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September 29, 2005


Thursday 29

TIAA-CREF One-on-One Counseling Sessions

100 Craig, 8:30 am-4:30 pm (appointment: 877/209-3136; also Sept. 30, Oct. 1-4, 7 & 11)

FSDP Workshop

“Developing Your Career at the University of Pittsburgh,” Sherry Miller Brown; 401 CL, 9-11:30 am (register: 4-8046)

W. European Studies/EU Ctr. Roundtable Discussion

“Russia: A Topic of the Transatlantic Agenda?” Jorg Himmelreich, German Marshall Fund; 4217 Posvar, 10:30 am (8-7736)

Asian Studies Lecture

“Lyricism, Ritual & Kingship: Three Approaches to the Poetry of the Man’y_sh_,” Torquil Duthie, East Asian; 4130 Posvar, noon

Book Ctr./Consortium for Educational Resources on Islamic Studies Moroccan Tea Demonstration

Book Ctr., noon-2 pm

Immunology Seminar

“Dectin-1 Mediated Immunity Against Fungal Pathogens of the Lung,” Chad Steele, Children’s; lecture rm. 5 Scaife, noon (8-7050)

OIS Intercultural Lunch

5th fl. WPU, noon-1:30 pm (4-7120)

Chemistry Lectures

“Nanoscience & the Use in Biomolecular Applications,” Geoffrey Strouse, FSU, 2:30 pm; “Kinetic Capillary Electrophoresis — An Analytical Swiss Army Knife,” Sergey Krylov, York U; 12B Chevron, 4 pm (4-8200)

Health Sciences Faculty Professional Development Seminar

“Building Work-Life Balance in Busy Times”; S120 BST, 3-5 pm

REES Info Session

“Study Abroad Opportunities in Russia & Eastern Europe”; 4130 Posvar, 3 pm

W. European Studies/EU Ctr. Lecture

“Multiculturalism in Europe: The Case of Muslims in Britain & France,” Melissa Parker, political science; 4217 Posvar, 3 pm (8-7736)

Biostatistics Seminar

“Errors-in-Covariates Effect on Estimating Functions: Additivity in Limit & Nonparametric Correction,” Yijian Huang, Emory; A115 Crabtree, 3:30 pm

Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium

Andrew McElwaine, PA Environmental Council; 11 Thaw, 4-5 pm

GSPH John C. Cutler Global Health Lecture

“The Public Health Consequences of Disasters: Challenges for Public Health Action,” Eric Noji, CDC; G23 Parran, 4 pm (4-1634)

History Lecture

“The Original Sin: Anti-Slavery, Imperial Expansion & Early Colonial Rule at Lagos, Nigeria,” Kristin Mann, Emory; 3703 Posvar, 4 pm

Friday 30

• Bradford Campus Alumni & Family Weekend through Oct. 2. (814/362-7505)

FSDP Workshop

“Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace,” Clifford Cohen; 342 Craig, 9-11 am (register: 4-8046)

Study Abroad Int’l Fair

WPU lawn, 10 am-4 pm

Information Sciences & Telecommunications Colloquium

“Music Understanding by Computer,” Roger Dannenberg, CMU; 403 IS, 10:30 am-noon (4-5230)

Pitt Arts Concert

Tangueros de Lay; WPU patio, noon-1 pm

Laboratory of Education & Research on Security Assured Info Systems Seminar

“Process Detection in Network Security & Autonomic Computing,” George Cybenko, Dartmouth; 404 IS, 2-3:30 pm (4-5230)

OIS Int’l Week Awards Ceremony

WPU patio, 3-4 pm

Psychology Lecture

“Social Comparison Processes & Perceptions of Health Risk,” William Klein; 4127 Sennott, 3 pm

Philosophy of Science Lecture

“Darwin on Orchids: Teleology With a Twist,” John Beatty, U of BC; 2500 Posvar, 3:30 pm (4-1052)

Global Studies/Consortium for Educational Resources on Islamic Studies/Islamic Ctr. of Pgh. Lecture

“International Terrorism,” Aret Al-khattar, CA State U of PA; 1500 Posvar, 4:30-6:30 pm

Caribbean & Latin American Student Assn.

