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April 5, 2012


The University Library System's Charles Dickens exhibit will be on display through May 1 in 363 Hillman Library, 9 am-4:30 pm. The exhibit features first editions and significant works of the author.

The University Library System's Charles Dickens exhibit will be on display through May 1 in 363 Hillman Library, 9 am-4:30 pm. The exhibit features first editions and significant works of the author.

Thursday 5

Epidemiology Seminar

“Spotlight on Women’s Health Epidemiology Postdoctoral Work,”

Catherine Haggerty, Dara Mendez, Allison Gernand & Brandie Taylor;

A115 Crabtree, noon (

Asia Over Lunch Lecture

“The Invention of the Human in Early China: Rereading the ‘Analects’ of Confucius,”

Vincent Leung;

4130 Posvar, noon (

European Studies Lecture

“White Collar Blues: Immaterial Labor & Its Discontent,”

Sabine Von Dirke;

602 CL, 12:30 pm


HSLS Workshop

“PubMed Basics,”

Ester Saghafi;

Falk Library classrm. 1, 1 pm (

EOH Seminar

“In Vitro & in Vivo Mechanisms of Necroptosis, a Controlled Way of Cellular Explosion,”

Peter Vandenabeele, U of Ghent;

100 Technology Dr. conf. rm. 540, 1 pm


Philanthropy Forum

“Partners & Possibilities: Our Journey With Social Entrepreneurs,”

Sally Osberg;

WPU Assembly Rm., 2 pm


Chemistry Seminars

“Synthetic Design Tools for Complex Inorganic Solids & Nanostructures,”

Ray Schaak, Penn State; 2:30 pm;

“Defining Protein-Ligand Interactions by Mass Spectrometry,”

Joseph Loo, UCLA; 150 Chevron, 4 pm (4-8200)

Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium

“An Abrupt, Mid-First Millennium AD Desiccation Event in the Eastern Mediterranean,”

Mark Besonen, Texas A&M;

11 Thaw, 4 pm (

Humanities Talk

“Popes, Pirates, Espionage & Galley Slaves: Vasari’s Lepanto Frescoes in the Sala Regi of the Vatican Palace,”

Rick Scorza;

202 FFA, 4:30 pm


Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Pgh Gut Club

“Food Allergy: Update on Novel Therapies & Eosinophilic Esophagitis,”

Robert Wood;

U Club, 6 pm (

Contemporary Writers Lecture

Ron Carlson;

FFA aud., 8:30 pm


Friday 6

• Last day for fall term registration appointments.

European Studies Jean Monnet Symposium

“Empires of the Past & Present: Is the EU a New Empire?”

Martha Chaiklin, Peter Karsten & Patrick Manning;

4217 Posvar, 9 am-5 pm


HSLS Lunch With a Librarian

“Beyond PubMed: Next Generation Literature Searching,”

Carrie Iwema;

Falk Library classrm. B, noon (

Emerging Legends Concert

Mark Tamsula & Richard Withers;

Cup & Chaucer, gr. fl. Hillman, noon

Asia Over Lunch Lecture

“Divination & Its Mirrors: Patrons, Consumption & Control in South Korea,”

David Kim;

4130 Posvar, noon (

Anthropology Colloquium

“Arbitraging Japan: Traders’ Dreams of Capitalism at the End of Finance,”

Hirokazu Miyazaki, Cornell;

3106 Posvar, 3 pm

Saturday 7

• Fall term open registration period begins.

