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April 4, 2013


Thursday 4

Irvine-Pitt-Princeton Philosophy of Science Conf.

After Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968, riots erupted in cities across the country and then-President Lyndon B. Johnson called for a Day of National Mourning to be observed three days later. The University Library System will recount Pittsburgh’s participation in that 1968 Day of National Mourning April 5 with a program and a series of black-and-white photographs taken that day by local photographer Charles Martin. He captured the day as thousands of local residents peacefully marched from the fire-ravaged Hill District to the Federal Building, Downtown. The program will take place at 10 a.m. April 5 in Hillman Library’s Dick Thornburgh Room.

After Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968, riots erupted in cities across the country and then-President Lyndon B. Johnson called for a Day of National Mourning to be observed three days later. The University Library System will recount Pittsburgh’s participation in that 1968 Day of National Mourning April 5 with a program and a series of black-and-white photographs taken that day by local photographer Charles Martin. He captured the day as thousands of local residents peacefully marched from the fire-ravaged Hill District to the Federal Building, Downtown. The program will take place at 10 a.m. April 5 in Hillman Library’s Dick Thornburgh Room.

“Mathematical & Conceptual Foundations on Physics,”

9 am-7 pm

(Also Apr. 5; register:

Spring Supplier Show

“Celebrating Diversity & Sustainability”;

Soldiers & Sailors ballrm., 10:30 am-2:30 pm


HSLS Workshop

“Focus on Behavioral Medicine: Searching in PsycINFO,”

Michele Klein Fedyshin;

Falk Library classrm. 1, 10:30 am


Molecular Biophysics/Structural Biology Seminar

“Using Mass Spectrometry as a Structural Tool in Examining Glycine Receptor Allostery,”

Michael Cascio;

6014 BST3, 11 am

GSPH Lecture

“Return on Investment: The Nurse Family Partnership Program,”

Roberta Patrizio;

109 Parran, 11:30 am

Medicine Lecture

“We Rarely Eat Fish & Spend Millions on Fish Oil, but Should We?”

Matthew Muldoon;

A115 Crabtree, noon

EOH Seminar

“Resolution vs. Immunosuppression: The Double-Edged Sword in Lung Injury,”

Janet Lee;

540 Bridgeside Point, noon


Academic Career Development Forum

“2013 Women in Medicine & Science,”

Linda Pololi, Brandeis;

Scaife conf. rm. & Starzl, 2-8:30 pm

(also Apr. 5, 8 am-5:30 pm; register:

Chemistry Seminar

“Success Stories in the Development of ‘Green’ Pyrotechnics,”

Jesse Sabatini, U.S. Army;

150 Chevron, 2:30 pm


LRDC 50th Anniversary Lecture

“Open-Ended Environments That Help Middle School Students Develop Metacognitive Strategies for Learning Science,”

Gautam Biswas, Vanderbilt;

UClub, 3 pm (4-7020)

GSPH Lecture

“Bivariate Quantile & Statistical Downscaling for Climate Projections,”

Xuming He;

A115 Crabtree, 3:30 pm

Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium

“Vertical Plate Tectonics & Dynamics of Western Anatolia,”

Russell Pysklywec, U of Toronto;

11 Thaw, 4 pm


Provost’s Inaugural Lecture

“Prophet Against Slavery: Benjamin Lay, Atlantic Abolitionist,”

Marcus Rediker;

2500 Posvar, 4 pm (4-0784)

Business Lecture

“Starbucks Channel Development: Building a Blueprint for Growth,”

Jeff Hansberry;

UClub conf. rm. A, 5 pm


Contemporary Italian Film

“È Stato il Figlio”;

125 FFA, 7 pm

Friday 5

• Last day for fall term enrollment appointments.

ULS Lecture

“The MLK Jr. Pgh. March: Through the Lens of Charles Martin,”

Charles Martin;

Dick Thornburgh Rm., Hillman, 10 am

Bradford Campus Admissions Session

UPB, 10 am


Global Humanities/World History Conf.

202 FFA, 10 am-2:15 pm


Communication/Medicine Marcella Finegold Memorial Debate

“Should There Be a Surtax on Sugary Drinks?”