Assembly Rm. WPU, 10 pm-2 am


Saturday 1

CGS Adult Student Info Session

McCarl Ctr. 4th fl. CL, 10:30 am-noon (4-6600)

CLAS Latin American & Caribbean Festival

WPU, 2 pm-midnight

Nursing Cameos of Caring Awards Gala

“Cameos of Caring: A Celebration of Nursing”; David Lawrence Convention Ctr., 6 pm

Monday 3

GSPH Open House

1st fl. lounge Parran, 8:30 am-12:30 pm (register: 4-5200)

Survival Skills & Ethics Workshop

“Biotech”; S100 BST, noon-1:30 pm (412/578-3716)

Biological Sciences Seminar

“Using Genomics to Dissect Plant Embryo Development,” Robert Goldberg, UCLA; 169 Crawford, 4:15 pm

Titusville Campus Concert

Chapter Six; Henne aud. UPT, 7:30 pm (814/827-4503)

Wednesday 5

Orthopaedic Surgery Grand Rounds

Craig Mauro & Mustafa Khan; LHAS aud., 7-8 am

FSDP Workshop

“Managing Documentation for Capital Assets & Financial Records,” Kevin Starke & Rita Gossett; 342 Craig, 9:30-11:30 am (register: 4-8046)

Information Science & Telecommunication Colloquium

“Nobody Writes Letters Anymore: The Impact of Emerging Search Technologies on the Archivist’s Dilemma,” Douglas Oard, U of MD; 403 IS, 10:30 am-noon (4-5230)

Pathology Seminar

“Toxin-Induced Liver Injury: Death From TNF & Too Much JNK,” Mark Czaja, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; 1104 Scaife, noon (8-1040)

Faculty Assembly Meeting

2700 Posvar, 3 pm

Biological Sciences Seminar

“The Origin of Global Patterns of Biodiversity,” Robert Ricklefs, U of MI-St. Louis; 169 Crawford, 4:15 pm

WPIC/Carnegie Library Lecture

“Getting Better Sleep: What You Need to Know,” Daniel Buysse, Clinical Neuroscience Research Ctr.; 1st fl. quiet reading rm. Carnegie Library, 6-8 pm (3-7555)

Thursday 6

UPMC Cooper Lecture

“Preparing for Pandemic Influenza: Lessons From the Swine Flu Affair,” Harvey Fineberg, Inst. of Medicine; Herberman Conf. Aud. UPMC Cancer Pavilion, Shadyside Hospital, 8 am (412/647-7050)

FSDP Workshop

“University Benefits,” John Kozar, Kate Young, Nancy Gilkes & Stan Charie; 342 Craig, 9 am-noon (register: 4-8046)

Greensburg Campus Graduate & Professional Fair

Chambers, UPG, 10 am-2 pm (724/836-9981)

ARDC Lecture

“Cognitive Assessment of Elderly Primary Care Patients,” Judith Saxton, neurology & psychiatry; ARDC conf. rm. Montefiore, noon-1 pm (412/692-2732)

Asian Studies Lecture

Sharad Joshi, GSPIA; 4130 Posvar, noon

Bioethics & Health Law Grand Rounds

“The Tissue Issue: Problems of Consent, Profits & Research Regulation,” Rebecca Skloot, NOVA; 113 Law, noon-1 pm (7-5785)

Norman J. & Alice Chapman Rubash Law & Social Work Lecture/Panel Discussion

Rosemary Sarri, U of MI; Teplitz Courtrm. Law, noon-2 pm (4-3711)

Biostatistics Seminar

“Grade of Membership Analysis of a Subset of Funtcional Disability Data,” Cyrille Jontard; A115 Crabtree, 3:30 pm

Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium

Tamra Schiappa, Slippery Rock; 11 Thaw, 4-5 pm

Friday 7

FSDP Workshop

“Stress Management Tool Kit,” Flo Van Cara; 342 Craig, 9-11 am (register: 4-8046)

Laboratory of Education & Research on Security Assured Info Systems Seminar

“Using Secure Coprocessors to Protect Access to Enterprise Networks,” Jose Carlos Brustolony, CS; 404 IS, 2-3:30 pm (4-5230)

Women’s Studies Book Signing

“Reading Adoption: Family & Difference in Fiction & Drama,” Marianne Novy, English & women’s studies; 501 CL, 3:30 pm (RSVP:

Communication Science & Disorders Jack Matthews-Herbert Rubin Lecture

“A Specialized Design: Muscles for Talking & Eating,” Ray Kent, U of WI Madison; 4060 Forbes Tower, 4-5:45 pm (RSVP: 412/383-6542 or

Asian Studies/CMU Film

“Godzilla: Final Wars,” directed by Ryuhei Kitamura; McConomy, Univ. Ctr., CMU, 7 pm (4-5568)

