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August 30, 2001


Thursday, August 30

Immunology Seminar

"The Th1/Th2 Balance & Its Relevance in Asthma," Anuradha Ray; W995 BST, noon

Toastmasters Meeting

1102 Scaife, 6 pm


Saturday, September 1

Pitt Football vs. East Tennessee State, Heinz Field, North Side, 6 pm

Monday, September 3

* University closed for Labor Day.

Tuesday, September 4

Education Policies & Curriculum Committee

109 Parran, 2 pm

Faculty Assembly Meeting

2P56 Posvar, 3 pm

UPCI Presentation

"DNA Damage Checkpoint & DNA Replication Controls," Marco Foiani; W1395 BST, 4 pm

Wednesday, September 5


"Ask the IRB," Dennis Swanson; 1103 Scaife, noon

Pathology Seminar

"Gene & Cell Therapy Approaches for Type I & Type II Diabetes," Nick Giannoukakis, Children's; 1104 UPMC conf. ctr., noon

Thursday, September 6

Hematology/Oncology Grand Rounds

"Critical Review of Treatment Strategies for Advanced Breast Cancer," Andrew Seidmen; 5th fl. boardrm. EEI, 8 am

Office of Research/NCURA Satellite Broadcast

"What Department Administrators Need to Know About Compliance"; 211 Lawrence, 11:30 am (4-7411)

Immunology Seminars

"MUC1 Expression on T Cells: Why?" Jessica Kettel; "Pneu-mocystis Carinii Pneumonia in SIV-Infected Rhesus Ma-caques," Katy Board; W995 BST, noon

Chemistry Lecture

"Biomimetic Synthesis Applied to Chemistry & Biology," Matthew Shair, Harvard; 12B Chevron, 2:30 pm

Chemistry Lecture

"Self-Assembly in Block Copolymer Solutions: The Forest, Plus a Few Trees," Tim Lodge, U of Minn.; 12B Chevron, 4 pm

Children's Pediatric Research Seminar

"SIRPa in the Brain," Vinodh Narayanan; B213-214 Child-ren's, 4 pm

Friday, September 7

* Fall term add/drop period ends.

Regional Health Care Leaders Governance Briefing

"Better Information for the Board," Anthony Kovner, NYU; University Club, 8 am

Pharmacology Seminar

"Structural Mechanisms of Vesicle Budding From the Golgi Complex," Jonathan Goldberg; 1395 BST, noon

Saturday, September 8

2001 Family House Polo Match

Hartwood Acres, North Hills, 11 am (7-7656)

Pitt Football vs. South Florida, Heinz Field, North Side, 1:30 pm

Monday, September 10

History Lecture

"Cuba's History; Cuba's Future," Hebert Perez, U of Oriente, Cuba; 3P11 Posvar, noon

Wednesday, September 12

Science 2001: A Research Odyssey

Runs through Sept. 14; see detailed schedule on p. 19 of this issue

KGSB Workshop

"Mechanics of Starting a Small Business"; 532 Masonic, 8 am

SAC Meeting

2P56 Posvar, 12:15 pm

Linguistics Colloquium

"Re-examining the Development of African American English: New Evidence From Isolated Bi-ethnic Communities," Walter Wolfram, NC State; 144 CL, 3 pm

Senate Council Meeting

2P56 Posvar, 3 pm

GSPIA Lecture

"Necessary Nuisance: The Roles of NGOs in International Organizations," Paul Nelson; 2K56 Posvar, 7 pm

Thursday, September 13

Hematology/Oncology Grand Rounds

"Immunotherapy of Lung Cancer," Timothy Carlos; 5th fl. boardrm. EEI, 8 am

SRA Satellite Teleconference

"Conducting Research Responsibly"; 2nd fl. Detre, 1 pm (4-7411)

Immunology Seminar

Russell Salter; W995 BST, noon


"A Conversation With K. Leroy Irvis," Irvis & Derrick Bell; 7th fl. aud. Masonic, 7 pm (8-7710)

Ph.D. Defenses


"Three Essays on Applied Microeconomics," Steven Lehrer; Aug. 30, 4P51 Posvar, 11 am


"Determinants of the Unmet Need for Contraception in Brazil," Sarah Wheeler; Sept. 5, 3G52 Posvar, 3 pm


"Non-Representational Realism: Morrison, Ben Jelloun, Rushdie & the Subject of Freedom," Brenda Whitney; Sept. 6, 526 CL, 10 am


"Gene Transfer for Facilitating Transplantation," Levent Balkir; Sept. 11, 1395 BST, 10 am


Day of Caring

Registration due Sept. 7 to 710 Masonic (4-7709).

Teaching Survey Request Forms

Due by Sept. 17 to G-39 CL. (4-6147).

Calendar Deadline

The next issue of the University Times calendar will be published Sept. 13. It will contain events of Sept. 13-27. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 pm Sept. 6, at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information may be sent by fax to 4-4579 or e-mail to

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