7th fl. aud., Montefiore, 11 am

UCSUR Seminar

“Micro-Participation: Community Engaging in Planning With Social Media,”

Jennifer Evans-Cowley;

3343 Forbes Ave., noon

Human Genetics Seminar

“Genomics & Paleontology: Complementary Windows on Primate Evolutionary History,”

Christopher Beard;

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, noon


Emerging Legends Concert

Phil Smith & Steve Weber;

Cup & Chaucer, gr. fl. Hillman, noon

Physical Therapy Clinical Rounds

4060 Forbes Twr., noon

GI Research Rounds

“Update on Mechanisms That Underlie Nausea & Vomiting,”

Charles Horn;

Presby conf. rm. M2, noon


GSPH Panel

“Career Development”;

109 Parran, noon

Psychiatry Meet the PI Lecture

“The Nonmotor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease: Disorders in Sleep, Motivation, Mood & Cognition,”

Jody Cameron;

Detre aud., noon


Anthropology Colloquium

“Reimagining the State: Political Mobilization Between Cynicism & Resistance in Lebanon,”

Sami Hermez;

3106 Posvar, 3 pm

HSLS Workshop

“Painless PubMed,”

Charlie Wessel;

Falk Library classrm. 1, 3:30 pm (

Philosophy of Science Workshop

“Relativistic Causality in Quantum Field Theory & General Relativity”;

location TBA, 3:30 pm

(through Apr. 7; register:


Daphne Alderson; Heinz Chapel, 8 pm

Carpathian Music Ensemble Concert

Bellefield aud., 8 pm


Pitt Dance Ensemble Concert

“In Flux”;

Alumni 7th fl. aud., 8 pm

(also Apr. 6)

Saturday 6

• Fall term open enrollment period begins.

Dental Hygienist Seminar

“Local Anesthetics,”

Matthew Cooke, Paul Moore & Angelina Riccelli;

2148 Salk, 8 am-5 pm (also Apr. 7)

Bradford Campus Lecture

“Shale Gas Resources: On Marcellus & Utica Shale”;

138 Blaisdell, UPB, 8-11:15 am


Classics Lectures

“Just the Other Side of Language: On the Possibility (& Impossibility) of Translating Aeschylus,”

Peter Burian, Duke, 9:30 am;

“Julia Ward Howe’s Hippolytus,”

Helene Foley, Columbia, 10:30 am;

UClub Gold Rm.

Nationality Rooms Scholarship Awards Presentation

332 CL, 1 pm

SGA Semi-Formal/Talent Presentation

O’Hara Student Ctr., 9 pm-midnight

Sunday 7

Episcopal Service

Heinz Chapel, 11 am


Women’s Choral Ensemble Spring Concert

Heinz Chapel, 3 pm

Engineering Sustainability Conf.

“Innovation & the Triple Bottom Line”;

Convention Ctr., Downtown

(through Apr. 9)


In celebration of Ravi Shankar’s birthday;

Bellefield aud., 5 pm

Education & Cultural Presentation

“Lakota Elders Find Their Strength to Challenge Genocide”;

121 Lawrence, 6:30 pm

Monday 8

Engineering Sustainability Conf. Plenary Lectures

“How to Think Like a World Changer,”

Alex Steffen, 8:30 am;

“Developing Education & Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to Actualize Social Ventures in Developing Countries,”

Khanjan Mehta, Penn State, 12:30 pm;

Convention Ctr., Downtown

Engineering Leadership Seminar

Bruce Bickel;

102 Benedum, noon


HSLS Workshop

“PowerPoint for Conf. Posters,”

Julia Jankovic;

Falk Library classrm. 2, noon (

Greensburg Campus Writers’ Festival

118 Village, UPG, 7 pm (through Apr. 11;

Tuesday 9

GI Education Program

“Vascular Disorders of the GI Tract,”

Matthew Coates;

Presby conf. rm. M2, 7:30 am


Engineering Sustainability Conf. Plenary Lecture

“The Organic City: Urbanism Redefined,”

Mitchell Joachim;

Convention Ctr., Downtown, 8:30 am

CTSI/Clinical Research Workshop

“Research Coordinator Orientation”;

S120 BST, 8:30 am-4:15 pm

(register:; also Apr. 10, 8:30 am-3:30 pm)

Molecular Medicine Research Seminar

“Molecular Phenotyping of Asthma,”

Prescott Woodruff;

Children’s Hospital, noon


Philosophy of Science Talks

“Getting What We Pay For: Incentives, Social Structure & the Closing of the Scientific Mind,”

Kyle Stanford;