Monday 9

Provost’s Inaugural Lecture

“Of Mice, Worms & Men: The Necrosis in Necrotizing Enterocolitis Is Not a Done Deal,”

Gary Silverman, medicine;

Scaife lect. rm. 6, 4 pm

Children’s Literature Lecture

“‘Everything Was Strange & New’: The World War II Evacuation of British Children,”

Lee Talley;

324 CL, 4:30 pm

( &

Queer & Feminist Film

“Finding Nemo”;

2201 Posvar, 6 pm

Greensburg Campus Writers Festival

Judith Vollmer, Steve Murabito, Brian Estadt & Lori Jakiela;

Village Coffeehouse, UPG, 7:30 pm (

Music Undergraduate Honors Recital

Bellefield aud., 8 pm (4-4125)

Tuesday 10

Medicine TEDMEDLive Simulcast

Scaife lect. rm. 2


GI Fellow Program

“Systematic Review/Meta Analysis,”

Rawad Mounzer;

Presby conf. rm. M2, 7:30 am


Osher Lifelong Learning Inst. Open House

CL 4th fl., 10 am


MWRI Seminar

“Immunobiology of Endometriosis & Endometriosis-associated Ovarian Cancers,”

Raluca Budiu;

MWRI conf. ctr. 1st fl., noon


MMR Seminar

“Vaccine-Based Therapy for Childhood Gliomas,”

Ian Pollack;

3rd fl. conf. ctr. Rangos Research Ctr., noon


Pharmaceutical Science Seminar

“The Transcription Factor E47 in Normal Hematopoiesis & Cancers of Hematopoiesis Origin,”

Lisa Borghesi;

456 Salk, noon (

European Excellence Presentation

“Legal Professional Privilege: Comparing Different Approaches Within the US & the EU,”

Matt Zwick & David Rosenberg;

4217 Posvar, noon

Philosophy of Science Talk

“Isaac Newton’s Scientific Method,”

William Harper;

817R CL, 12:05 pm (4-1052)

Health Sciences Global Health Film

“When China Met Africa”;

Scaife lect. rm. 1, 3 pm (

Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Seminar

“Discovery of the 2’, 3’-cAMP-Adenosine Pathway: Does This Mechanism Protect Organs From Injury?”

Edwin Jackson;

1395 Starzl BST, 3:30 pm (3-7757)

Provost’s Inaugural Lecture

“Racial Inequality in Brazil & the US,”

George Andrews;

2500 Posvar, 4 pm

Grad Certificate in Gerontology Info Session

3343 Forbes Ave., 5:30 pm


Greensburg Campus Writers Festival

Jane McCafferty, Bob Pajich & Jenna Szypulski;

Campana Chapel, UPG, 7:30 pm


Bradford Campus Lecture

“Gordon’s Revenge: Omdurman,”

Marvin Thomas;

Fisher Hall Rice aud., UPB, 8 pm

Wednesday 11

Orthopaedic Surgery Grand Rounds

Barrett Woods;

Montefiore 7th fl. LHAS aud., 7 am

Clinical Oncology/ Hematology Grand Rounds

“Evolving Understanding & Management of Patients With Cancer of Unknown Primary Site,”

F. Anthony Greco;

UPMC Cancer Pavilion Herberman Conf. Ctr. 2nd fl. aud., 8 am


Social Work Hartford Partnership Fellowship Presentation

“Canvassing Clutter”;

2017 CL, 8:30 am (

Religious Studies Colloquium

“Violence in the Bible,”

Jerome Creach;

2628 CL, noon (

Pathology Seminar

“Preimplantation Factor in Mammalian Reproduction, Immunity & Disease,”

Michael Paidas, Yale;

1104 Scaife, noon


Prayer Book Service

Heinz Chapel; 12:15 pm

SAC Mtg.

532 Alumni, 12:15 pm

HSLS Workshop

“Sequence Similarity Searching,”

Ansuman Chattopadhyay;

Falk Library classrm. 2, 1 pm (

Chemistry Lectures

“Structure-Based Design of High Affinity Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions,”

Andrew Souers; 2 pm;

“Preventing & Curing Infectious Diseases: Carbohydrate Vaccines & Continuous Flow Synthesis,”

Peter Seeberger; 150 Chevron, 4 pm  (4-8200)

Senate Council Mtg.

