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April 4, 2002


Thursday, April 4

Pediatric Grand Rounds

"Human Stem Cell Research: Biomedicine Meets Ethics & Politics," Alexander Capron; McCluskey Aud. Children's, 8 am

Blood Drive

Lower lounge WPU, 10 am-4 pm

Bioethics Grand Rounds

"Revisiting the Definition of Death," Alexander Capron; lecture rm. 5 Scaife, noon

Endocrine Research Conference

"Mechanisms of Muscle Insulin Resistance," Lynis Dohm; 1195 BST, noon

Immunology Seminar

Andrea Gambotto; W995 BST, noon

Law Lecture

"Domestic Violence as a Social & Legal Problem," Elizabeth Schneider, Brooklyn Law; Teplitz Courtrm. Law, noon

Long-Term Care Insurance Info Session

2K56 Posvar, noon-1:30 pm

Vanguard Info Session

"Managing Your Retirement"; Craig conf. ctr., noon

Baseball Vs. Canisius; Trees Field, 3 & 5 pm

Ctr. for Biomedical Informatics Seminar

"Pitt Health Sciences on the Web: An Update," Charles Friedman; 4060 Forbes Tower, 3 pm

Sleep Medicine Conference

628NW MUH, 4 pm

ASDA Grand Rounds

James Sciote; 2148 Salk, 4:30 pm

Global Studies Lecture

"Serbia; Political & Constitutional Reconstruction After a Dictatorship," Stefan Lilic, U of Belgrade; 144 CL, 5:30 pm (4-4672)

Toastmasters Meeting

1102 Scaife, 6 pm

Pgh. Contemporary Writers Lecture

Wanda Coleman, poet; 125 FFA, 8:15 pm

Friday, April 5

Aphasia Clinical Grand Rounds

"Differential Diagnosis of Primary Progressive Aphasia," William Hula; 4060 Forbes Tower, 7-8 am

Human Genetics Seminar

"Linkage Analysis of Affected Sibling Pairs & Covariates: General Models & Their Application to a Study of Anorexia Nervosa," Bernie Devlin, Psychiatry; A115 Crabtree, noon-1 pm (4-3018)

Vanguard Info Session

"Tax Planning"; Craig conf. ctr., noon

Anthropology Lecture

"Life on the Edge: Survey & Excavation At an Assyrian Border Capital in Southeastern Turkey," Timothy Matney, U of Akron; 3D10 Posvar, 3 pm

Film Studies Talk

Bernie Goldmann; 120 Lawrence, 4 pm

Women's Studies/BAS Lecture

"Globalism, Terrorism & Gender," Angela Davis, UC; 120 Lawrence, 7 pm

Saturday, April 6

Career Options Workshop

Lecture rm. 2 Scaife, 8:30 am (4-7098)

Women's Studies/BAS Teach-in

"Resistance Movements," Angela Davis, UC; 2M56 Posvar, 9 am-noon

Biological Sciences/Pyma-tuning Lab of Ecology Open House

13142 Hartstown Rd., Linesville, noon-4 pm (814/683-5813)

Sunday, April 7

Heinz Chapel Choir Spring Concert

Heinz Chapel, 3 pm (4-4125)

Music on the Edge Concert

Network for New Music; Bellefield aud., 3 pm (4-4125)

Heinz Chapel Choral Compline

Ray Gustafson, Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church; Heinz Chapel, 8:30 pm

Monday, April 8

*Summer & fall add/drop period begins.

Alzheimer's Disease Clinic

Ronald Petersen & Cora Kanow, Mayo Clinic; IBEW Workers Conf. Ctr., South Side, 1 pm (4-1634)

Senate Council Meeting

2P56 Posvar, 3 pm

Biological Sciences Seminar

"Helicase-Catalyzed DNA Unwinding," Timothy Loh-man, Washington U; 169 Crawford, 4:15 pm

Tuesday 9

Staff Assn. Council Marketplace

WPU Ballroom, 11:30 am-1:30 pm

Baseball Vs. Ohio U; Trees Field, noon & 2 pm

HA & A Talk

"Summer 2001 at Sea," Laura Voight, UPG; "The Culture of Criticism: Adolf Behme & the Development of a Modern Architecture in Germany," Kai Gutschow, CMU; 203 FFA, noon