“Understanding the Reward System of Science: An Economic Approach,”

Kevin Zollman;

817R CL, 12:05 pm

MMG Seminar

“Point-Counterpoint: B & T Lymphocytes in Human Herpesvirus 8 (KSHV) Infection,”

Charles Rinaldo;

503 Bridgeside Point II, 3:15 pm


Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Seminar

“Complex Role of GABAergic Inhibition in Health & Disease,”

Jamie Maguire;

1395 Starzl BST, 3:30 pm

Bradford Campus Workshop

“Grant Writing: Budgeting”;

200 Seneca, UPB, 5:30-9:30 pm


Pitt Bowling League

PAA, 5:30 pm

(Tuesdays through April; 4-8956)

Bradford Campus Lecture

“The Murder of Fledglings,”

Marvin Thomas;

Fisher Rice aud., UPB, 8 pm

Wednesday 10

Clinical Oncology & Hematology Grand Rounds

“The Impact of Molecular Genetics on Diagnosis & Management of Thyroid Cancer: The UPMC/UPCI Experience,”

Steven Hodak;

Herberman conf. ctr., 8 am


CTSI Workshop

“Reviewing Scientific Colleagues: Responsibilities of Peer Review,”

Clayton Wiley;

7039 Forbes Twr., noon

Pathology Seminar

“Social Relationships & Health: The Importance of Friends,”

John Cacioppo, U of Chicago;

1104 Scaife, noon

SAC Mtg.

630 WPU, noon

CIDDE Workshop

“Teaching Portfolios”;

815 Alumni, 1 pm


HSLS Workshop

“Primer Design & Restriction Analysis,”

Carrie Iwema;

Falk Library classrm. 2, 1 pm

Senate Council Mtg.

2700 Posvar, 3 pm

Starzl Prize in Surgery & Immunology Award Presentation/Lecture

“The Surgeon’s Laboratory,”

Joel Cooper, Penn;

Scaife lect. rm. 6, 4 pm

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Resident Lecture

“Cleft Lip & Palate I”;

G33 Salk, 4 pm


GI Grand Rounds

Kavitha Thudi & Matthew Warndorf;

11 Scaife, 5 pm (

PA Cancer Planning Summit Reception

Herberman Conf. Ctr., 6 pm (

Greensburg Campus Cobetto Lecture

“When the Earth Moves Under Our Feet: The PA Marcellus Gas Rush,”

Wendy Lee, Bloomsburg;

Ferguson Theater, UPG, 7 pm

Thursday 11

PA Cancer Planning Summit

Herberman Conf. Ctr., 7:30 am-5 pm

Adolescent Health Research Symposium

Maria Trent & Elizabeth Saewyc;

Children’s Hospital, 8 am-2 pm


Bradford Campus Health & Wellness Fair

Frame-Westerberg Commons, Mukaiyama U Rm., UPB, 11 am-2 pm

Molecular Biophysics/Structural Biology Seminar

Daniel Raleigh;

6014 BST3, 11 am

Law Lecture

“What Lawyers & Law Students Can Learn From Abraham Lincoln About Professionalism & Communication,”

Talmage Boston; WPU lower lounge, noon


CTSI Workshop

“Implementing Ethical Conduct of Human Participant Research,”

Karen Schmidt;

7039 Forbes Twr., noon

ADRC Lecture

“Decision Quality & the Use of Cardiac Rhythm Regulating Devices in Adults With Cognitive Impairment,”

Nicole Fowler;

S439 Montefiore, noon

GSPH Lecture

“The Integration of mHealth in a Program of Behavior Change Research,”

Lora Burke, nursing;

A115 Crabtree, noon

Emerging Legends Concert

Ben Hartlage;

Cup & Chaucer, gr. fl. Hillman, 1 pm

HSLS Workshop

“Painless PubMed,”

Linda Hartman;

Falk Library classrm. 1, 1 pm


Chemistry Seminar

“Targeting Carbohydrate Biomarkers Using Synthetic Lectin Mimics,”

Binghe Wang, GA State;

150 Chevron, 2:30 pm

European Studies Lecture

“A Tale of Three Hagia Sophias: Conversion, Museumification, Contestation,”

Tugba Tanyeri-Erdemir, Middle East Technical U;

4217 Posvar, 3 pm


Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium

Jamers Gardner;