Johnstown Campus Concert

Gaelic Storm; Pasquerilla, UPJ, 8 pm (tickets: 800/846-2787)

Saturday 8


Vs. Cincinnati; Heinz Field, 2 pm

Monday 10

OIS Program

“Passport to Cultural Relations”; Kurtzman Rm. WPU, noon-1:30 pm

CLAS Lecture

“Lessons of Pre-Election Polling in Central America: The Myth of National Culture & the Fallacy of Electoralism in Conflicted Societies & Failing States,” William Barnes; 4130 Posvar, noon-1 pm (8-7391)

Biological Sciences Seminar

“Bacterial Outer Membrane Vesicles: Toxin Trafficking & Envelope Stress,” Meta Kuehn; 169 Crawford, 4:15 pm

Tuesday 11

FSDP Workshop

“Strategies for Writing Excellence on the Job,” Jean Grace & Beth Newborg; 342 Craig, 9-11 am (register: 4-8046)

Bradford Campus Lunch & Reading

George Saunders; KOA Speer Electronics lobby, Blaisdell, UPB, 11:30 am (814/362-7505)

Ctr. for National Preparedness Seminar

“The Center of Excellence in High Consequence Event Preparedness & Response Effort,” Ken Sochats, IS; Carey Balaban, otolaryngology; Michael Allswede, UPMC; 5th fl. Alumni, 3-4 pm

Wednesday 12

Orthopaedic Surgery Grand Rounds

“Osteoporosis,” Henry Mankin, Harvard; LHAS aud., 7-8 am

FSDP Workshop

“Feedback Skills,” Mark Burdsall; 342 Craig, 9-11 am (register: 4-8046)

Information Sciences & Telecommunications Colloquium

“Using Probabilistic Languages to Model Complicated Processes,” Richard Thompson, telecommunications; 403 IS, 10:30 am-noon (4-5230)

Ctr. for Race & Social Problems Lecture

“Overcoming Barriers to Care: Engaging Depressed, Disadvantaged, Minority Women in Evidence-Based Treatments,” Nancy Grote, social work; 2017 CL, noon-1:30 pm

Enterprise Development Educational Session

“When Is Good Science Good Business?”; 121 BST, noon (412/623-3207)

SAC Meeting

1175 Benedum, 12:15-2 pm

Psychology Student-Faculty Reception

4127 Sennott, 1-3:30 pm (4-4520)

Greensburg Campus St. Clair Lecture

Fred Anderson; Ferguson Theater, UPG, 7:30 pm (724/836-7497)

Thursday 13

FSDP Workshop

“Feeling Secure: Taking Control of Your Financial Life”; 342 Craig, 9 am-noon (register: 4-8046)

Asian Studies Lecture

“The Job Security in South Korea After the 1997 Financial Crisis,” June Park, political science; 4130 Posvar, noon

Book Ctr. Poetry Reading

“The Oswego Fugues,” Stephen Murobito; Book Ctr., noon (8-1453)

Chemistry Lectures

“Through-Bond Energy Transfer Dye Cassettes for Multiplexing in Biotechnology,” Kevin Burgess, TX A&M, 2:30 pm; “Molecular Engineering of Surfaces & Probes of Nanoscale Phenomena: From Water to Proteins,” Xiaoyang Zhu, U of MN, 4 pm; 12B Chevron (4-8200)

Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium

Thomas Anderson; 11 Thaw, 4-5 pm

Ph.D. Defenses

H&RS/Rehabilitation Science

“Disability in Older Women With Heart Failure,” Ketki Desai; Sept. 29, 5047 Forbes Tower, 10 am


“Sensory Adaption & Thalamocortical Response Transformations in the Somatosensory System,” Vivek Khatri; Sept. 30, 1495 BST, 2 pm

H&RS/Rehabilitation Science

“Development & Testing of a Clinical Outcome Measurement Tool to Assess Wheeled Mobility & Seating Interventions,” Mark Schmeler; Oct. 3, 5047 Forbes Tower, 1 pm

A&S/French & Italian

“Echo of Solitude in the Romantic Representations of the Sea: Multivalence of a Motif in Romance Literatures,” Djehane Hassouna; Oct. 12, 1325 CL, 2:30 pm


Communication Science & Disorders Jack Matthews-Herbert Rubin Lecture

RSVP to 412/383-6542 or by Sept. 30.

