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April 4, 2002


To the editor:

Congratulations on your excellent coverage of issues of academic freedom in your March 21, 2002 edition. (Four articles: Corporatization of University, Law Clinic On Campus, Middle States Report, and Chairperson Dietrich's Comments. These were great coverage of this dynamic issue.) In America, we are never fully satisfied because our job is never fully done. How can we have freedom and order? How can we have dissent without chaos? The answer is, you never really do. You always strive for the balance. Sometimes freedom wins. Other times order is required. It's dynamic, ongoing and never done.

However, let us never discredit these soldiers in this battle who struggle constantly to achieve a harmony between these two opposing forces.

All can complain, but few can accomplish. As far as our current administrators are concerned, the progress of the University over the past seven years speaks for itself.

Douglas Marvin

Financial Aid Counselor

Admissions and Financial Aid

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