203 Thaw, 4 pm


Provost’s Inaugural Lecture

“Ex Ova Omnia,”

Aleksandar Rajkovic, medicine;

Scaife lect. rm. 6, 4 pm

Law Lecture

“Lessons in Ethics & Excellence From the Two Most Important Lawyers of the Last 50 Years: Leon Jaworski & James Baker,”

Talmage Boston;

Teplitz Memorial Moot Courtrm., 5 pm


Bradford Campus Workshop

“Stretching Your Nonprofit Staff: Volunteer Recruitment, Management & Retention”;

200 Seneca, UPB, 5:30 pm


Bradford Campus Workshop

“Sugar Blues”;

200 Seneca, UPB, 6:30 pm


Contemporary Italian Film

“Il Giorno in Più”;

125 FFA, 7 pm

History/Humanities Ctr. Readings/Lecture

“Peoples’ Poetry/Peoples’ History: How Movements From Below Create & Use Poetry & History,”

Martín Espada, UMass-Amherst & Marcus Rediker, history;

2500/2501 Posvar, 7:30 pm


Friday 12

European Studies Symposium

“Europe: East & West”;

WPU dining rm. A & B & Kurtzman Rm., 9 am-3:30 pm


Physical Therapy Clinical Rounds

4060 Forbes Twr., noon

Sr. VC’s Research Seminar

“Project Tycho: Open Access to a Century of Infectious Disease Surveillance in the U.S.,”

Wilbert van Panhuis;

Scaife lect. rm. 6, noon

Intelligent Systems Program Distinguished Lecture

“Behavioral Signal Processing: Possibilities & Opportunities for Informatics,”

Shrikanth Narayanan, USC;

5317 Sennott, 12:30 pm


Philosophy of Science Lecture

“Ceteris Paribus Laws in Continuum Mechanics,”

Sheldon Smith, UCLA;

817R CL, 3:30 pm

Theatre Arts Farewell Address

“The Last Class,”

Attilio Favorini;

Charity Randall Theatre, 4 pm


Law School Presentation

“Marjorie Matson Woman of the Year Award Ceremony,”

Diane Perer;

Harvard Yale Princeton Club, Downtown, 6 pm


Gamelan Concert

Bellefield aud., 8 pm

(also Apr. 13)

Sunday 14

Jewish Studies Lecture

“Squirrel Hill & Jewish Pgh. by the Numbers,”

Chris Briem & Josh Donner;

1500 Posvar, 10 am (

Heinz Chapel Choir Spring Concert

Heinz Chapel, 3 pm


Amine Bop, Robin Driscoll, Linda Fisher & Rob Frankenberry;

Bellefield aud., 7 pm

Monday 15

GSPH Dean’s Day

Oral presentations & awards; A115 Crabtree, 10 am

CTSI Workshop

“Inviting Community Participation in Your Research: Educational & Research Ethics,”

Michael Yonas;

7039 Forbes Twr., noon

Contemporary Writers Seminar

Anne Fadiman; FFA aud., 8:30 pm (4-6508)

Tuesday 16

GI Education Program

“Systematic Review/Meta Analysis,”

Shrinivas Bishu;

Presby conf. rm. M2, 7:30 am (

Senate Community Relations Committee Mtg.

Van riders meet 10:50 a.m. in Posvar elevator lobby for Larimer tour;

mtg. at the Kingsley Assn. 2nd fl. mtg. rm., 6435 Frankstown Ave., noon

Bradford Campus Vocal Ensemble Spring Concert

KOA Speer Electronics Lobby, UPB, 11:30 am

Basic & Translational Research Seminar

Rebecca Crowley, biomedical informatics;

UPMC Cancer Pavilion, west wing aud., noon (

Molecular Medicine Research Seminar

“A Wisconsin Soil Fungus Reveals Surprising Twists & Turns: Where BAD Begets Good & DARK Casts Light on the Biology of Fungal Disease,”

Bruce S. Klein, U of WI;

Rangos Research Ctr. aud., noon


Bradford Campus Workshop

“PowerPoint: Adding Style to Your PowerPoint Presentations”;

200 Seneca, UPB, 1-5 pm


Social Epidemiology Journal Club

Forbes Twr. 7th fl. conf. rm., 4 pm

Provost’s Inaugural Lecture

“Three Decades of Programmatic Research on Juvenile-Onset Depressive Disorders: From Phenomenology to Mechanisms,”