Chancellor’s Distinguished Public Service Awards

Nomination letters due to Andrew Blair, 826 CL, by Oct. 10.

Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Awards

Nomination letters due to George Klinzing, 826 CL, by Oct. 10.

Voter Registration

Registration forms due Oct. 11 by 5 pm to County Board of Elections. (4-6011 or 412/350-4510)

ADRC Pilot Grants

Applications due to Leslie Dunn, 4W Montefiore, by Oct. 31. (412/692-4622 or 412/692-2731)

GSPIA Ethics & Accountability in Public Service Papers

Paper submissions due Nov. 1 to 3913 Posvar or (8-1336)


Hillman Library Exhibit

“Virginian Partridge,” through Oct. 10; “Belted Kingfisher,” Oct. 11-24, Audubon exhibit case, ground fl. Hillman, M-Th 7:50 am-2 am, F 7:50 am-10 pm, Sat. 9 am-midnight, Sun. 10 am-2 am (8-7715)

Falk Library Exhibit

“Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America’s Women Physicians”; through Oct. 14, Falk Library, M-Th 7am-midnight, F 7 am-10 pm, Sat. 9:30 am-10 pm, Sun. 9:30-midnight (8-2040))

Barco Law Library Exhibit

“Passages II: Pinhole to Digital,” photographs by John Forbes; through Oct. 28, Barco Law Library, M-Th 10 am-8 pm, F 7:30 am-8 pm, Sat. 10 am-8 pm, Sun. 10 am-11:45 pm (412/648-1376)

Titusville Campus Exhibit

“An Artist’s Collection,” Adah Ellis Anderson; Haskell Library, UPT, through Oct. 31, M-Th 8:30 am-9 pm, F 8:30 am-5 pm, Sun. 1-9 pm (814/827-4439)

Bradford Campus Exhibit

“Norman Rockwell: A Personal Collection,” through Nov. 7; KOA Art Gallery Blaisdell, UPB, M-F 8:30 am-8 pm (814/362-7505)

University Art Gallery

“A Sense of Place: Contemporary African American Art”; Univ. Art Gallery FFA, Oct. 6-Dec. 9, M-Sat., 10 am-4 pm, Th until 8 pm; opening reception Oct. 6, 5:30-8 pm (8-2423)


Theatre Arts Production

“Mrs. Shakespeare, Will’s First & Last Love,” by Yvonne Hudson; Sept. 30 & Oct. 1 at 7 pm, Oct. 2 at 4 pm, 144 CL

Pitt Repertory Theatre Production

“Old Times,” by Harold Pinter; through Oct. 9, Th-Sat. at 8 pm, Sun. at 2 pm, Henry Heymann Theatre, Stephen Foster Memorial (tickets: 4-7529)

Event Deadline

The next issue of the University Times calendar will be published Oct. 13. It will contain events of Oct. 13-27. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 pm Oct. 6 at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information may be sent by fax to 4-4579 or e-mail to



The following is a list of major addresses during Science 2005. For the most complete and current schedule, log on to


SPOTLIGHT SESSION I — Einstein’s Miraculous Year; 532 Alumni, 9 am

“Chasing the Light: Einstein’s Most Famous Thought Experiment,” John Norton, HPS; “How Einstein Made Asymmetry Disappear: A Talk of Relativity in 1905,” Bernard Goldstein, religious studies & HPS; “The Speed of Light: It’s Not Just a Good Idea, It’s the Law,” Laura Ruetsche, philosophy.

SPOTLIGHT SESSION II — Cellular Real Estate; 531 Alumni, 9 am

“Automated Interpretation of Fluorescence Microscope Images for Location Proteomics,” Robert Murphy, CMU; “Up the Hill & Down the Slope: Generating & Interpreting Morphogen Gradients in the Drophila Wing,” Gerard Campbell, biological sciences; “DNA Replication & Its Spatial Organization Within the Nucleus,” Anthony Schwacha, biological sciences.

SPOTLIGHT SESSION III — Whole Genome Analysis; 3rd fl. lecture hall, Alumni, 9 am

“SOP3v@: Web-Based Selection of Oligonucleotide Primer Trios for Genotyping of Human & Mouse Polymorphisms,” Steven Ringquist, medicine; “New Approaches for Analysis of the Spliceome,” A. Javier Lopez, CMU; “Transcription Elongation by RNA Polymerase II: Using the Genetic & Biochemical Toolbox of Yeast,” Karen Arndt, biological sciences.