TIAA-CREF Info Session

"New Rules, New Limits New Opportunities"; Craig training rm., noon

Health Science Library Workshop

"Are You Ready? Bioterrorism Resources for Librarians"; WPIC aud., 1-4:30 pm

Ctr. for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"A Matter of Degree: Putting Unitary Inequivalence to Work," Laura Ruetsche; 817R CL, 3 pm (4-1052)

Wednesday 10

Women's Studies Brown Bag Lunch

"Coalition Politics & Transnational Feminism in the Philippine Women's Movement Against the Trafficking in Women," Jeanette Heinrichs; 901 CL, noon

TIAA-CREF Info Session

"Strategies for Managing Your Retirement Income"; Craig training rm., noon

Staff Assn. Council Meeting

2M2P/56 Posvar, 12:15 pm

Johnstown Campus Lecture

David Garth; 131 Blackington, UPJ, 7 pm

Greensburg Campus Concert

"Musical Evening: Arias & Songs," Priya Palekar, soprano; Sean Kelly, pianist; Ferguson Theatre, UPG, 7:30 pm (724/836-9868)

Thursday 11

ADRC Lecture

"Update & Future Directions of the REACH Project," Richard Schulz; ADRC conf. rm., noon-1 pm

Asian Studies Seminar

"How Is Globalization Affecting Social Welfare in India?" Nita Rudra; 4E38 Posvar, noon

Immunology Seminar

"Emerging Roles of Arginases in Infection & Inflammation," Sidney Morris, molecular genetics & biochemistry; W995 BST, noon

TIAA-CREF Info Session

"Developing An Investment Strategy"; Craig training rm., noon

Asian Studies Lecture

"After the 'Apocalypse': The New Religion 'Aum Supreme Truth' & Japanese Society After the Tokyo Gas Attack of 1995," Paul Watt, DePaul; 144 CL, 4 pm

Ctr. for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"A Bridge Over Troubled Cultures: The Impact of Philosophy of Science in Britain," John Worrall, London School of Economics; FFA aud., 5:30 pm

Medical History Lecture

"Dr. Mark Ravitch, the Father of Surgery for Chest Wall Deformities in Children: A Student's Perspective," Alex Haller, John Hopkins; lecture rm. 5 Scaife, 6 pm

Friday, April 12

REES Lecture

"Orthodox Christianity & Democracy," Timothy Ware, Oxford; FFA aud., 11 am

East Asian Lecture

"Postmodernism & Visual Culture in Contemporary China," Sheldon Lu; 1401 CL, noon

Human Genetics Seminar

"Update on Clinical Data & Genetics of Anophthalmia. Could It be Biallelic?" Adele Schneider, Albert Einstein Medical Ctr.; A115 Crabtree, noon-1 pm (4-3018)

Senate Budget Policies Committee Meeting

Dining Rm. B WPU, noon-2 pm

TIAA-CREF Info Session

"Staying on Track in a Market Downturn"; Craig training rm., noon

International Studies Lecture

"Engaged Buddhism & Modern China," Li Silong, Peking U; "Buddhist Research in Modern China: A State of the Field Report," Gong Jun, Sun Yat-sen U; 4E51 Posvar, 2 pm

Indonesian Music Concert

Sundanese Gamelan Ensemble; Bellefield aud., 8 pm, also April 13 (4-4125)

Saturday 13

Softball Vs. Syracuse; Trees Field, 11 am & 1 pm

Sunday 14

Softball Vs. Connecticut; Trees Field, 11 am & 1 pm

Philosophy of Science Bayer Lecture

"Interpreting Art, Interpreting Science & the Perception of Both," Peter Machamer; Carnegie Science Ctr., North side, 3 pm (4-1052)

Music Colloquium

"Bach the Cobbler: The Origin of the Concertos," Gregory Butler, U of British Columbia; 132 Music, 4 pm

Heinz Chapel Choral Compline

Gene Forish, St. Paul's RC Church; Heinz Chapel, 8:30 pm

Monday, April 15

Asian Studies Seminar

"Linguistic Imaginings of the Indian Ocean World: Historical Viewpoints From Western Java," Benjamin Zimmer; 4E51 Posvar, noon

Biological Sciences Lecture

"Making Things Move on Oocytes & Neurons," William Saxton, Indiana U; 169 Crawford, 4:15 pm

Tuesday, April 16

Pharmacy Lecture

"Toxicological Interactions: How One Chemical Influences the Toxicity of Another," Glenn Sipes, U of Arizona; 456 Salk, noon

