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July 26, 2001

Athletic training moves to SHRS

Pitt's Sports Medicine/Athletic Training (SM/AT) program has been transferred to the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) from the School of Education.

The new SHRS Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition, where the SM/AT program will be housed, will build disciplinary links using exercise and nutrition as models for enhancing healthy and physically active lifestyles.

Exercise and nutritional sciences will be applied to the teaching and research of injury and disease prevention; and treatment and rehabilitation for those participating in sports and engaging in fitness-related activities and those with disabilities and disease.

According to Scott Lephart, associate professor and director of the SM/AT program, "One of the significant advantages is aligning closer with the University's schools of the health sciences from a research standpoint, since the program's neuromuscular research laboratory is already supported by and housed in UPMC's orthopaedic surgery center."

Faculty members Lephart and Kevin Conley have switched their appointments to SHRS as part of the move.

Conley said that the 27 undergraduate students currently enrolled in the program had the option to continue in the education school or transfer to SHRS to complete their degree.

The 22 graduate students, including eight doctoral students, were transferred to SHRS, he said, because they are eligible for tuition remission, which is administered under the SHRS budget.

"SHRS made allowances for the transfer by accepting credits earned in the School of Education toward the SHRS program," Conley added.

–Peter Hart  

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