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April 5, 2012

Books, Journals & More supplement

booksThis annual University Times supplement recognizes faculty and staff who have written, edited and translated books, as well as those whose efforts have extended into other areas, such as journals, electronic publications, plays and musical compositions.

We regret that space constraints prohibit including other kinds of publications/creative endeavors. At the suggestion of a faculty advisory committee, we have included only items that were peer-reviewed: Anything identified as a self-published work was excluded. We also have limited listings to complete works, because individual chapters, articles, works of art  and poems would be too numerous.

Submissions are divided into three sections: Books, Journals and More. In each section, submissions are arranged according to school/unit, then listed alphabetically by title. Works are cross-listed when collaborators represent more than one Pitt unit. In instances where there are non-Pitt collaborators, the Pitt faculty or staff member is listed first.

Books, Journals & More was compiled by Barbara DelRaso. Submissions in this year’s publication have a 2011 copyright or performance date.



Approaches to Teaching the Works of François Rabelais

edited by Todd Reeser, French and Italian languages and literatures, and Floyd Gray.

Modern Language Association.

This volume in the MLA series “Approaches to Teaching World Literature” suggests materials that can be used in teaching Rabelais: editions, translations, criticism, web sites, music, art and films. Thirty-four essays present strategies for the classroom, discussing the classical and biblical allusions; the context of humanism and evangelical reform; various themes (giants, monsters, war); both feminism and masculinity as vexing subjects; Rabelais’s erudition, and the challenges of teaching his inventive language, ambiguity and scatology.

August Wilson: Pittsburgh Places in His Life and Plays

by Laurence A. Glasco, history, and Christopher Rawson, English.

Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation.

This book guides visitors to key sites in the playwright’s life in the Pittsburgh area. The guidebook is intended to enrich the understanding of those who have seen or read August Wilson’s plays, inspire others to do so and educate all about the importance of respecting, caring for and preserving the Pittsburgh places that shaped, challenged and nurtured Wilson’s rich, creative legacy.

Brill’s New Jacoby

edited by Nicholas F. Jones, classics, et al.


This book, a new edition of Felix Jacoby’s “Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker,” provides in electronic format a new Greek text, with English translation and commentary, of the voluminous remains of the nearly 900 fragmentary Greek historians, plus new material not treated by Jacoby.

Characters and Plots in the Fiction of James M. Cain

by Robert L. Gale, English.

McFarland & Company.

Cain (1892-1977) wrote “The Postman Always Rings Twice,” “Double Indemnity,”  “Mildred Pierce,” 17 other novels and 17 short stories. This reference book summarizes and critically discusses their plots, as well as discusses their 900 or so characters. The book also includes a chronology of Cain’s life as a reporter and a Hollywood scenarist.

Chatham Village: Pittsburgh’s Garden City

by Angelique Bamberg, history of art and architecture.

University of Pittsburgh Press.

The author establishes the community’s historical significance to urban planning and reveals the complex development process, social significance and breakthrough construction and landscaping techniques that shaped this idyllic community.

Children Without Permanent Parents: Research, Practice and Policy

edited by Robert McCall, psychology and School of Education; Christina J. Groark, School of Education; Victor K. Groza, Case Western Reserve University; Femmie Juffer, Leiden University, and Marinus H. van IJzendoorn, Leiden University.

Wiley/Society for Research in Child Development.

This volume is a synthesis of empirical research on the development of children without permanent parents that contributes to scholarship on the effects of early experience on development. It provides a basis of evidence that supports changes in practice and policy that promote better rearing environments worldwide for these children, consistent with international agreements concerning the rights of children.

The Cinema of Alexander Sokurov

edited by Nancy Condee, Slavic languages and literatures, and Birgit Beumers, Bristol University.

I.B. Tauris.

The Cultural Economy of Falun Gong in China: A Rhetorical Perspective

by Weiming D. Yao (Xiao Ming), communication.

The University of South Carolina Press.

This is a rhetorical critique of Falun Gong, the folk religion that was suppressed by the Chinese leadership in 1999. It examines the teachings of Li Hongzhi, the leader of Falun Gong, and their moral implications for Chinese society, which is transitioning to a market economy. The critique is placed within the broad context of the transformation of the political sensibility of the Chinese people.

Elementary Statistics: Looking at the Big Picture

by Nancy Pfenning, statistics.

Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning.

This textbook is used to teach introductory statistics at the college level. A variety of strategies are implemented to help students see the “big picture” while they master specific concepts and skills. Early chapters  mention how current material will play a role in the book’s long-term goals, whereas later there are frequent reminders of important ideas that already were discussed.

The Evolution of a Nation: How Geography and Law Shaped the American States

by Daniel Berkowitz, economics, and Karen B. Clay, Carnegie Mellon University.

Princeton University Press.

Explorations in College Algebra, 5th Edition

by Beverly Michael, mathematics; Judy Clark, University of Massachusetts-Boston, and Linda Kime, University of Massachusetts-Boston.

John Wiley & Sons.

This college algebra text adopts a problem-solving approach and develops mathematical concepts using models from real-world data. It takes the approach of emphasizing linear then exponential functions, the most commonly used mathematical models. All of the additional family of functions, including logarithmic, power, polynomial and rational functions, are included and problems are presented on a continuum from open-ended, non-routine questions, to routine algebraic skills questions.

The Fante and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

by Rebecca Shumway, history.

University of Rochester Press/Boydell & Brewer.

This book explores the history of the transatlantic slave trade on Ghana’s coast between 1700 and 1807. The author brings to life the experiences of southern Ghanaians as they became both victims of continuous violence and successful brokers of enslaved human beings. The era of the slave trade gave birth to a new culture in this part of West Africa, just as it was giving birth to new cultures across the Americas. This book pushes Asante scholarship toward the forefront of African diaspora and Atlantic world studies by showing the integral role of Fante middlemen and transatlantic trade in the development of the Asante economy prior to 1807.

Freedom Readers: The African-American Reception of Dante Alighieri and “The Divine Comedy”

by Dennis Looney, French and Italian languages and literatures.

University of Notre Dame Press.

This book examines how African Americans have read, interpreted and responded to Dante and his work from the late 1820s to today. Only African-American “translations” of Dante use the medieval author to comment upon segregation, migration and integration. And while many authors over the centuries have learned to articulate a new kind of poetry from Dante’s example, for African-American authors attuned to the complexities of Dante’s hybrid vernacular, his poetic language becomes a model for creative expression that juxtaposes and blends classical notes and the vernacular counterpoint in striking ways.

Generation WTF: From “What the %#$@?” to a Wise, Tenacious and Fearless You

by Christine B. Whelan, sociology.

Templeton Press.

A Graphing Calculator Manual for the TI 83/84, 5th Edition

by Beverly Michael, mathematics.

John Wiley & Sons.

This graphing calculator manual accompanies the text “Explorations in College Algebra, 5th Edition,” and presents calculator skills and exercises for each chapter.

