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May 3, 2001

Pre-registration for Stargate ends

Pre-registration for some special offers for the new Stargate Internet access service ended this week. But certain discounts continue to be available to new Pitt subscribers.

Pitt entered a preferred agreement with Stargate, a local Internet service provider (ISP), on Feb. 5.(See University Times, Feb. 8.) Under the agreement, all authorized Pitt subscribers receive remote access to privileged University services, such as on-line library journals, software downloads and on-line training through the Pitt-Stargate VPN (virtual private network) service.

According to Jon Rosenson, director of strategic initiatives at Stargate, "We're getting a good response from Pitt for new customers." Rosenson said he didn't have exact figures, but that there are "several hundred new subscribers" to Stargate options, which include the basic dial-up service, the Smart FamilyPak and the high-speed DSL (digital subscriber line). He said his company expected a lull in sales during the summer, but that business likely would pick up as the fall approaches.

The $24.95 monthly fee for Stargate's Family SmartPak dial-up package is no longer discounted. The Family SmartPak includes up to four e-mail addresses, five aliases and 5 MB of personal web space.

Rosenson said that Stargate also has raised the price of the DSL option by $10 to $49.95 per month for all new subscribers, not just Pitt employees and students. There is an additional $225 charge for a special DSL bridge modem, he said. "The bridge takes the telephone line signal and converts it to a signal your computer can read. Ordinary modems are analog to digital; this is a digital signal." Customers purchase the DSL bridge and own it even if they discontinue Stargate's services, he added.

Certain discounts for Pitt subscribers remain in effect, according to Rosenson. The fee for basic dial-up service is $16.95 per month, a savings of more than 20 percent off Stargate's regular $21.95 monthly rate. In addition, the $25 activation fee for basic service is waived for new Pitt subscribers.

Pitt computer users continue to have remote access available through the University's 800-modem pool.

For more information on ISP services, go to the Stargate web site ( and fill out the on-line form. Additional details are available from the site or by calling Stargate directly at 1-877/570-7827.

— Peter Hart

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