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April 5, 2001

Ballots for University Senate elections due April 20

Ballots for the 2001-2002 University Senate elections are expected to be mailed to faculty this week.

Ballots for officers and members of Faculty Assembly are due in the Senate office, 1234 Cathedral of Learning, by April 20.

Candidates for president of the Senate are: — James H. Cassing, economics, FAS; — Lawrence A. Frolik, School of Law, and — Margaret Mary Kimmel, School of Information Sciences.

Running for the office of vice president are: — Thomas A. Metzger, mathematics, FAS; — Donna G. Nativio, School of Nursing, and — Michael B. Spring, School of Information Sciences.

Candidates for Senate secretary are: — Steven H. Belle, Graduate School of Public Health, and — Marilyn L. Ross, School of Education.

Candidates for Faculty Assembly are listed below. The number of vacancies is indicated in parentheses. Newly elected members serve the first year of their three-year term on Faculty Assembly.

During their second and third years, they serve on both the faculty-only Assembly and on Senate Council, which includes faculty, staff, students and administrators.

FAS/Humanities (2) Edwin D. Floyd; Francesca Savoia; John Twyning.

FAS/Natural Sciences (2) Frank Beatrous; Juan Manfredi; Paul Shepard.

FAS/Social Sciences (1) Ann Jannetta; Peggy Lovell.

Business (1) Madeleine Carlin; Jo Olson.

Education (1) Glenn Nelson.

Engineering (1) Michael Kolar; Luis Vallejo.

GSPIA (1) Paul Nelson; Lee Weinberg.

Information Sciences (1) No candidates on ballot this year.

Law (0)

Social Work (1) Valire Carr Copeland; Catherine Greeno.

University Library System (1) Elizabeth Evans; Amy Knapp; Ethan Pullman.

Dental Medicine (1) John M. Close; Pouran Famili; Kathy Vergona.

HRS (1) Miriam Hertz; Mike McCue; Patrick Sparto.

Health Sciences Library (1) Linda Hartman; Alice Kuller.

Medicine (1) Toby Graham; Anil Gungor; Dwight Heron; John P. Williams; George Zubenko.

Nursing (1) Pat Davies; Nancy Grove.

Pharmacy (1) Denise L. Howrie.

Public Health (1) John Encandela; Trevor Orchard.

The regional campuses will conduct their own elections for Faculty Assembly.

The ballot also will include candidates for three positions on each Senate committee.

Admissions and Student Aid

Dwight Heron, medicine; Liz Marciniak, UPG; Suman Mish-ra, medicine; Guy Nicolette, UPG; Hari Parepally, medicine; Chandralekha Singh, physics, FAS; Carol Stilley, nursing; Bill Yates, medicine

Anti-discriminatory Policies

Thomas Buchele, law; Eric Clarke, English, FAS; James Cassaro, Music Library; Willa Doswell, nursing; Toby Graham, medicine; Janine E. Janosky, medicine; Elizabeth Pickvance, medicine; Ethan Pullman, ULS; Emanuel Vergis, medicine; Sandra Wexler, social work.


Tony Eichelberger, education; Glenn Nelson, education; Claudia M. Pagliaro, education; Jaspaal Singh, medicine; Jessie Van Swearinger, physical therapy, HRS; William Zam-boni, pharmacy.

Benefits and Welfare

Madeleine Carlin, business; Herbert A. Chesler, economics, FAS; Yves Citton, French and Italian, FAS; Lois Kepes, ULS; Ann Maitz, medicine; William Matlack, GSPIA; Gordon MacLeod, GSPH.

Budget Policies

Donald Gibson, UPG; Daniel Milberg, UPG; Jo Olson, Business; Walt Stoy, HRS; Kim Sutton Tyrrell, GSPH; Philip K. Wion, English, FAS; John Williams, medicine.

Bylaws and Procedures

Denise Charron-Prochownik, nursing; Guiseppina Mecchia, French and Italian, FAS; Barbara Spier, nursing; Walter Goldburg, physics and astronomy, FAS.

Commonwealth Relations

Bopaya Bidanda, engineering; Nick Giannoukakis, medicine; Patricia Kolar, social work; Ronald D. Neufeld, engineering Joan Rogers, HRS; Jim Seitz, English, FAS; Ann Thompson, medicine.

Community Relations

Kenneth Batista, studio arts, FAS; Marilyn Jensen, UPG; Ann Sinsheimer, law; Tracy Soska, social work; Ken Thompson, medicine.

Computer Usage

John Close, dental medicine; Irene Frieze, psychology, FAS; David Jenkinson, medicine; Wendy Mann-Eliot, ULS; Diana Meriz, French and Italian, FAS; George Pike, law; Fran Yarger, Health Sciences Library System.

Educational Policies

Deborah Aaron, education; Rakesh Bhatnager, UPG; Amy Knapp, ULS; Audrey Murrell, business; Tim Savisky, UPG.


Alicia Covarrubias, Spanish, UPG; Rosemary Hoffman, nursing; Maureen Porter, education; Michael West, English, FAS; Xiao-Ming Yin, medicine.

Plant Utilization

Carolyn J. Carson, Education Ron Hoelzeman, Engineering Susan Newman, ULS Jerome Wells, Economics, FAS

Students Affairs

Toby Chapman, Chemistry, FAS Jake Dechant, Nursing Marilyn Ross, Education Ewa Rudnicka, UPG

Tenure and Academic Freedom

John Baker, dental medicine; Bonnie Chojnakci, ULS; Rose Constantino, nursing; Rebecca Hughey, medicine; Wynne Korr, social work; Carrie Leana, business.

University Press

Kathleen M. DeWalt, anthropology, FAS; John Earman, history and philosophy of science, FAS; Judy Erlen, nursing; Robert Howland, medicine; Keith McDuffie, FAS (retired); Ann Ronchetti, ULS; Alberta Sbragia, political science, FAS.

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