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May 30, 2013

Romoff earned $6 million in 2011

RomoffUPMC President and CEO Jeffrey A. Romoff topped the list of the health care system’s highest-paid employees with compensation of $6,069,750 in calendar year 2011.

In UPMC’s most recent IRS form 990, which must be filed by tax-exempt organizations, Romoff’s base compensation was reported as $958,992. His total compensation also included $2.933 million in bonus and incentive compensation, $426,754 in other reportable compensation, $1,728,427 in retirement and other deferred compensation, and $22,577 in nontaxable benefits.

In the form 990 released earlier this month, UPMC stated that 157 individuals, including those named in the form 990, received more than $100,000 of reportable compensation from the organization in 2011.

Highest compensated non-officers

Excluding officers, directors and trustees, five surgeons were listed as UPMC’s highest-paid employees. Compensation includes base compensation, bonus and incentive compensation, other reportable compensation, retirement and other deferred compensation and nontaxable benefits. They were:

• Neurosurgeon Ghassan Bejjani, $2,482,944.

• Neurosurgeon Richard Spiro, $1,854,825.

• Orthopaedic surgeon Mark Rodosky, $1,821,221.

• Transplant surgeon Abhinav Humar, $1,355,801.

• Neurosurgeon Adnan Abla, $1,359,098.

Key employees

In addition to Romoff, those specified as key employees included in the UPMC 990 filing were:

• Charles E. Bogosta, UPMC executive vice president and president, International and Commercial Services Division, $1,641,872.

• Robert J. Cindrich, UPMC senior adviser to the president, $1,535,591.

• Elizabeth B. Concordia, UPMC executive vice president, $2,510,988.

• Andrea Cotter, senior vice president and chief communications officer, $628,794.

• Sandra N. Danoff, UPMC senior vice president for strategic planning, $1,315,599.

• Daniel Drawbaugh, UPMC senior vice president and chief information officer, $2,236,740.

• David M. Farner, UPMC senior vice president and chief of staff, $1,780,722.

• C. Talbot Heppenstall Jr., UPMC senior vice president and treasurer, $1,133,766.

• Diane P. Holder, UPMC executive vice president and president, UPMC Health Plan, $1,910,367 (all from related organizations).

• W. Thomas McGough, senior vice president and chief legal officer, $1,049,127.

• Gregory K. Peaslee, UPMC senior vice president and chief human resources and administrative services officer, $2,120,920.

• Steven D. Shapiro, chief medical and science officer, $961,661 and $203,237 from related organizations.

• Marshall W. Webster, UPMC executive vice president, $1,264,111 and $131,417 from related organizations.

University of Pittsburgh Physicians (UPP)

The UPMC filing included compensation for members of the UPP faculty-physician partnership.

Amounts represent compensation for UPMC duties, not University pay, although UPP member physicians also were Pitt faculty. Compensation includes base compensation, bonus and incentive compensation, other reportable compensation, retirement and deferred compensation and nontaxable benefits, as well as compensation from related organizations, where applicable.


The following department chairs/division heads were among those compensated by UPP, according to the UPMC 990:

• Derek Angus, critical care medicine, $495,926.

• K. Ty Bae, diagnostic radiology, $560,243.

• Timothy R. Billiar, Division of General Surgery, $684,665 and $254,215 from related organizations.

• Michael Boninger, physical medicine and rehabilitation, $188,963.

• Louis D. Falo Jr., dermatology, $443,211.

• Robert M. Friedlander, neurological surgery, $1,159,013.

• Freddie H. Fu, orthopaedics, $1,303,697.

• Joel S. Greenberger, radiation oncology, $483,577.

• W. Allen Hogge, obstetrics/gynecology, $514,783.

• Jonas T. Johnson, otolaryngology, $695,501.

• David A. Lewis, psychiatry, $445,128.

• Barry London, medicine/cardiology, $467,720.

• James D. Luketich, cardiothoracic surgery, $2,014,849.

• George K. Michalopoulos, pathology, $428,092.

• Joel B. Nelson, urology, $824,088.

• David Hirsch Perlmutter, pediatrics, $459,642.

• Joel S. Schuman, ophthalmology, $550,047.

• Jeannette E. South-Paul, family medicine, $199,804.

• Lawrence Wechsler, neurology, $588,224.

• John P. Williams, anesthesiology, $517,956.

• Donald Yealy, emergency medicine, $298,571.

Highest-paid contractors

UPMC’s five highest-paid contractors were:

• General contractor Baton Malow PJ Dick JV, Pittsburgh, $69,958,643.

•  General contractor AIM Construction, Pittsburgh, $20,354,757.

• Lab services provider ITXM Clinical Services, Pittsburgh, $17,699,747.

• General contractor Rycon Construction, Pittsburgh, $19,641,768.

• Rehabilitation services provider Centers for Rehab Services, McKeesport, $23,308,055.

UPMC stated that 137 independent contractors received reportable compensation from the organization.


UPMC’s 990 filings can be found at

—Kimberly K. Barlow

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