Maria Kovacs, medicine;

Scaife lect. rm. 6, 4 pm

Wednesday 17

Clinical Oncology & Hematology Grand Rounds

“Targeting the Lysosome & Autophagy to Improve Cancer Therapy,”

Ravi Amaravadi;

Herberman conf. ctr., 8 am


HSLS Workshop

“Painless PubMed,”

Michele Klein Fedyshin;

Falk Library classrm. 1, 9 am


Pathology Seminar

“Beclin 1-P13K-III: Autophagy Control, Neurodegeneration & Beyond,”

Zhenyu Yue;

1104 Scaife, noon

CTSI Workshop

“Societal Responsibility: Communicating Science to the Public,”

Judy Cameron;

7039 Forbes Twr., noon

HSLS Workshop

“Pathway Analysis Tools 2,”

Ansuman Chattopadhyay;

Falk Library classrm. 2, 1 pm


CIDDE Workshop

“Syllabus Development”;

815 Alumni, 2 pm


Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Resident Lecture

“Cleft Lip & Palate II”;

G33 Salk, 4 pm (

GI Grand Rounds

11 Scaife, 5 pm (

University Symphony Orchestra

Bellefield aud., 8 pm

Thursday 18

Pitt-Philippines Joint Workshop

“Emerging Diseases & New Pathogen Discovery”;

UClub (also Apr. 19)

Molecular Biophysics/Structural Biology Seminar

“Sequence Dependent Behavior of  Poly  (Lactic-co-Glycolic Acid)s & the Implications of These Differences for Drug Delivery & Degradable Cell Scaffolding,”

Tara Meyer, chemistry;

6014 BST3, 11 am

CTSI Workshop

“Making the Most of a Mentoring Relationship: Mentee Responsibilities,”

Melissa McNeil;

7039 Forbes Twr., noon

Senate Plenary Session

“The Cyberlearning Revolution in Higher Education”;

WPU Assembly Rm., noon-3 pm

GSPH Lecture

“Evolution of Cystatin C as a Marker of Kidney Function,”

Linda Fried;

A115 Crabtree, noon

Chemistry Seminars

“Molecular Artificial Photosynthetic Systems for Reduction of CO2,”

Michael Hopkins, U of Chicago, 2:30 pm;

“A Phototouch on Amines: New Synthetic Adventures of Nitrogen Radical Cations by Visible Light Photocatalysis,”

Nan Zheng, Arkansas, 4 pm;

150 Chevron (4-8200)

Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium

Marion Divers;

11 Thaw, 4 pm


Provost’s Inaugural Lecture

“Needles & Nukes: Expanding the Frontiers of Spine Neurosurgery,”

Peter Gerszten, medicine;

Scaife lect. rm. 6, 4 pm

Contemporary Italian Film

“La Nave Dolce”;

Alumni 7th fl. aud., 7 pm

Bradford Campus Concert

The DePue Brothers Band;

Bromeley Family Theater, Blaisdell, UPB, 7:30 pm


Pitt Jazz Ensemble Concert

Bellefield aud., 8 pm


SHRS/Rehabilitation Science

“Intensity of Rehabilitation Interventions as a Predictor of Outcomes in Skilled Nursing Facility Residents,”

Sharon Novalis;

Apr. 4, 5073 Forbes Twr., 2 pm

A&S/History of Art & Architecture

“Reclaiming Public Life, Building Public Spheres: Contemporary Art, Institutions & Exhibitions in Post-1989 Europe,”

Izabel Galliera;

Apr. 4, 104 FFA, 2:30 pm


“Educating Immigrant Children in the U.S.: A Mixed Method Analysis of Achievement of Hispanic Students in PA,”

Monica Jacobo;

Apr. 4, 3600 Posvar, 2:30 pm

Medicine/Computational Biology

“Computational Models of Inflammation & Wound Healing,”

Cordelia Ziraldo;

Apr. 4, 6014 BST3, 3 pm


“Partitioned Methods for Coupled Fluid Flow Problems,”

Hoang Tran;

Apr. 4, 703 Thackery, 3 pm

A&S/History of Art & Architecture

“Creating Visual Emblems for Eastern Zhou Militarized Frontier Societies (771-221 BCE),”

Jiayao Han;

Apr. 4, 104 FFA, 4 pm


“God, Sex & the Internet: The Faithful, Virtual & Sexual Lives of Contemporary Evangelical Christians,”

