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July 26, 2001


More on health enhancement program

To the editor:

Thank you for your article describing the UPMC Health Enhancement Program (HEP) in the July 12, 2001, University Times. I would like to clarify the intent of the program. As part of its commitment to help people achieve their health goals, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health System and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have established the HEP. This program is based on a growing body of medical research demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of many health strategies to eliminate behaviors that are detrimental to health and to aid in coping with psychologic stressors that have a negative impact on health. The HEP will help people be aware of their role and responsibilities in achieving and maintaining wellness by providing programs to assist them in the maintenance of their own health.

Fortunately for all, the UPMC is a premier facility for treating disease with surgery and pharmacological interventions, but has not devoted as much attention to wellness as we will do in the future.

The UPMC HS is developing a premier program that responds to the public's increasing demand for enhancement of health and stress coping services and one that will contribute new understandings of the effectiveness and safety of innovative approaches to wellness and disease management. In addition, a quality program will strengthen our efforts to develop a major research program with government and foundation support.

The HEP will empower individuals to assume a greater responsibility for their own health with the goal of lengthening the number of years that we live, but also, more importantly, improving the quality of our lives as we age. Included in the improved quality of life would be (1) less dependence on the health care system as there would be less need for it, (2) increased potential for prolonged contributions to family and society, and/or (3) more enjoyment of life during retirement due to reduced likelihood of debilitating illness.

Bruce S. Rabin


Pathology and Psychiatry

UPMC Health Enhancement Program

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