2700 Posvar, 3 pm

European Studies Lecture

“From Filmer & Locke to Burke & Gibbon: Cambridge Histories of Political Thought, 1950-2010,”

J.G.A. Pocock, Johns Hopkins;

602 CL, 4 pm


Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium

“The Hockey Stick & the Climate Wars: Dispatches From the Front Lines,”

Michael Mann, Penn State;

11 Thaw, 4 pm (

CLAS Honors Day

Keynote: Shalini Puri;

U Club Ballrm. B, 4 pm (

GI Grand Rounds

“Gastroenterology & Hepatology,”

Matthew Rockacy & Jennifer Seminerio;

1104 Scaife, 5 pm (

Greensburg Campus Writers Festival

Virginia Montanez; 136 McKenna, UPG, 7 pm;

Peter Trachtenberg & Jan Beatty;

Campana Chapel, UPG, 8:30 pm (

Thursday 12

Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Conference

“Pancreaticobiliary,” Adam Slivka;

Presby conf. rm. M2, 7 am (

Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Rounds

“IBD Multidisciplinary Rounds,”

Miguel Regueiro & Andrew Watson;

1275 Presby, 7:30 am

(also April 19;


“Celebrating Diversity & Sustainability”;

WPU, 10:30 am-2:30 pm


Epidemiology Seminar

“Lipids, Lipoproteins, Apolipoproteins: What’s in a Name?”

Rachel Mackey;

A115 Crabtree, noon (

Chemistry Seminar

“Better Living Through Biosensors,”

Kevin Plaxco, UC-Santa Barbara;

150 Chevron, 2:30 pm (4-8200)

GSPIA Johnson Inst. Event Exemplary Leader Award Presentation/Lecture

“How to Lead in a Rapidly Changing World,”

Bill Drayton, Ashoka;

Levy Hall, Rodef Shalom, 4905 5th Ave., 3:30 pm


Provost’s Inaugural Lecture

“Feto-Placental Defense: A Macro Role for MicroRNAs,”

Yoel Sadovsky, medicine;

Scaife lect. rm. 6, 4 pm

Int’l Studies Lecture

“Gender-Based Violence: An Important Neglected Factor in High-Risk Sexual Behavior Amongst Vulnerable Populations (LGBT & Commercial Sex Workers) in India,”

Mythili Ramakrishna;

4130 Posvar, 4 pm (

EALL Screening

“ANPO: Art X War”;

FFA aud., 7 pm (

Greensburg Campus Writers Festival

Robert Gibb & Megan Stewart;

Village Coffeehouse, UPG, 7:30 pm (

Friday 13

Women’s Health: Ethical Issues in Clinical Care & Research Conf.

“What Are Health Disparities & Health Equity? & Why Do the Definitions Matter?”

keynote: Paula Braveman, UC-San Francisco; BST;

8 am-4:30 pm


GSPIA Johnson Inst. for Responsible Leadership Forum

“Pay Equity & Negotiation,”

Linda Babcock & Peggy Outon;

O’Hara Student Ctr. Ballrm., 8:30 am (RSVP: 8-1336)

VENUE CHANGE – Student Sustainability Symposium

“Go Green Initiatives,”

Mark Collins;

CMU Student Center., 9 am-4 pm


Psychiatry Lecture

“Novel Treatments for Depression,”

Edward Friedman;

WPIC 2nd fl. aud., noon (

Sr. VC’s Research Seminar

“Regulation of the Epithelial Sodium Channel (ENaC): The Role of Protein Trafficking,”

Michael Butterworth;

Scaife aud. 6, noon (

Emerging Legends Concert

Ellen Gozion & Penny Anderson;

Cup & Chaucer, gr. fl. Hillman, noon

Intelligent Systems Lecture

“Expressive Generation for Interactive Stories,”

Marilyn Walker;

5317 Sennott, noon


Sociology Lecture

“The Hidden Qualifier of Globalization,”