“New Genomic Technology for Yeast Applied to Clinical Medicine,” Ronald Davis, Stanford.

SPOTLIGHT SESSION IV — Seeing Is Believing: From Structures of Molecules to Cells & Organisms; 3rd. fl. lecture hall Alumni, 2 pm

“Protein Dynamics & Enzyme Function: A Case Study From Human Detoxification Enzymes,” Gordon Rule, CMU; “Long-Range Distance Measurements Using Fourier Transformation Electron Spin Resonance,” Sunil Saxena, chemistry; “Oxidative Sensing & Glycerol Metabolism: From Crystal Structures to Nanobiotechnology Applications,” Joanne Yeh, pharmacology; “Visualizing Protein Complexes by Cro-Electron Microscopy: Making Heads & Tails of Viruses,” James Conway, cell biology & physiology.

SPOTLIGHT SESSION V — Modeling Health Care & Public Health Decisions; 532 Alumni, 2 pm

“Modeling the Patient’s Perspective on Liver Transplantation,” Andrew Schaefer, industrial engineering; “Estimating the Expected Warning Time of Outbreak-Detection Algorithms,” Gregory Cooper, medicine; “Clinical Realism vs. Analytic Tractability: The Promise & Peril of Realistic Decision Models in Health Care,” Mark Roberts, medicine, health policy & management & industrial engineering.

SPOTLIGHT SESSION VI — Growth Factors in Health & Disease; 521 Alumni, 2 pm

“Targeting EGFR Signaling in Head & Neck Cancer,” Jennifer Rubin Grandis, otolaryngology & pharmacology; “The Wnt/Beta-Catenin Pathway in Liver Health & Disease,” Satdarshan Singh Monga, pathology & medicine; “Targeting Skp2 by Cdh1-APC for Destruction in TGF-B Induced Cell Growth Inhibition,” Yong Wan, cell biology & physiology.

PLENARY SESSION II — Mellon Lecture; 7th fl. aud. Alumni, 4 pm

“The Logic of TGF-B Signaling,” Joan Massagué, Sloan-Kettering Cancer Ctr. & Cornell.


PLENARY SESSION III — Klaus Hofmann Lecture; 7th fl. aud. Alumni, 11 am

“Nano Meccano: An Integrated Systems-Oriented Approach to Molecular Electronics,” Fraser Stoddart, UCLA.

SPOTLIGHT SESSION VII — Functional Neuroimaging; 532 Alumni, 2 pm

“Cellular-Molecular MRI of the Central Nervous System,” Eric Ahrens, CMU; “Imaging the Pathology of Alzheimer’s Disease With Pittsburgh Compound B,” William Klunk, psychiatry; “How Accurately Functional Imaging Can Detect Neural Activities,” Seong Gi Kim, neurobiology.

SPOTLIGHT SESSION VIII — Aging & Anti-Aging; 3rd fl. lecture hall Alumni, 2 pm

“DNA Damage Accelerates Aging,” Laura Niedernhofer, molecular genetics & biochemistry; “The Role of Caveolae in Cellular Senescence,” Ferruccio Galbiati, pharmacology; “ A Complex Signaling Network Regulates Protein Degradation in Muscle,” Lewis Jacobson, biological sciences.

SPOTLIGHT SESSION IX — Inflammation: What Does It Mean?; 531 Alumni, 2 pm

“ Pharmacological Approaches to Ameliorate HMGB1-Mediated Inflammation,” Mitchell Fink, medicine; “Where Injury and Infection Intersect: Activation of Innate Immunity,” Timothy Billiar, medicine; “ RAGE, A Novel Mediator of Pulmonary Fibrosis,” Tim Oury, pathology.

SPOTLIGHT SESSION X — Small Is Good: Advances in Nanoscience; 7th fl. aud. Alumni, 2 pm

“A Molecular Building Block Approach to Designed Macromolecules,” Christian Schafmeister, chemistry; “A Mitotic Kinesin Eg5 Nanoscale Motor Powerful Enough for Spindle Assembly,” Susan Gilbert, biological sciences; “The Structure and Charge-Transfer Dynamics of Hydrated Electrons on Metal Oxide Surfaces,” Hrvoje Petek, physics & astronomy.

PLENARY SESSION IV — Provost Lecture; 7th fl. aud. Alumni, 4 pm

“From Worms to Mammals: The Hormonal Regulation of the Lifespan,” Cynthia Kenyon, UC-San Francisco.

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