Wednesday, April 17

Linguistics Talk

Maeve Eberhardt & Guillermo Rodriguez; 144 CL, 3 pm

Thursday, April 18

Pharmacology Seminar

"Between Spice & Pain: On the Activation of Capsaicin Receptor," Huai-hu Chuang, UC; 1395 BST, 11 am-noon

Immunology Seminar

"The In's & Out's of T Cell Cytoskeletal Remodeling," Janis Burkhardt, U of Chicago; S100A BST, noon


Voter Registration

Deadline to register for the May 21 primary election is 5 pm April 22. Registration forms available at 710 Alumni. (4-6011)

Ph.D. Defenses


"Characterization of the CNS Control of Sympathetic Outflow Using Viral Transneuronal Tracing," Georgina Cano; April 4, 2nd fl. aud. LRDC, 9:30 am


"Small Area Analysis of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes & Deprivation in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania," Linda Snyder; April 5, 226 Parran, 10:30 am

Human Genetics

"Genetic Factors in Coronary Artery Disease in Women," Qi Chen; April 9, A216 Crabtree, 10 am


"Characterization of the Adherence of Lactrobacillus Coispatus to Vaginal Epithelial Cells: Identification of a Bacterial Adhesion Which Plays a Role in Adherence," Ana Vallor; April 9, S218 BST, 10 am


"Examination of the Role of the C1 Cell Group in Autonomic Function Using a Novel Immunotoxin," Christopher Madden; April 10, 2nd fl. aud. LRDC, 9:30 am


"Estimation of the Survival Function for Gray's Piecewise-Constant Time-Varying Coefficients Model," Zdenek Valenta; April 10, 325A Parran, 3 pm

Psychiatric Epidemiology

"Gender & Relative Deviance in Young Adult Drinking & Driving," Nancy Schmidt; April 11, 3501 Oxford, 2 pm


"Executive Function in Older Women: Relationship to Physical Function, Instrumental Activities of Daily Living & Activities of Daily Living," Carmela Battaglia; April 15, 117 Parran, 12:30-2:30 pm


"Somatic Mutation at the Glycophorin A Locus in Human Newborns: Statistical Considerations & the Effect of in Utero Exposures," Heather Gordish; April 15, 109 Parran, 1 pm


"Interviewing the Opinions: Principle, Practicality & Politics in the Trial of King Louis XVI," Benjamin Reilly; April 15, 3M51 Posvar, 1:30 pm


"Sedentism, Site Occupation & Settlement Organization at LaJoya, A Formative Village in the Sierra de los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico," Valerie McCormack; April 15, 3H51 Posvar, 4 pm


"As Far As Anyone Knows: Fetishism & the Anti-Televisual Paradoxes of Film Noir," Hugh Manon; April 16, 526 CL, 10 am-noon

Human Genetics

"Genetic Variation in the Uncoupling & Fatty Acid Binding Protein Gene Families: A Multi Locus Approach to Investigating Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes," Coleen Damcott; April 17, 117 Victoria, noon

History & Philosophy of Science

"Mechanisms & Interfering Factors: Dealing With Heterogeneity in the Biological & Social Sciences," Daniel Steel; April 18, 1001D CL, 10 am


Studio Arts Exhibition

Mon-Sat 10 am-4 pm, Th until 8 pm, University Art Gallery, FFA (8-2423)


Kuntu Repertory Theatre

"Sun Rising on the Hill District," directed by Ricardo Wiley; April 4 at 11 am, 7th fl. aud. Alumni Hall (4-7298)

Kuntu Repertory Theatre

"Killing Me Softly," directed by Ricardo Wiley; April 4 & 5 at 8 pm, 7th fl. aud. Alumni Hall (4-7298)

Pitt Repertory Theatre

"The Learned Ladies," directed by Melanie Dreyer; through April 21, Tue-Sat at 8 pm, Sun at 2 pm, Heymann Theatre (4-7529)

Titusville Campus

"The Boys Next Door," directed by Paul Lukach; April 4-6, Haskell Aud., UPT, 7:30 pm (814/827-4460)

Kuntu Repertory Theatre

"Eighth Day of the Week," directed by Vernell Lillie; April 7, 7th fl. aud. Alumni, 4 pm (4-7298)

Event Deadline

The next issue of the University Times calendar will be published April 18. It will contain events of April 18-May 2. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 pm April 11 at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information may be sent by fax to 4-4579 or e-mail to

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