The Hebrew Book in Early Modern Italy

edited by Adam Shear, religious studies, and Joseph R. Hacker, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

University of Pennsylvania Press.

The rise of printing had major effects on culture and society in the early modern period, and the presence of this new technology — and the relatively rapid embrace of it among early modern Jews — certainly had an effect on many aspects of Jewish culture. Presenting new research by an international group of scholars, this book represents a step toward a fuller understanding of Jewish book history. Essays focus on a range of issues related to the production and dissemination of Hebrew books as well as their audiences. Topics include the activities of scribes and printers, the creation of new types of literature and the transformation of canonical works in the print era, the external and internal censorship of Hebrew books, and the reading interests of Jews.


by Kathleen George, theatre arts.

Minotaur/Thomas Dunne Books.

This mystery is a sequel to “The Odds.” Set in Pittsburgh, this book begins when a young mother dies in a hit-and-run caused by two young brothers. Desperate and afraid, Jack and Ryan Rutter flee to Sugar Lake, where they vacationed as children. As detectives Colleen Greer and Richard Christie search for the brothers, Jack and Ryan create a terrifying hostage situation.

How to be South Asian in America: Narratives of Ambivalence and Belonging

by anupama jain, English.

Temple University Press.

Providing an analysis of and framework for understanding immigration and assimilation narratives, this book considers the myth of the American dream in fiction, film and personal testimonies. By examining familiar American stories in the context of more supposedly exotic narratives, the author illuminates complexities of belonging that also reveal South Asians’ anxieties about belonging, (trans)nationalism and processes of cultural interpenetration. The author shows how aspects of identity are shaped by South Asians’ accommodation of and resistance to mainstream American culture.

An Instructor’s Manual to Accompany “Explorations in College Algebra”

by Beverly Michael, mathematics, and Peg McPartland, Golden Gate University.

John Wiley & Sons.

This manual gives teaching objectives and tips and discusses ways to integrate technology into the teaching of a college algebra course. It demonstrates how to use real-world data models to emphasis the mathematical concepts being taught.

The Instructor’s Solution Manual to Accompany “Explorations in College Algebra”

by Beverly Michael, mathematics, and John Lutz, University of Massachusetts-Boston.

John Wiley & Sons.

Invisible Jim Crow: Contemporary Ideological Threats to the Internal Security of African Americans

by Michael Tillotson, Africana studies.

Africa World Press.

African Americans today are not constantly reminded of inequality by fire hoses, attack dogs, lynchings, state-sanctioned mob violence and various forms of overt de facto and de jure racial structuring. Because of this, the everyday events surrounding African-American life do not foster a critical consciousness of the enduring contradictions still present in contemporary American society. This book explores the dominative ideological frameworks in the United States from 1980 to 2007.

Julien-David Leroy and the Making of Architectural History

by Christopher Drew Armstrong, history of art and architecture.


This book examines the career of the French architect (1724–1803) and his impact on architectural theory and pedagogy. Despite not leaving any built work, Leroy is a major international figure of 18th-century architectural theory and culture. Considering the place that Leroy occupied in various intellectual circles of the Enlightenment and Revolutionary period, this book examines the sources for his ideas about architectural history and theory and defines his impact on subsequent architectural thought.

Kinship in Action: Self and Group

by Andrew J. Strathern, anthropology, and Pamela J. Stewart, anthropology.

Prentice Hall.

Kinship has made a comeback in anthropology. Not only is there a line of noted, general, introductory works and readers on the topic, but theoretical discussions have been stimulated both by technological changes in mechanisms of reproduction and by reconsiderations of how to define kinship in the most productive ways for cross-cultural comparisons. Kinship studies have moved away from kin terminological systems and the “kinship algebra” often associated with these, to the broader analysis of processes, historical changes and fundamental cultural meanings in which kin relationships are implicated. The authors examine definitions of terms; approach the topic in a way that is ethnographic, and deploy materials from areas where they have worked.

Latinamericanism After 9/11

by John Beverley, Hispanic languages and literatures.

Duke University Press.

This book explores recent Latinamericanist cultural theory in relation to new modes of social and political mobilization in Latin America, centrally the governments of the so-called marea rosada, or Pink Tide. The phenomenon of the marea rosada, whatever its eventual outcome (a new opening for the left or “capitalism with a human face”?), has shifted the grounds of Latinamericanist thinking in significant ways. Topics include the concept of Latinamericanism itself, the impact of postcolonial and cultural studies; deconstruction and Latinamericanism; the persistence of the national question (vis-a-vis Hardt and Negri’s Empire); the neoconservative turn in recent Latin American literary and cultural criticism; the representation of the historical experience of armed struggle in Latin America, and the implications of subaltern studies for rethinking the question of the Latin American state.

Melpa-German-English Dictionary

by Pamela J. Stewart, anthropology; Andrew J. Strathern, anthropology, and Jurgen Trantow.

University Library System, University of Pittsburgh.

Melpa is a language spoken by more than 100,000 people in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. Many of its younger speakers have been schooled extensively in English and/or the lingua franca Tok Pisin, and expressions from these two languages have over time entered the Melpa vocabulary corpus. As a result, some of the earlier language forms may lie beyond the experience of these speakers. This project makes these expressions accessible to contemporary speakers. The authors have provided a considerable amount of contextualizing discussion in introducing parts to the dictionary.

Peace-making and the Imagination: Papua New Guinea Perspectives

by Andrew J. Strathern, anthropology, and  Pamela J. Stewart, anthropology.

University of Queensland Press.

Revenge in response to violence risks the escalation of conflict. The authors argue that in communities where violence must be paid for through compensation, violent conflict can be contained. This book explores the balance between revenge and compensation in the peace-making process. The authors explore how rituals — wealth disbursement, oath taking, sacrifice, formal apologies — often are used as a means of averting or transcending acts of revenge after violence. Compensation — and its broader ethos of reciprocal exchange relations — enables peace-making by reframing violent acts and reducing the influence of terror in social life.

Perspectives on Pragmatism: Classical, Recent and Contemporary

by Robert Brandom, philosophy.

Harvard University Press.

This book reconceptualizes the tradition of American pragmatism, extending it to the present day.

Philippe de Mézières and His Age: Piety and Politics in the 14th Century

edited by Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski, French and Italian languages and literatures, and Kiril Petkov, University of Wisconsin-River Falls.


Philippe de Mézières was the quintessential man of all seasons. A scholar, a soldier, a mystic, a man of affairs, a royal adviser, an incessant traveler, a prolific writer, an associate of religious orders, an ardent advocate of peace in the West, he captured the spirit of his age like no other man. This volume gathers 22 pieces of original research, shedding new light on his literary, political and mystical writings, and places him in the context of his age and his contemporaries.

Pittsburgh Noir

edited by Kathleen George, theatre arts.

Akashic Books.