Leslie Sklair;

1700 Posvar, 12:30 pm (8-7594)

Philosophy of Science Seminar

“Mathematics, Logic & Method in Kant’s Transcendental Philosophy”;

817R, 1-4:30 pm

(also Sat. 8:30 am-5:30 pm;

Chemistry Seminar

“The Physics of Structure-Switching Molecular Sensors,”

Kevin Plaxco, UC-Santa Barbara;

150 Chevron, 2:30 pm (4-8200)

Law Symposium

“Let’s Talk Diversity”;

Teplitz Mem. Courtrm., Barco Law, 3 pm


Anthropology Colloquium

“Putting the Habib Seunagan in Their Place: Moral Geographies & Sacred Narrative in Seunagan, Indonesia,”

Daniel Birchok, U of MI;

3106 Posvar, 3 pm

Music Lecture

“Fusion Music & Contemporary Korean Cultural Identity,”

R. Anderson Sutton;

123 Music, 4 pm (4-4125)

Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium

“Climate Lessons From Holocene Lake Sediment Records in Greenland & Arctic Canada,”

Yarrow Axford, Northwestern;

11 Thaw, 4 pm (

History of Art & Architecture Talk

“Francesco Mochi & the Edge of Tradition,”

Estelle Lingo;

202 FFA, 4 pm

Greensburg Campus Chorale & Chamber Singers Concert

“Die Sieben Worte”;

Campana Chapel, UPG, 7:30 pm

University Gamelan Concert

Bellefield aud., 8 pm

(also April 14;

Saturday 14

Dental Medicine CE Lecture

“Local Anesthetics for the Dental Hygienist: Part 2,”

Angelina Riccelli, Antonia Ambrosino, Matthew Cooke, Paul Moore & Victoria Gallo;

2148 Salk, 8 am-5 pm (

Greensburg Campus Pharmacology Teleconference

“Oral Agents”;

250 Millstein, UPG, 8:30-11:30 am


Brazilian Festival

WPU Assembly Rm., 4-8 pm (

CLAS Festival

Posvar patio, 8 pm

Sunday 15

Asian Studies Films

“One Day in Ping Wei”;

“New Year in Ping Wei”;

Winchester Thurston School, Hilda Willis Rm., 555 Morewood Ave., 2:30 pm (

Heinz Chapel Choir Concert

Heinz Chapel; 3 pm

Johnstown Campus Concert

Pasquerilla, UPJ, 3 pm (814/269-7155)

Monday 16

Senate BPC Mtg.

156 CL, 10 am


“Emergency Preparedness 101: The Essentials of Campus Safety”;

WPU Assembly Rm., noon

Pitt Grad Composers Concert

IonSound Project & Pitt Ensemble in Residence;

Bellefield aud., 8 pm

Tuesday 17

GI Fellow Program

“Journal Jeopardy: Review Major Findings of Recent Studies (Nov. 2011-March/April 2012),”

Jennifer Wu & Jana Al Hashash;

Presby conf. rm. M2, 7:30 am

Cell Biology Seminar

“Biological Functions of the Nedd4 Family of Ubiquitin Ligases,”

Daniela Rotin;

520 E&EI, 11 am (

HSLS Workshop

“Advanced PowerPoint for Presentations,”

Julia Jankovic;

Falk Library classrm. 2, noon (

MWRI Seminar

“Long-term Outcomes of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Tubal Factor Infertility & Ectopic Pregnancy,”

Karen Hoover;

MWRI conf. ctr. 1st fl., noon


MMR Seminar

“Humoral Control of Proteostasis,”

Andrew Dillin;

3rd fl. conf. ctr. Rangos Research Ctr., noon


Scientific Technical Webinar

“Wide Applications Coverage With Hybrid Multi-Mode Microplate Readers”;



CTSI Journal Club

“Survey Sampling Methods in Epidemiology”;

7039 Forbes Twr., noon


Pharmacy Seminar

“Nanogold Medicine for Cancer Therapy,”

Priyabrata Mukherjee;

456 Salk, noon (

Senate Community Relations Committee Mtg.

