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September 27, 2001

Center for Philosophy of Science celebrates 40th anniversary

As part of its 40th anniversary, the Center for Philosophy of Science's (CPS) signature annual lecture series will explore the center's impact on the development of philosophy of science throughout the world. The series will feature eight of the center's former visiting fellows who will report on the state of the field in their home countries.

"We selected the eight countries because of unique ties to the Pittsburgh area," said James Lennox, CPS director. The eight countries represented are Israel, Germany, Greece, Poland, Argentina, Japan, Great Britain and Italy.

Since the CPS began its visiting fellows program in the 1970s, it has attracted more than 200 scholars from 32 nations.

The annual lecture series is changing to make it more accessible to laypersons, according to Lennox, who expects to invite people from corporate, philanthropic and civic groups with ties to each lecturer's country.

All lectures will be held at 5:30 p.m. in the Frick Fine Arts auditorium. Receptions will follow each lecture, and, in keeping with the international flavor of this year's series, Lennox hopes to feature ethnic food and drink representative of the country being highlighted.

The CPS 40th annual lecture series schedule comprises the following presentations:

* "Paving Ways — The Pittsburgh Center for Philosophy of Science and the Case of Philosophy of Science in Israel," by Giora Hon, University of Haifa, Oct. 11;

* "Uneasy Homecoming: Philosophy of Science in Germany," by Gereon Wolters, University of Konstanz, Nov. 15;

* "The Pittsburgh Center for Philosophy of Science: Privileged Vehicle for the Return of Philosophy to Greece," by Aristides Baltas, National Technical University of Athens, Dec. 6;

* "Philosophy of Science in Poland: From Lvov to Pittsburgh," by Barbara Tuchanska, University of Lodz, Jan. 17;

* "Science and Culture in the Far South: Views from Argentina," by Victor Rodriguez, National University of Cordoba, Feb. 14;

* "Is Philosophy of Science Alive in the East? A Report from Japan," by Soshichi Uchii, Kyoto University, March 14;

* "A Bridge Over Troubled Cultures: Philosophy of Science in Britain," by John Worrall, London School of Economics, April 11, and

* "Philosophy of Science in Italy: The Epistemology of Psychoanalysis as a Case Study," by Alessandro Pagnini, University of Florence, May 2.

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