This is part of a series of original noir anthologies. Each book comprises all new stories, each set in a distinct neighborhood or location within the city of the book.

The Poetics of Repetition in English and Chinese Lyric Poetry

by Cecile Chu-chin Sun, East Asian languages and literatures.

The University of Chicago Press.

Chinese-Western comparative literature has been recognized as a formal academic discipline, but critics and scholars have done little to develop a viable basis for comparison between these disparate literatures. In this book, the author contends that repetition is at the heart of all that defines the lyric as a unique art form and, by closely examining its use in Chinese and Western poetry, she demonstrates how one can identify important points of convergence and divergence. Through a sampling of poems, she illustrates how the irreducible generic nature of the lyric transcends linguistic and cultural barriers but also reveals the fundamental distinctions between the traditions.

Politicas de la teoria: Ensayos sobre subalternidad y hegemonia

by John Beverley, Hispanic languages and literatures.

Fundación CELARG.

Poverty, Battered Women and Work in U.S. Public Policy

by Lisa D. Brush, sociology.

Oxford University Press.

Drawing on longitudinal interviews, government records and personal narratives, the author examines the intersection of work, welfare and battering. She contrasts conventional wisdom with analyses of social change and social structures, highlighting how race and class shape women’s experiences with poverty and abuse and how domestic violence moves out of the home and follows women to work.

Raceball: How the Major Leagues Colonized the Black and Latin Game

by Rob Ruck, history.

Beacon Press.

The history of African Americans and Latinos in baseball traditionally has been told as a story of their shameful segregation and redemptive integration. But for them, integration was painful as well as triumphal. Integration cost black and Caribbean societies control over their own sporting lives. It changed the meaning of sport but not always for the better. This book explores this history from the vantage point of black America and the Caribbean, and offers a story largely missing from traditional narratives of baseball’s history.

Re-reading Poets: The Life of the Author

by Paul Kameen, English.

University of Pittsburgh Press.

The book examines a wide range of poets, seeking, through re-reading, those places where high art and everyday life can merge in intimate and productive ways. The book deploys a variety of discourses — autobiographical, critical, philosophical and historical — to argue for a personalized relationship between reader and author.

Russian Sounds and Inflections

by Oscar E. Swan, Slavic languages and literatures.

Slavica Publishers.

Sculpting Idolatry in Flavian Rome: (An)Iconic Rhetoric in the Writings of Flavius Josephus

by Jason von Ehrenkrook, religious studies.

Society of Biblical Literature/Brill.

This book investigates the discourse on idolatry and images, especially statues, in the writings of the ancient Jewish historian Josephus (1st century C.E.), with a focus on his accounts of a contentious, and at times iconoclastic, relationship between Jews and images. The author underscores the extent to which Josephus attempts to reframe Jewish iconoclastic behavior not as a resistance to Roman hegemony but as an expression of certain cultural values shared by Jews and Romans alike.

Social Movements

by Suzanne Staggenborg, sociology.

Oxford University Press.

This is the American edition of an introduction to the field of social movements, which provides an overview of theoretical issues in the area and analyses of selected social movements, including the cycle of protest of the 1960s, the women’s movement, the gay and lesbian rights movement, the environmental movement, the new American right and the global justice movement.

Teenie Harris, Photographer: Image, Memory, History

by Laurence Glasco, history; Cheryl Finley, Cornell University, and Joe W. Trotter, Carnegie Mellon University.

University of Pittsburgh Press.

The famous faces of Lena Horne, Louis Armstrong, Josephine Baker, Muhammad Ali and John F. Kennedy appear among the nearly 80,000 photographs of Charles “Teenie” Harris (1908-98). But it’s in the images of other, ordinary people and neighborhoods that Harris shows a city and an era teeming with energy, culture, friendship and family. Harris captured the essence of African-American life in Pittsburgh, and his work in Pittsburgh’s Hill District surpasses that of other photographers in its breadth and rich portrayal of black urban America.

Truth, Meaning, Experience

by Anil Gupta, philosophy.

Oxford University Press.

In these essays the author argues that logical interdependence is legitimate, and that it provides a key to understanding a variety of topics of interest to philosophers.

Turkey and Its Neighbors: Foreign Relations in Transition

by Ronald H. Linden, political science; Ahmet O. Evin, Sabanci University; Kemal Kirisci, Bogaziçi University; Thomas Straubhaar, University of Hamburg; Nathalie Tocci, Istituto Affari Internazionali; Juliette Tolay, University of Delaware, and Joshua W. Walker, University of Richmond.

Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Recent years have seen dramatic changes in the nature, direction and impact of Turkey’s foreign relations in its neighborhood. The authors explore those changes, their causes and their impact on Turkey’s ties with its traditional allies in the West.

Twilight of the Idols: Hollywood and the Human Sciences in 1920s America

by Mark Lynn Anderson, English.

University of California Press.

The Undertaker’s Daughter

by Toi Derricotte, English.

University of Pittsburgh Press.

In this poetry collection, the author explores the deaths of her parents and tells of her  relationship with her fish, Telly, among other stories. Finally, she comes to grips with her childhood experiences and assures the reader that she is moving beyond them.

Uprooted: How Breslau Became Wroclaw During the Century of Expulsions

by Gregor Thum, history.

Princeton University Press.

At the Potsdam Conference following the Allied victory in 1945, Breslau, the largest German city east of Berlin, became the Polish city of Wroclaw. Its more than 600,000 inhabitants were expelled and replaced by Polish settlers. “Uprooted” examines the long-term psychological and cultural consequences of forced migration in 20th-century Europe. This book traces the complex historical process by which Wroclaw’s new inhabitants revitalized the city and made it their own.


Crossing the Blue Willow Bridge: A Journey to My Daughter’s Birthplace in China

by Nancy McCabe, communication and the arts-writing.

University of Missouri Press.

As an adoptive parent of a foreign-born child, the author knew that homeland visits are an important rite of passage to help children make sense of the multiple strands of their heritage, create their own hybrid traditions and find their place in the world. However, the book isn’t just about adoption, but also about parenting, about living in a new world where more families than ever are forging new ground as they combine races, cultures and heritages.

Pandemic Influenza Viruses: Science, Surveillance and Public Health

edited by Assad Panah, physical and computational sciences-geology; Frederic J. Brenner, Grove City College; Jane E. Huffman, University of Georgia; Shamus P. Keeler, East Stroudsburg University; Shyamal K. Majumdar, Lafayette College; Robert G. McLean, USDA; Patricia J. Freda, Pietrobon, Sanofi Pasteur, and Steven E. Shive, East Stroudsburg University.

Pennsylvania Academy of Science.

This book covers up-to-date information on pandemic influenza with particular focus on the 2009 pandemic H1N1 and the 2005 highly pathogenic H5N1 virus. The surveillance and tracking technology section covers national and international monitoring and surveillance technologies, as well as information on novel techniques. An exploration of the early detection of pandemic influenza viruses also is included. The strategies, planning and public health section highlights the effectiveness of previous and emerging infrastructure and multi-dimensional interventions in the planning and response to pandemic influenza.

