047 Forbes Tower, 9-11 am


"Psychological Trauma & Adjustment in Women Newly-Diagnosed With Gynecologic Cancer," Donna Posluszny, March 29; 405 IS, 2 pm


"Identification of Cyclin B1 as a New Tumor Antigen Using a Dendritic Cell-Based Antigen Discovery System," Henry Kao, March 29; S-100 BST, 2 pm


"Library Anxiety & Internet Anxiety Among the Students of the University of Pittsburgh," Abdulaziz I Ben Omran, April 5; 503 Iroquois, 9:30-11:30 am


University Art Gallery

"Proliferation," student installation projects; 104 FFA, through March 26, Mon.-Sat. 10 am-4 pm, Thur. till 8 pm


Kuntu Repertory Theatre

"Fortunes of the Moor," by Barbara & Carlton Molette; 7th fl. aud. Masonic, through April 7, Thur.-Sat. at 8 pm, Sun. at 4 pm (624-7298)

Pitt Repertory Theatre

"Moby Dick Rehearsed," by Orson Welles; Henry Hey-mann Theatre, March 28-April 15, Tue.-Sat. at 8 pm, Sun. at 2 pm (624-7529)

Titusville Campus Theatre

"Mark Twain on Stage," UPT; March 29, 8 pm (814/827-4460)


High Performance Network Applications Initiative Proposal

Proposals must be received by April 1 at 826 CL (

Chancellor's Affirmative Action Award

Application materials due by April 6 to 1234 CL (624-6505).

36th Annual International Cabaret Ball

Reservations & checks due by April 13 to 1209 CL ($25 each/$15 for students).


Degreed University staff interested in participating in commencement should contact the Office of Special Events by April 13 (624-7100).

Steven Manners Faculty Development Awards

Applications due by April 16 to 600 UPLAC (624-5443).

Cystic Fibrosis Research Funds

For pilot/feasibility research projects & postdoc/graduate student stipends. Letters of interest & CV due by April 15; completed applications due by May 1 to Raymond Frizzell, Department of Cell Biology & Physiology, S368 BST (648-9362).

Calendar Deadline

The next issue of the University Times calendar will be published April 5. It will contain events of April 5-19. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 pm March 29, at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information may be sent by fax: 624-4579 or e-mail to

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