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University of Pittsburgh
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May 16, 2002

AAU rankings include data for regional campuses

Among the 14 AAU public university branch campuses that focus on baccalaureate-level education, Pitt's Bradford campus ranked 11th during 2001-2002 for average salary of full professors (Bradford average: $61,300) and 10th for both associate professors ($51,700) and assistant professors ($41,700).

The year before, Bradford ranked 9th for full, 12th for associate and 11th for assistant professors.

Greensburg ranked 8th for average salary of full professors ($64,300) this year, 13th for associate professors ($50,100) and 12th for assistant professors ($40,500).

That's compared with 11th place for full professors and 13th place for both associate and assistant professors at Greensburg the previous year.

The Johnstown campus ranked 10th for average salary of full professors ($61,500), 9th for associate professors ($51,800) and 11th for assistant professors ($41,300) — compared with 8th, 11th and 12th place, respectively, the year before.

Penn State branch campuses paid the highest average salaries for all three ranks: full ($73,300), associate ($61,500) and assistant professors ($50,300).

Penn State's average salaries also were highest among the four AAU campuses that confer at least 75 percent of their degrees below the bachelor's level. Pitt's Titusville campus for the fifth consecutive year ranked last among the four campuses, for both associate ($42,900) and assistant professors ($37,700).

Because Titusville employs fewer than three full professors, salary information for that rank was not reported.

— Bruce Steele

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