The Routledge Companion to Actors’ Shakespeare

associate editor: Kevin Ewert, communication and the arts-theatre arts.


This book looks at how today’s actors contribute to the continuing life and relevance of Shakespeare’s plays. This volume reaches behind famous performances to examine the actors’ craft, their development and how they engage with play texts. This is the twin volume to “The Routledge Companion to Directors’ Shakespeare.”


Beyond the Comparative: Advancing Theory and Its Application to Practice

edited by John C. Weidman, administrative and policy studies, and W. James Jacob, administrative and policy studies.

Sense Publishers.

This inaugural volume in the new book series “Pittsburgh Studies in Comparative and International Education” is a festschrift in honor of the late Rolland G. Paulston, who was a faculty member in the education school. The volume builds on Paulston’s scholarly contributions to social cartography.

Children Without Permanent Parents: Research, Practice and Policy

edited by Christina J. Groark, psychology in education; Robert McCall, Office of Child Development and Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences; Victor K. Groza, Case Western Reserve University; Femmie Juffer, Leiden University, and Marinus H. van IJzendoorn, Leiden University.

Wiley/Society for Research in Child Development.

Early Childhood Intervention: Shaping the Future for Children With Special Needs and Their Families

edited by Christina Groark, psychology in education; Louise A. Kaczmarek, instruction and learning; Steven Eidelman, University of Delaware, and Susan P. Maude, Iowa State University.


In this three-volume set, experts discuss policies, laws, rights, programs and services available to children with special needs. The work explores issues affecting both children with psychological disorders and those with physical challenges. It compares U.S. programs and services with their international counterparts.


Tandem Cold Metal Rolling Mill Control: Using Practical Advanced Methods

by John Pittner, electrical and computer engineering, and Marwan A. Simaan, electrical and computer engineering.


This monograph introduces the augmented state-dependent Riccati equation method as a novel means of advanced control for the improvement of the quality of the final product of the tandem cold metal rolling process. It also provides an overall review of some of the basic areas in the control of the tandem cold metal rolling process and some of the more conventional and advanced methods for control in certain of these areas.


Wealth, Power and the Crisis of Laissez Faire Capitalism

by Donald Gibson, behavioral sciences-sociology.

Palgrave Macmillan.

This book looks at the political, intellectual and economic forces that have shaped U.S. history. It provides a critique of laissez faire doctrine and a reformulation of the work of writers such as Daniel Raymond, Henry Carey and Thorstein Veblen. The book examines how free-market ideology and the “establishment” networks exemplified by Wall Street and the Council on Foreign Relations led to the political and economic crises that America faces today.

Women, Epic and Transition in British Romanticism

by Elisa Beshero-Bondar, humanities-English.

University of Delaware Press.

This book argues that early 19th-century women poets contributed some of the most daring work in modernizing the epic genre. It examines several long poems to provide perspective on women poets working with and against men in related efforts, contributing together to a Romantic movement of large-scale genre revision. Women poets challenged longstanding categorical approaches to gender and nation in the epic tradition, and they raised politically charged questions about women’s importance in moments of historical crisis.


The Communication Disorders Casebook: Learning by Example

by Ellen Cohn, communication science and disorders, and Shelly S. Chabon, Portland State University.

Allyn and Bacon.

This case-based text presents a person-centered approach to a variety of speech, language and hearing problems in patients of all backgrounds and ages. Each case, which profiles unique client traits as well as representative clinical patterns, inspires opportunities for the integration of course information with facilitating clinical application. Organized by client age and disorder category, the book emphasizes the experiences and perspectives of a number of experts and master clinicians. Each chapter includes a summary of conceptual knowledge areas important to an understanding of the case, a detailed case description, treatment options and current references.

Warrior Transition Leader Medical Rehabilitation Handbook

edited by Rory A. Cooper, rehabilitation science and technology; Paul F. Pasquina, U.S. Army, and Ron Drach, U.S. Army.

Borden Institute.

This book is aimed at helping Army leaders assist wounded, injured and ill soldiers who are undergoing medical rehabilitation or interacting with essential health care and community reintegration services. Information is provided about the Army Warrior Transition Command and key Army, federal, veteran and military service organizations and selected other organizations. Information about essential principles, practices and definitions in medical rehabilitation is included.


Archival Anxiety and the Vocational Calling

by Richard J. Cox, library and information science.

Litwin Books.

The initial part of the book consists of three essays exploring the notion of archival calling. The second part concerns one of the pre-eminent challenges of present-day government secrecy and how, if left unchallenged, it can undermine the societal role of the archival profession. The third part considers one of the most important issues facing information professionals: the possession of a practical ethical perspective. The final part concerns teaching the next generation of archivists in the midst of all the change, debates and controversies about archives.

Geographical Design: Spatial Cognition and Geographical Information Science

by Stephen Hirtle, information science and telecommunications.

Morgan & Claypool Publishers.

Spatial knowledge often is acquired and communicated through geographic information technologies. This monograph describes the interplay between spatial cognition research and the use of spatial interfaces. It reviews how humans process spatial concepts and then moves on to discuss how interfaces can be improved to take advantage of those capabilities. Attention is given to innovative geographical platforms that provide users with an intuitive understanding and support the further acquisition of spatial knowledge. The monograph concludes with a discussion of issues including the changing nature of maps as the primary spatial interface, concerns about privacy for spatial information and a look at the future of user-centered spatial information systems.

Universal Navigation on Smartphones

by Hassan Karimi, information science and telecommunications.


Universal navigation is accessible primarily through smart phones providing users with navigation information regardless of the environment. This book focuses on the most up-to-date navigation technologies and systems for both outdoor and indoor navigation. It also compares outdoor and indoor navigation systems from a technological standpoint and a user’s perspective. All aspects of navigation systems are introduced. The book presents new approaches and techniques for future navigation systems, including social networking as an emerging approach for navigation.


The  Audacity to Teach! The Impact of Leadership, School Reform and the Urban Context on Educational Innovations

by Jacob Easley II, education.

University Press of America/Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group.

This book resulted from a study of an inner-city elementary school that has undergone serial comprehensive reforms. Each act of reform has promised to bring about certain changes that would/will in turn improve this school. The book explores issues such as the language of student achievement and accountability; the politics and policies that inform the processes of schooling and school reform, and the role of leadership in schools (including teacher leadership).

Lewin’s Genes X

by Stephen Kilpatrick, natural sciences-biology; Elliott S. Goldstein, Arizona State University, and Jocelyn E. Krebs, University of Alaska-Anchorage.

Jones & Bartlett Learning.

This is a graduate-level textbook in molecular genetics.


