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University of Pittsburgh
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May 2, 2002


To the editor:

I would like to write a thank you letter, as I am leaving the University of Pittsburgh on May 3.

As I leave the University to embark on a new position, I wanted to thank some of the people I have worked with and for throughout my 14-year career here. Many of these individuals I have great respect for and many have taken the time to teach and mentor me in my career. From the red ink of revised memos, balancing the Indirect Cost pool, or just bouncing ideas and frustrations off each other, I have learned a great deal.

I want to thank the following: Jim Borowski, Art Luba, Bill Laird, Sharon Sobol, Kathy Sidorovich, the GSPH administrators (Edi, Eileen T., Tina, Linda, Robin, Matt, Barb, Mary, Michele, Elly and Arlene), Dr. Herbert Rosenkranz, Dr. Edmund Ricci, Dr. Edgar Duncan and Dr. Kevin Kearns (for telling me to stay in grad school). These are the people from whom I have learned and who have impacted my career at Pitt. I have learned a great deal from each of you, and what I have learned will always be with me. For those I have failed to mention, I apologize; it is not with intent that I forget, but that list would take many, many pages.

Also I wanted to thank this University for giving me the opportunity to complete an undergraduate (College of General Studies) and a graduate degree (Graduate School of Public and International Affairs) and develop a profession as an administrator. I have truly fond memories from my time spent here and want to wish the University my sincere best wishes.

David Silk

Director Budget and Finance Graduate School of Public Health Dean's Office

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