272 Hillman, noon

Philosophy of Science Talk

“Renormalization, Coarse-Graining & the Fragile Individual,”

Simon DeDeo;

817R CL, 12:05 pm (4-1052)

Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Seminar

“Bioenergetic Changes in Asthma,”

Serpil Erzurum;

1395 Starzl BST, 3:30 pm (3-7757)

Chemistry Seminar

“Barcoding Bacteria: A Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) Approach for Rapid Pathogen Diagnostics,”

Lawrence Ziegler, Boston U;

154 Chevron, 4 pm (4-8200)

Neurobiology Seminar

“The MitoPark Mouse: A Mitochondrial Genetic Model of Parkinson’s Disease,”

Barry Hoffer;

WPIC 2nd fl. aud., 4 pm (

Provost’s Inaugural Lecture

“Entrepreneurship: Connecting Students, Researchers & Managers,”

Dennis Slevin, business;

2500 Posvar, 4:30 pm

Greensburg Campus Reading

Donald Pollock;

Campana Chapel, UPG, 7:30 pm

Wednesday 18

Orthopaedic Surgery Grand Rounds: Resident Research Day

“Orthopaedic Resident Education: From Bench to Bedside (Selection to Practice),”

Joseph Zuckerman & Albert Ferguson;

Montefiore 7th fl. LHAS aud., 7 am

Pathology Seminar

“Better Pathology Through Informatics: Tools to Improve Clinical Workflow,”

John Sinard, Yale;

1104 Scaife, noon


Studio Arts Exhibit Gallery Talk

363 Hillman, noon

SAC Workshop

“Flex Spending: More Money in Your Pocket!”;

837 WPU, noon


Prayer Book Service

Heinz Chapel; 12:15 pm

HSLS Workshop

“Pathway Analysis Tools 1,”

Ansuman Chattopadhyay;

Falk Library classrm. 2, 1 pm (

Humanities Lecture

“The Invention of Latin America: A Transnational History of Anti-Imperialism, Democracy & Race,”

Michael Gobat;

602 CL, 2 pm


GI Grand Rounds

“Women’s GI Health: Center of Excellence Presentation”;

1104 Scaife, 5 pm (

Pitt Symphony Orchestra Concert

Dvorak’s “Symphony No. 7 in D minor, Op. 70”;

Bellefield aud., 8 pm

Thursday 19

Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Conference


Adam Slivka;

Presby conf rm. M2, 7 am (

HSLS Workshop

“EndNote Basics,”

Ahlam Saleh;

Falk Library classrm. 2, 10 am (

Endocrinology & Metabolism Research Conf.

“Metabolic Consequences of ATGL-Mediated Triacylglycerol Metabolism in Cardiac & Skeletal Muscle,”

Erin Kershaw;

1195 Starzl BST, noon (

Epidemiology Seminar

“Taking Diabetes Prevention Efforts to the Worksite,”

Andrea Kriska, Kaye Kramer, Gerald Schafer & Karl Vanderwood;

A115 Crabtree, noon (

CRSP Lecture

“Addressing Obesity in Black Communities: Is Food Justice the Answer?”

Monica Baskin;

2017 CL, noon

ADRC Conf.