Criminal Law: A Contemporary Approach

by John Burkoff; Catherine Hancock, Tulane University, and Russell Weaver, University of Louisville.


The focus of this book is on teachability rather than encyclopedic coverage of the field. The book includes modern cases that reflect the current state of the law and older cases that help students understand and evaluate the modern approach. The book contains numerous hypotheticals designed to stimulate and encourage thought and discussion, as well as materials to help students develop practice skills.

Elder Law: Cases and Materials, 5th Edition

by Lawrence A. Frolik, and Alison Barnes, Marquette University.


This is a casebook for a law school course.

ERISA Litigation, 4th Edition

by Lawrence A. Frolik; Susan J. Stabile, and Jayne E. Zanglein.

Bloomberg BNA.

This book is a compendium, discussion and analysis of case law that has arisen under the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

Gadamer and Ricoeur: Critical Horizons for Contemporary Hermeneutics

edited by George H. Taylor, and Francis J. Mootz III, University of Nevada-Las Vegas.


Hans-Georg Gadamer and Paul Ricoeur were two of the most important hermeneutical philosophers of the 20th century. This book brings them into a hermeneutical conversation through some of their most important commentators. Twelve scholars deliver contemporary assessments of the history and promise of hermeneutical philosophy, providing focused discussion on the work of these two key thinkers.

Inside Criminal Law: What Matters and Why, 2nd Edition

by John M. Burkoff, and Russell L. Weaver, University of Louisville.

Aspen Publishers.

This paperback offers explanations that demystify the key topics in criminal law without oversimplifying them.


Anesthesia and Perioperative Care for Aortic Surgery

edited by Kathirvel Subramaniam, anesthesiology; Balachundhar Subramaniam, Harvard University, and Kyung W. Park, Ohio State University.


This is a comprehensive reference on anesthesia and perioperative care for aortic surgery. It provides detailed descriptions of aortic surgery and anesthesia for specific aortic procedures, including ascending aorta, arch, descending aorta, endovascular surgery, trauma and surgery for congenital aortic pathologies. The book devotes separate chapters to intraoperative echocardiography and cerebral monitoring, and because organ dysfunction is a major cause of mortality and morbidity after aortic surgery, it addresses spinal cord and renal protection. A final chapter covers postoperative care.

Atlas of Airway Management: Techniques and Tools, 2nd Edition

edited by Paul L. Bigeleisen, anesthesiology, and Steven L. Orebaugh, anesthesiology.

Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Clinical applications in airway management are dependent on both the anatomy of the individual and the individual’s co-morbidities, with different tools available for different patient presentations. In this edition, new sections have been created on pediatric applications, bronchoscopy, special airway considerations in the emergency room and the ICU, and post-intubation care issues. This edition comes with a web site that includes instructional videos.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

edited by Benjamin L. Handen, psychiatry; Martin Lubetsky, psychiatry, and John J. McGonigle, psychiatry.

Oxford University Press.

Part of the “Pittsburgh Pocket Psychiatry” series, this book provides instruction from educators, clinicians and researchers at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, UPMC, the University and the School of Medicine. It demystifies the autism diagnosis through a concise yet thorough state-of-the-science review and incorporates practical clinical knowledge within a didactic framework.

Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards; Guidelines for Early Care and Education Programs, 3rd Edition

edited by Timothy Shope, pediatrics, et al.

American Academy of Pediatrics/American Public Health Association.

Topics and policies include staffing, daily activities, health promotion, nutrition, facilities, handling and preventing infectious diseases and accommodation of children with special health care needs.

Cytopathology of Infectious Diseases

by Liron Pantanowitz, pathology; Walid E. Khalbuss, pathology, and Pam Michelow, University of Witwatersrand.


This book covers the cytomorphology of various microorganisms and the host reactions they elicit. Newly recognized infections such as the Merkel cell polyomavirus are included, as well as the utility of new immunostains and the role of molecular techniques that assist in the identification, classification and quantification of microorganisms. The volume includes practical pointers, useful diagnostic criteria, differential diagnoses and potential pitfalls. Color images that illustrate microorganisms and host reactions and tables with diagrams that provide quick reference guides are included. Part of the “Essentials in Cytopathology” series, the book fits into a lab coat pocket.

Cytopathology of Soft Tissue and Bone Lesions

edited by Walid E. Khalbuss, pathology, and Anil V. Parwani, pathology.


The book describes how to diagnose various soft tissue and bone tumors using fine needle aspiration biopsy. Part of the “Essentials in Cytopathology” series, the book fits into a lab coat pocket.

Methods in Bioengineering: Cell Transplantation

edited by Ira Fox, surgery; Alejandro Soto-Gutierrez, pathology, and Nalu Navarro-Alvarez, Columbia University.

Artech House.

This book is part of the new “Artech House Methods in Bioengineering” series designed to offer detailed guidance on authoritative methods for addressing specific bioengineering challenges. Each book provides step-by-step procedures, examples and ways to overcome problems. This volume covers the basic techniques and protocols of regenerative medicine, focusing on methods for cell transplantation. It explains the many steps involved in tissue engineering, cell isolation, progenitors and stem cell differentiation, and in vivo models for assessing new strategies.

The Power of Wagging Tails: A Doctor’s Guide to Dog Therapy and Healing

by Dawn A. Marcus, anesthesiology.

Demos Health Publishing.

Practical Assessment and Treatment of the Patient With Headache in the Emergency Department and Urgent Care Clinic

by Dawn A. Marcus, anesthesiology, and Philip A. Bain.


Migraine headaches affect approximately 28 million Americans. Patients with migraine frequently are seen in the emergency room and urgent care clinic for acute treatment of their headaches, yet ER and urgent care physicians generally have little or no formal training in treating these patients. Consequently, they often feel less comfortable ruling out secondary causes of headaches and using appropriate headache treatment medications and procedures. This book covers all aspects of acute headache care, including care of the child, adolescent and pregnant/breastfeeding woman. It provides information about lesser known, but effective strategies such as greater occipital nerve blocks that can be learned easily and incorporated into the acute care setting.

Redo Cardiac Surgery in Adults, 2nd Edition

edited by Venkat R. Machiraju, thoracic surgery; Hartzell V. Schaff, Mayo Clinic, and Lars G. Svensson, Cleveland Clinic.


Redo cardiac surgeries are challenging cases with myriad influential factors, ranging from the patient’s pathology to the whimsy of the previous surgeon. This book outlines practical approaches, surgical techniques and management of associated conditions such as perioperative stroke and acute kidney function. It covers the spectrum of redo cardiac operations, including coronary artery bypass, mitral valve repair, reoperation for prosthetic mitral valve endocarditis, aortic arch reoperation, descending and thoracoabdominal aortic reoperation and reoperations following endovascular aortic repair. All redo cardiac surgeries present a complex array of challenges beyond what the original procedure demands.