Kelsey Burke;

Apr. 8, 2432 Posvar, 1 pm

Nursing/Acute & Tertiary Care

“Interaction Effects on Nursing Care Quality of Older Adults in the ICU,”

Marci Lee Nilsen;

Apr. 9, 451 Victoria, 1 pm

A&S/Religious Studies

“Leading the Good Life: Biographical Narratives & Instructions for Buddhist Laywomen in the High Qing Period: 1683-1839,”

Hongyu Wu;

Apr. 10, 2628 CL, 9 am


“The Genres of Europeanization: Moving Toward the New Heimatfilm,”

Yvonne Franke;

Apr. 10, 1218 CL, 10 am


“Chary Opportunists: Money, Values & Change in Postsocialist Romania,”

Narcis Tulbure;

Apr. 10, 3106 Posvar, 11:30 am


“Cerebral Pleasures; Children’s Literature & Philosophy,”

Kathleen Pendlebury;

Apr. 10, 501 CL, noon


“J.M. Coetzee: Ethics, Subalternity & the Critique of Humanism,”

Deepa Jani;

Apr. 10, 512 CL, 1 pm


“Fighting for a Common Culture: Literary Theory in the Age of Reagan,”

Dan Kubis;

Apr. 10, 512 CL, 3 pm

Business/Operations, Decision Sciences & Artificial Intelligence

“Modeling Patient Flow in a Network of Intensive Care Units (ICUs),”

Yazan Roumani;

Apr. 11, 102 Mervis, noon


“A Free Union?: The Sexual Politics of Progressive-Era Socialist Novels,”

Alicia Williamson;

Apr. 11, 501 CL, 3 pm


“Postvocalic /r/ in New Orleans English: Language, Place & Commodification,”

Christine Schoux;

Apr. 12, 2818 CL, 10 am


“The Association Between Body Composition, Mitochondrial Function & Fatigability, & Physical Function in Older Adults,”

Adam J. Santanasto;

Apr. 12, 309B Parran, 12:30 pm

Medicine/Molecular Pharmacology

“Molecular Determinants of Response to Antiangiogenic Therapies in Preclinical Models of Head & Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma,”

Rekha Gyanchandani;

Apr. 12, 1395 BST, 1 pm

A&S/Hispanic Languages & Literatures

“Configurando la Diáspora Africana en las Américas desde el Pensamiento Político, Radical y Hereje de Manuel Zapata Olivella (1920-2004),”

George Palacios;

Apr. 12, 1528 CL, 1 pm


“Try to Lift Someone Else as We Climb: 120 Years of the Women’s Press Club of Pittsburgh & the Women’s Movement,”

Candi Carter Olson;

Apr. 12, 1128 CL, 1 pm


“Henry James’s ‘Various America’: The Novel, Freedom & Modernity,”

Jonathan Hayes;

Apr. 12, 602 CL, 1 pm


“Associations Between Weight Loss & Regain, Cytokine Concentration & Insulin Resistance Among Overweight/Obese Adults,”

Erica Ambeba;

Apr. 12, 451 Victoria, 2 pm


“Processing of Smoking & Monetary Rewards Among Chronic Smokers: Characterization of Neural Response, Moderation by Abstinence & Association With Smoking Cessation Outcomes,”

Maggie Sweitzer;

Apr. 15, 4127 Sennott, 9 am


“Studies of Reproductive Health Among Childbearing Age Women in Rural South India,”

Jamie Eastman;

Apr. 15, A622 Crabtree, 10 am

Medicine/Molecular Pharmacology

“Targeted Deletion of Ptp4a3 Inhibits Colon Carcinogenesis & Angiogenesis,”

Mark Zimmerman;

Apr. 15, 1395 BST, 10 am

GSPH/Human Genetics

“The Role of the ATR-CHEK1 Pathway in Therapeutic Resistance Resulting From Distal 11q Loss in Carcinoma Cells,”

Madhav Sankunny;

Apr. 15, 309B Parran, 10 am


“A Body of Text: Physical Culture & the Marketing of Mobility,”

Andrea Lapin;

Apr. 15, 501 CL, 10 am

A&S/Physics & Astronomy

“A Search for W_R & Heavy Majorana Neutrino in Dimuon Channel With the ATLAS Experiment,”

Reza Yoosoofmiya;