“Disulfide-Linked Ab (1-40) Dimers Self-Associate Into Highly Stable Protofibrils,”

Ravi Kodali;

Montefiore ADRC conf. rm. S439, noon (412/692-2721)

Humanities/English Anthology Celebration

“Beauty Is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability”;

602 CL, 2 pm; reading;

WPU Ballrm., 8:30 pm

Chemistry Seminar

“Fundamentals of Inlet & Vacuum Ionization Methods Producing Highly Charged Ions, Novel Interfaces & Applications,”

Sarah Trimpin, Wayne State;

150 Chevron, 2:30 pm (4-8200)

Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Seminar

“Quantitative Analysis of Androgenic & Anabolic Signaling Networks in Model Systems,”

Michael Wright, U of IA;

1395 Starzl BST, 3:30 pm (3-7757)


A&S/Hispanic Languages & Literatures

“La novela ecuatoriana en el siglo XX: escenarios, disputas, prácticas intelectuales. Memoria de la crítica literaria,”

Alicia Caicedo;

April 5, 1528 CL, 11:30 am


“Negotiating Race Talk: How Whites Hide Racial Privilege & Structural Inequality,”

Kathleen Gray;

April 5, 2432 Posvar, 2:30 pm


“Personal, Environmental & Behavioral Factors Influencing Condom Use in Rural Youth,”

Tammy Haley;

April 6, 459C Victoria, 10 am


“Law, Society & Judicial Politics: State Supreme Courts & the Pursuit of Educational Equity,”

Oliver Bateman;

April 6, 3703 Posvar, 10 am

A&S/Hispanic Languages & Literatures

“Re-Membering Trauma in the Flesh, Race & Gender in Literature & Performance in the Americas,”

Sarah Ohmer;

April 9, 1528 CL, 10 am


“Beckett & Europe: Poesis, Legibility, History,”

Jonathon Feinberg;

April 9, 501 CL, 10 am


“Enhancements of Sparse Clustering With Resampling & Considerations on Tuning Parameter,”

Wenzhu Bi;

April 9, A622 Crabtree, 10:30 am


“Rhetoric(s) of the Black Church: Sex, Religion & HIV/AIDS Across the African Diaspora,”

Christopher House;

April 9, 1109B CL, 11 am


“Odors, Timescales & Inhibition: Mechanisms & Function of Long-Latency Interneuron Recruitment in the Olfactory Bulb,”

Sonya Giridhar;

April 9, LRDC 2nd fl. aud., 1 pm

A&S/French & Italian Languages & Literatures

“Redefining Beur Cinema: Constituting Subjectivity Through Film,”

Yahya Laayouni;

April 10, 1325 CL, 12:30 pm

SHRS/Communication Science & Disorders

“Differences Between Early-Developing & Late-Developing Phonemes in Phonological Processing,”

Michelle Moore;

April 11, 4065 Forbes Twr., 1 pm

Medicine/Molecular Virology & Microbiology

“Developing a Broadly Reactive HIV-1 Envelope Vaccine,”

Hermancia Eugene;

April 11, 1195 Starzl BST, 1 pm

A&S/Physics & Astronomy

“Polariton Condensates in a Trap & Photon Lasing in 2-Dimensional Semiconductor Microcavities,”

Bryan Nelson;

April 11, 318 Allen, 4:15 pm

Medicine/Cellular & Molecular Pathology

“Isolation & Expansion of a Unique Stem Cell Population From Human & Mouse Gallbladders,”

Rohan Manohar;

April 12, 402 Bridgeside Pt. 2., 2 pm

SHRS/Communication Science & Disorders

“The Impact of Spectrally Asynchronous Delay on the Intelligibility of Conversational Speech,”

Amanda Ortmann;

April 13, 4014 Forbes Twr., 10 am

SHRS/Rehabilitation Science & Technology

“Investigation of the Effects of Sports, Exercise & Recreation on Psychosocial Outcomes in Individuals With Disabilities,”

Justin Laferrier;

April 13, 4065 Forbes Twr., 11 am


“What a ‘Thump’ Means: Morton Feldman’s ‘Treatments of Samuel Beckett’s Texts’ & ‘This Report Must Be Signed by Your Parents for Orchestra,’”

Kerrith Livengood;

April 13, 114 Music, 2 pm


“Narratives of Identity & Motherhood Among Latin American Migrant Women,”

Yolanda Hernandez;