Smith’s Anesthesia for Infants and Children, 8th Edition

edited by Franklyn P. Cladis, anesthesiology; Peter J. Davis, anesthesiology, and Etsuro K. Motoyama, anesthesiology.


This book advises on optimal perioperative care for any type of pediatric surgery. It features online access to an image and video library, including ultrasound-guided pediatric regional blocks, review-style questions plus a fully searchable text.

Surgical Oncology: Fundamentals, Evidence-Based Approaches and New Technology

edited by David Bartlett, surgery.

Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers.

The Woman’s Migraine Toolkit: Managing Your Headaches From Puberty to Menopause

by Dawn A. Marcus, anesthesiology, and Philip A. Bain.

DiaMedica Publishing.

Migraines are a common, controllable type of headache that affect one in every six women, more than 20 million in the United States alone. This book helps readers take charge of their migraines by learning what causes them and what treatments are effective at each stage of a woman’s life. Tools, quizzes and diaries for evaluating headaches and determining the best treatment are provided, as are practical instructions for effective non-drug and medication therapies and advice about how natural remedies and nutritional supplements can help. The authors have sought to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to headache management that addresses diet, sleep patterns, exercise habits, mood and social concerns.


Philosophical Episodes

by Nicholas Rescher, philosophy.

ONTOS Verlag.

The book offers a series of philosophical case studies consisting of historical episodes ranging from classical antiquity to the 20th century.


Statistical Evaluation of Diagnostic Performance: Topics in ROC Analysis

by Andriy I. Bandos, biostatistics; Howard E. Rockette, biostatistics; Aiyi Liu, National Institutes of Health; Lucila Ohno-Machado, University of California-San Diego, and Kelly H. Zou, Pfizer.

Chapman & Hall/CRC Press.

Statistical evaluation of diagnostic performance in general and receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis in particular are important for assessing the performance of medical tests and statistical classifiers, as well as for evaluating predictive models or algorithms. This book presents innovative approaches in ROC analysis, which are relevant to a wide variety of applications, including medical imaging, cancer research, epidemiology and bioinformatics. Topics covered include monotone-transformation techniques in parametric ROC analysis, ROC methods for combined and pooled biomarkers, Bayesian hierarchical transformation models, sequential designs and inferences in the ROC setting, predictive modeling, multi-reader ROC analysis and free-response ROC methodology.


The Girl Is Murder

by Kathryn Miller Haines, Center for American Music.

Roaring Brook Press.

This book tells the story of 15-year-old Iris Anderson, who moves to a new neighborhood of New York City and discovers she’s got a knack for the private eye biz. Iris is sneaking out of the house, double-crossing her friends and dancing at the Savoy till all hours of the night.




BioScope: South Asian Screen Studies

edited by Neepa Majumdar, English; Moinak Biswas, Jadavpur University; Rosie Thomas, University of Westminster, and Ravi S. Vasudevan, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies.

Sage Publications.

This blind peer-reviewed journal is published biannually. It provides a forum for the intersections of South Asian screen practices with related media forms, such as musical recording and performance, popular print culture, stage set design and the history of publicity, advertising and consumer cultures. It has published research on historical, regional and virtual spaces of screen cultures, including globalized and multi-sited conditions of production and circulation.

boundary 2

edited by Paul A. Bové, English.

Duke University Press.

Extending beyond the postmodern, this international journal of literature and culture approaches problems in these areas from a number of politically, historically and theoretically informed perspectives. It remains committed to understanding the present and approaching the study of national and international culture and politics through literature and the human sciences.

The Carl Beck Papers in Russian and East European Studies

edited by William Chase, history; Robert Donnorummo, University Center for International Studies, and Andrew Konitzer, University Center for International Studies; managing editor: Eileen O’Malley, University Center for International Studies.

Center for Russian and East European Studies.

This journal publishes original research in the humanities and social sciences focused on Eastern Europe and Eurasia. The monograph (40-90 pages) format offers an opportunity for scholars to publish works that are longer than the average academic journal article but shorter than a book manuscript.

Creative Nonfiction

edited by Lee Gutkind, English.

Creative Nonfiction Foundation.

Critical Quarterly

edited by Colin MacCabe, English.


This journal is known for its blend of literary criticism, cultural studies, poetry and fiction.

Ethnology: An International Journal of Cultural and Social Anthropology

editor-in-chief: Leonard Plotnicov, anthropology; editors: Joseph S. Alter, anthropology; Richard Scaglion, anthropology, and Marie Norman, Carnegie Mellon University; managing editor: Katherine A. Lancaster, anthropology.

University of Pittsburgh.

This quarterly journal focuses on aspects of cultural anthropology and theoretical and methodological discussions.

Hispanic American Historical Review

edited by George Reid Andrews, history and University Center for International Studies; Alejandro Mauro de la Fuente, history and University Center for International Studies, and Lara Putnam, history and University Center for International Studies.

Duke University Press.

Founded in 1918, this quarterly journal pioneered the study of Latin American history and culture in the United States. It maintains a tradition of publishing vital work across thematic, chronological, regional and methodological specializations.

Human Rights Rhetoric

guest editors: Lester Olson, communication, and Arabella Lyon, State University of New York-Buffalo.

Rhetoric Society Quarterly.

Rhetoric scholars have articulated diverse approaches to both civil and human rights as political, ethical and academic discourses. This special issue, “Traditions of Testifying and Witnessing,” initiates interdisciplinary conversations within human rights rhetoric concerning the construction of rights knowledge, the role of advocacy and the politics of representations during acts of witnessing. To encourage critical reflection on the assumptions, contentions and implications of political representations and human rights, the editors have included a series of visual works without comment to prompt viewers’ own engagement with them.

Journal of Ritual Studies

edited by Pamela J. Stewart, anthropology, and Andrew J. Strathern, anthropology.

Carolina Academic Press.

This international journal is an independent, subscriber-based, peer-reviewed journal. The term “ritual” has long enjoyed wide use in a number of disciplines, and many scholars have noted the fundamental social importance of ritualized behaviors and the difficulty of interpreting them. It is only recently, however, that ritual studies has become a recognized interdisciplinary field. This journal provides a forum for debate about rituals’ role and meaning, and seeks better definition for this rapidly growing field.

Nineteenth-Century Prose

edited by Michael Helfand, English.

San Diego State University.

This special issue is a collection of essays on Darwin and evolutionary theories in the 19th century. Scholars and critics write about Darwin as theorist and rhetorician and on his use of literature and mathematics in his writings. There also are essays on other influential theories of evolution and on the radicals who disagreed with the political implications associated with Darwin’s theories.

Progress in Surface Science

edited by Hrvoje Petek, physics and astronomy.


Because of the transdisciplinary nature of surface science, topics are chosen for their timeliness from across a wide spectrum of scientific and engineering subjects.

Qualitative Sociology

guest editors: Kathleen Blee, sociology, and Ashley Currier, Texas A&M.


This special issue is titled “Beyond the IRB.”

Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies

guest editors: Sabine von Dirke, Department of German, and David N. Coury, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

University of Toronto Press.

This is a special issue entitled “Globalization, German Literature, Film and the New Economy.” It examines how cultural production, in particular literature and films, from Germany, Austria and Switzerland responded to pressing global problems from precarious work situations ushered in by the New Economy, transnational migration and terrorism.

Sex Roles: A Journal of Research

edited by Irene H. Frieze, psychology; managing editor: Susan Dittrich, psychology.


This interdisciplinary behavioral science journal offers a feminist perspective. It publishes original research reports and review articles that illuminate the underlying processes and consequences of gender role socialization; gendered perceptions and behaviors, and gender stereotypes. Topics include gender issues in employment and work environments; interpersonal relationships; sexual orientation and identity; body image; violence against women or intimate partners; gender role socialization; the influences of media, schools, peers and community on stereotypes; the acquisition, maintenance and impact of stereotypes; the cultural, economic, legal and political effects of contemporary social change, and methodological issues in gender research.

Social Networks: An International Journal of Structural Analysis

edited by Patrick Doreian, sociology, and Martin Everett, University of Manchester.


This is a quarterly journal.

Variaciones Borges

edited by Daniel Balderston, Hispanic languages and literatures.

Borges Center/University of Pittsburgh.

This biannual journal, focusing on the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, is published in Spanish, English and French.


AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction

edited by Dennis Galletta, decision, operations and information technology, and Ping Zhang, Syracuse University.

Association for Information Systems.

This is a peer-reviewed international scholarly journal oriented to the information systems community, emphasizing applications in business, managerial, organizational and cultural contexts. The objective is to enhance and communicate knowledge about the interplay among humans, information, technologies and tasks in order to guide the development and use of human-centered information and communication technologies and services for individuals, groups, organizations and communities.


Excellence in Higher Education

edited by John C. Weidman, administrative and policy studies, and Irwan Nasution, State Institute of Islamic Studies, Indonesia; associate editors: W. James Jacob, administrative and policy studies, and Jeffrey A. Milligan, Florida State University; managing editor: JoEllen J. Taylor, administrative and policy studies.

University Library System/University of Pittsburgh.

This journal encourages diverse points of view with international perspectives, creating a forum for the sharing of research on issues pertaining to higher education. The goal is to enable readers around the world to explore Indonesian and global higher education traditions and contemporary patterns in a global context, thereby promoting mutual dialogue and enriching the theory, policy and practice of higher education.


Oxidation of Metals

edited by Brian Gleeson, mechanical engineering and materials science.


This is an international journal about the science of gas-solid reactions.


Assistive Technology

edited by Rory A. Cooper, rehabilitation science and technology, and Albert M. Cook.

Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America.

International Journal of Telerehabilitation

edited by Ellen Cohn, communication science and disorders, and Jana Cason, Spalding University.

University Library System/University of Pittsburgh.

This biannual journal is dedicated to advancing telerehabilitation by disseminating information about current peer-reviewed research and practices.


Science, Technology and Human Values

edited by Geoffrey C. Bowker, library and information science.

Sage Publications.

This peer-reviewed, international, interdisciplinary journal of the Society for Social Studies of Science focuses on the development and dynamics of science and technology, including their relationship to politics, society and culture.

Transactions on Learning Technologies

associate editor-in-chief: Peter Brusilovsky, information science and technology.

IEEE Press.

This journal addresses new research on learning environments, e-learning tools, social technologies, adaptive and intelligent educational systems, devices for learning and interoperability.


The Pennsylvania Geographer

edited by William B. Kory, social science-geography; associate editors: Gregory Faiers, social science-geography, and Ola Johansson, social science-geography.


This is a semi-annual scholarly and refereed journal dealing with regional and/or topical issues in geography and related fields.

South Asian Review

edited by K.D. Verma, humanities-English literature.

South Asian Literary Association.

This refereed journal examines South Asian literatures and languages in a broad cultural context. The journal is published three times a year.


Artificial Intelligence and Law

edited by Kevin D. Ashley, law and Learning Research and Development Center; Trevor Bench-Capon, University of Liverpool, and Giovanni Sartor, European University Institute.


This journal focuses on theoretical or empirical studies in artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, jurisprudence, linguistics or philosophy that address the development of formal or computational models of legal knowledge, reasoning and decision making.

Search and Seizure Law Report

edited by John Burkoff.


This monthly newsletter analyzes today’s most pressing search and seizure issues.


Artificial Intelligence and Law

edited by Kevin D. Ashley, Learning Research and Development Center and law; Trevor Bench-Capon, University of Liverpool, and Giovanni Sartor, European University Institute.



Academic Medicine

edited by Steven L. Kanter, Office of the Vice Dean.

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

This is the peer-reviewed journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges. It serves as an international forum for the exchange of ideas, information and strategies to address the major challenges facing the academic medicine community as it strives to carry out its mission in the public interest. The journal’s areas of focus include: education and training issues; health and science policy; institutional policy, management and values; research practice, and clinical practice in academic settings.

Bipolar Disorders: An International Journal of Psychiatry and Neurosciences

edited by K.N. Roy Chengappa, psychiatry, and Samuel Gershon, psychiatry.

John Wiley & Sons.

This journal is dedicated to publishing the results of research relevant to the basic mechanisms, clinical aspects and treatment of bipolar disorders.

Bulletin of Anesthesia History

edited by Doris K. Cope, anesthesiology.

Anesthesia History Association/Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology.

This quarterly U.S. journal for the study of the history of anesthesiology, critical care and pain medicine publishes peer-reviewed scholarly articles.

International Anesthesiology Clinics

guest editors: Brian Williams, anesthesiology, and John J. Laur, University of Iowa.

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

These special issues, Volume 49, Issues 3 and 4, are part of a series titled “Regional Anesthesia for Ambulatory Surgery: Patient Centered Outcomes and Health Economics.”

International Journal of Hematology

guest editor: Tao Cheng, radiation oncology.


This special issue is titled “Including PIH Articles on Hematopoietic Stem Cell Aging.” The journal is published in partnership with the Japanese Society of Hematology.

Journal of Innate Immunity

guest editor: Michael Lotze, surgery, and Siamon Gordon, University of Oxford.


Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

edited by Joseph S. Sanfilippo, medicine.


This journal serves as an international source of information for physicians and other health care professionals.

The Laryngoscope

edited by Jonas T. Johnson, otolaryngology.


This monthly journal is the official journal of the American Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Society — The Triological Society — and the American Laryngological Association.


guest editor: Carey Balaban, otolaryngology, and Michael E. Hoffer, Naval Medical Center-San Diego.

IOS Press.