Apr. 15, 362 Thackeray, 2 pm

Medicine/Integrative Molecular Biology

“A Yeast Genomic Screen to Identify Effectors of Kir2.1 Plasma Membrane Residence,”

Alex Kolb;

Apr. 15, 219B Langley, 3 pm


“Found in Translation: Western Science Books, Maps & Music in China, 1860s to 1920s,”

Liangyu Fu;

Apr. 15, 1128 CL, 3 pm

A&S/Hispanic Languages & Literatures

“Mediación de Espacios Identitarios en las Escrituras Puertorriqueñas de las Primeras Décadas del Siglo XX,”

Nashieli Marcano;

Apr. 16, 1528 CL, 10 am


“Use of Joint Modeling Approach for Time-to-Event Data With Competing Risks,”

Bo Fu;

Apr. 16, A425 Crabtree, 11 am

Health & Rehabilitation Sciences/Rehabilitation Science

“Developing Self-Management Skills in Persons With Spina Bifida Through mHealth Applications: Design & Clinical Efficacy,”

Andrea Fairman;

Apr. 16, 4065 Forbes Twr., 5:30 pm


“The Apocalypse Archive: American Literature & the Nuclear Bomb,”

Bradley Fest;

Apr. 17, 501 CL, 10 am


“The Subject of Torture: Rhetorical Investigations of U.S. Detention & Interrogation Policy in the Global War on Terrorism,”

Michael Vicaro;

Apr. 17, 1109B CL, noon


“The Use of Multiple Group Outlier Detection Methods to Identify Informative Brain Regions in Magnetic Resonance Images,”

Nathan Pugh;

1 pm, April 17, A522 Crabtree

Medicine/Molecular Virology & Microbiology

“The Role of the Herpes Simplex Virus Type I UL28 Protein in Terminase Complex Assembly & Function,”

Jason Heming;

Apr. 18, 503 Bridgeside Point II, 9 am


Bradford Campus

“Oh, the Humanity”;

Blaisdell Theater, UPB, Apr. 4-6 at 7:30 pm, Apr. 7 at 2 pm


Greensburg Campus

“Eleanor: An American Love Story”;

Palace Theater, 21 W. Otterman St., Greensburg, Apr. 4 & 5, 7:30 pm


Pitt Repertory Theatre

“City of Asylum”;

Charity Randall Theatre, Apr. 4-14, Tu-Sat 8 pm, Sun 2 pm  (


Barco Law Library

“The Art of Japanese Noh Drama” is on display at the Barco Law Library through May 17.

“The Art of Japanese Noh Drama” is on display at the Barco Law Library through May 17.

“The Art of Japanese Noh Drama,”

Tsukioka Kogyo;

Barco law lib., through May 17, M-Th 7 am-10 pm, F 7 am-8 pm, Sat 10 am-6 pm, Sun 10 am-10 pm

Bradford Campus

“Affairs of the Art”;

KOA Art Gallery, UPB, through Apr. 19, M-Th 8:30 am-8 pm, F 8:30

Studio Arts Student Exhibition

University Art Gallery, FFA, through Apr. 27, M-F 10 am-4 pm, Sat. Apr. 27 10 am-4 pm am-6 pm


“Reconstruction of Leibniz’s Amazing 1670s Cipher Machine,”

Nicholas Rescher;

363 Hillman, through Apr. 28, reg. library hours (


Steven Manners Faculty Development Awards

Application deadline Apr. 12. (

CEED Fellowships

Application deadline Apr. 22. (

Bridge Funding to Support Research

Application deadline May 1. (

Chancellor’s Affirmative Action Award

Nomination deadline May 1 to the University Senate office, 1234 CL. (8-7860)

Event Deadline

The next issue of the University Times will include University and on-campus events of April 18-May 2. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 pm on April 11 at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information may be sent by fax to 4-4579 or email to


The University Times events calendar includes Pitt-sponsored events as well as non-Pitt events held on a Pitt campus. Each events calendar covers a two-week period; material must be submitted one week prior to publication.

For deadlines, see the current publication schedule.

Information submitted for the calendar should identify the type of event, such as lecture or concert, and the program’s specific title, sponsor, location and time. The name and phone number of a contact person should be included. Information should be sent by email to:, by FAX to: 412/624-4579, or by campus mail to: 308 Bellefield Hall. We cannot guarantee publication of events received after the deadline.

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