April 13, 2432 Posvar, 3 pm


“Hypothesis Settings & Methods for Genomic Meta-Analysis,”

Chi Song;

April 16, 309B Parran, 10:30 am


“Overpopulation or Over Population? A Burkean Analysis of Transformations & Continuities in the Rhetoric of ‘Human Population Growth’ at the United Nations (1974-2004),”

Matthew Brigham;

April 16, 1109B CL, 2:30 pm


“Not Bad, for a Man: Shifting Standards in the Provision of Emotional Support Within Romantic Relationships,”

Melinda Ciccocioppo;

April 17, 4127 Sennott, 9 am


“Development & Mechanistic Study of a Peptide-Based Methodology for the Preparation of Nanoparticle Superstructures,”

Leekyoung Hwang;

April 17, 307 Eberly, 10 am

Medicine/Integrative Molecular Biology

“Endolyn Sorting & Function During Kidney Development,”

Di Mo;

April 17, Montefiore 7th fl. LHAS aud., 2 pm

SHRS/Physical Therapy

“Predictors of Short-term Patient-reported Outcome Following Surgical Treatment of Rotator Cuff Pathology,”

Jason Woollard;

April 17, 4060 Forbes Twr., 4:30 pm

Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences

“The N-End Rule Pathway: Molecular Principles of Structural Recognition & Rational Design Opportunities,”

Shashi Sriram;

April 18, Scaife lect. rm. 6, 1 pm


Theatre Arts Production


through April 7;

Henry Heymann Theatre, 8 pm (


Bradford Campus Exhibit

“Affairs of the Art: 9th Annual Pitt-Bradford Student Art Exhibition”;

through April 13, KOA Gallery, Blaisdell, UPB, M-Th 8:30 am-8 pm, F 8:30 am-6 pm

Pitt/CMU International Film Festival

“Faces of Others”;

through April 15

(for schedule & location:

Studio Arts Student Exhibit

Through April 28, FFA Gallery, M-F 10 am-4 pm, April 28 10 am-4 pm


ULS Exhibit

“Charles Dickens,”

featuring first editions & significant works;

through May 1, 363 Hillman, reg. library hours

Barco Law Library Exhibit

“Structures,” Ruth Drescher;

through May 15, M-Th 7 am-10 pm, F 7 am-8 pm, Sat 10 am-6 pm, Sun 10 am-10 pm

ULS Exhibit

Front pages of original charters establishing Pitt forerunners Pgh. Academy (1787) & Western U of PA (1819);

through May 18, Hillman gr. fl. exhibition case, reg. library hours


CEED Fellowships

Application deadline is 4 pm April 15. (

Conflict of Interest Filing

Deadline to file forms through the Superform system ( is April 16.

Supervisors must send management reporting forms & annual data summary reports to provost or sr. VC for Health Sciences by May 15. (assistance: 8-2222)

Pilot Funding for Computational Modeling

Proposals are due by April 16.

( &

PA General Primary Election Absentee Ballot

Applications for absentee ballots are due by 5 pm April 17.


PA General Primary Election Absentee Ballot

Submissions of absentee ballots are due by April 20. (

Chancellor’s Affirmative Action Award

Nominations are due by May 1 to 1234 CL. (8-7860)

Event Deadline

The next issue of the University Times will include University and on-campus events of April 19-May 3. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 pm on April 12 at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information may be sent by fax to 4-4579 or email to


The University Times events calendar includes Pitt-sponsored events as well as non-Pitt events held on a Pitt campus. Each events calendar covers a two-week period; material must be submitted one week prior to publication.

For deadlines, see the current publication schedule.

Information submitted for the calendar should identify the type of event, such as lecture or concert, and the program’s specific title, sponsor, location and time. The name and phone number of a contact person should be included. Information should be sent by email to:, by FAX to: 412/624-4579, or by campus mail to: 308 Bellefield Hall. We cannot guarantee publication of events received after the deadline.

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