This special issue, titled “Vestibular Rehabilitation: Ready for the Mainstream,” provides a comprehensive overview of vestibular rehabilitation therapy in treatment of balance disorders. The first routine use of vestibular rehabilitation exercises was described more than 60 years ago to alleviate vertigo after surgical labyrinthectomy or concussive (closed head) injuries. During the past 25 years, intensive efforts by physicians, physical therapists and occupational therapists have produced integrative rehabilitation regimens that are a mainstay for individuals with a balance disorder of any etiology. This volume provides an up-to-date reference on underlying scientific principles and effective strategies for treating vestibular signs and symptoms that are encountered commonly in the rehabilitation setting.

Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine

edited by Freddie H. Fu, orthopaedic surgery.

Dove Press.

This is an international, peer-reviewed, online journal publishing original research, reports, reviews and commentaries on all areas of sports medicine.

Operative Techniques in Orthopaedics

edited by Freddie H. Fu, orthopaedic surgery.


This illustrated journal keeps practitioners informed about significant advances in all areas of surgical management. Each issue of this atlas-style journal explores a single topic, often offering alternate approaches to the same procedure.

Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America

guest editors: Carl Reid Snyderman, otolaryngology, and Richard J. Harvey, University of New South Wales.


During the last decade, skull base surgery has witnessed the application of endoscopic techniques to the ventral skull base using an endonasal corridor. The transition from external approaches to an endonasal corridor has not been without controversy. This volume explores the nascent field of neurorhinology, a term that emphasizes the multidisciplinary collaboration between neurosurgeons and rhinologic head and neck surgeons. This special issue titled “Neurorhinology” has been separated into two volumes. The first volume focuses broadly on the common pathologies encountered and the second volume on more complex lesions.

Pediatric and Developmental Pathology

edited by Miguel Reyes-Múgica, pathology.

Allen Press Publishing Services.

This bimonthly journal is the official publication of the Society for Pediatric Pathology and the Pediatric Pathology Society.

Pediatric Diabetes

edited by Mark A. Sperling, pediatrics; associate editors: Silva Arslanian, pediatrics; Dorothy J. Becker, pediatrics, and Massimo Trucco, pediatrics; managing editor: Daniel Bogdan, pediatrics.


This journal is published eight times a year and is devoted to disseminating new knowledge relating to the epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, management, complications and prevention of diabetes in childhood and adolescence. Papers are considered on the rigor of scientific approach, novelty and importance for understanding mechanisms involved in the epidemiology and etiology of this disease, especially its molecular, biochemical and physiological aspects. Work relating to the clinical presentation, course, management and outcome of diabetes, including its physical and emotional sequelae, is considered. In vitro studies using animal or human tissues, whole animal and clinical studies in humans also are considered.

Seminars in Ophthalmology

edited by Thomas R. Friberg, ophthalmology; assistant editor: Peter Brennen, ophthalmology.

Informa Healthcare.

This journal presents new strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease.

Wound Repair and Regeneration

edited by Patricia A. Hebda, otolaryngology.


This international journal is the official publication of the Wound Healing Society (US), the European Tissue Repair Society, the Japanese Society for Wound Healing and the Australian Wound Management Association. It publishes original scientific and/or clinical papers on the broadly defined topics of wound healing and tissue regeneration.


Race and Social Problems

edited by Gary F. Koeske; associate editor: Ralph Bangs.


This journal provides a multidisciplinary international forum for issues relevant to race and its relationship to psychological, socioeconomic, political and cultural problems.

Social Work in Public Health

guest editor: Valire Carr Copeland.

Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group.

This special issue is titled “Health Disparities and Women of Color: Closing the Gap.”


The Carl Beck Papers in Russian and East European Studies

edited by Robert Donnorummo, Russian and East European studies; William Chase, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, and Andrew Konitzer, Russian and East European studies; managing editor: Eileen O’Malley, Russian and East European studies.

Center for Russian and East European Studies.

Hispanic American Historical Review

edited by George Reid Andrews, University Center for International Studies and Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences; Alejandro Mauro de la Fuente, University Center for International Studies and Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, and Lara Putnam, University Center for International Studies and Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.

Duke University Press.


Journal of Intergenerational Relationships

edited by Sally Newman.

Taylor & Francis Group.

This journal focuses on the latest intergenerational research, practice methods and policy initiatives, integrating practical, theoretical, empirical, familial and policy perspectives. The journal publishes articles that address intergenerational relationships as evidenced in intergenerational practice, policy and research.




As You Like It

directed by Sam Turich, theatre arts; costume designer: Don Mangone, theatre arts.

Pitt Repertory Theatre.

This play was staged March 31-April 10, 2011.

The Batrachomyomachia (The Battle of the Frogs and the Mice)

composed by Florencio Asenjo, mathematics.

Albany Records.

This CD contains three works for orchestra performed by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra: “The Batrachomyomachia,” “Palm-of-the-Hand Tales” and “Basile’s Pentameron.”

Conlon Nancarrow: As Fast As Possible

pianists: Amy Williams, music; Helena Bugallo, Amy Briggs and Ingrid Karlen.


American composer Conlon Nancarrow is best known for the groundbreaking compositions he wrote for player piano. He was one of the first composers to use musical instruments as mechanical machines, making them play far beyond human performance ability. Nancarrow’s “live” instrumental compositions can be classified in three groups: piano, chamber and orchestral. Each of those genres is represented here. The composer’s late creative period is characterized by transcriptions of both his own works and works by other composers.

Eric Moe: Kick & Ride

composed by Eric Moe, music.


This CD contains three compositions by Eric Moe: “Superhero,” “Eight Point Turn” and the title piece “Kick & Ride.” All were performed by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project conducted by Gil Rose.

Queloides: Race and Racism in Cuban Contemporary Art

curators: Alejandro Mauro de la Fuente, history, and Elio Rodríquez Valdés.

Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, and Rubin Foundation Gallery, New York City.

This art exhibit, which addresses the debate about the persistence of racism in contemporary Cuba and throughout the world, was shown at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh Oct. 15, 2010-Feb. 27, 2011 and was exhibited at the Rubin Foundation Gallery in New York City April 12-July 14, 2011.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

directed by Lisa Jackson-Schebetta, theatre arts: musical director: Roger Zahab, music; scenic designer: Julie Allardice-Ray, theatre arts; spotlight designer: Annmarie Duggan, theatre arts; costume designer: Don Mangone, theatre arts; dialect coach: Holly Thuma, theatre arts; vocal director: Robert Frankenberry, theatre arts; actors: Richard Teaster, music, and Theo Allyn, theatre arts.

Pitt Repertory Theatre.

This play was staged Nov. 3-13, 2011.


Buddy Cop 2

directed by Kevin Ewert, communication and the arts-theater.

Manbites Dog Theater.

This play was staged June 16-25, 2011, in Durham, N.C.



artists: Andrew H. Urbach, pediatrics, and Nellie Lou Slagle.

La Fond Gallery.

The show, which included approximately 25 pieces of glass by Urbach as well as paintings by Slagle, was exhibited for three weeks in May 2011.

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