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February 2, 2006

130 acres donated to UPB

American Refining Group (ARG) in Bradford has given Pitt’s regional campus there a gift of 130 acres that will enable UPB to nearly double the size of its campus, as well as provide scholarship opportunities for future students.

The property, which has an estimated value in excess of $100,000, is located in Bradford, on the hillside that is situated between Dorothy Lane and Joseph Lane.

The property is owned by ARG and Biochemical, an affiliate of ARG. Both companies are owned by Harry Halloran.

Halloran stipulated that the timber logging rights on the property will belong to another party until 2021, after which the rights will revert to Pitt-Bradford. Halloran said UPB must use any profit from the timber harvest to create a scholarship fund that will provide opportunities for family members of ARG employees who plan on attending Pitt-Bradford.

“Mr. Halloran was kind enough to include, as part of his gift, timber rights associated with this property,” said campus President Livingston Alexander. “We have assured Mr. Halloran that any revenues that come from timber sales will be used to fund scholarships for children and grandchildren of ARG employees. We understand, of course, that the University will not take possession of the timber rights for another 15 years.”

In 1999, ARG donated a one-acre parcel of land at the corner of Dorothy Lane and West Washington Street to UPB.

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