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July 11, 2013


Friday 12

Hepatology Seminar

“Evaluation & Management of Nonvariceal UGI & LGI,”

Adam Slivka;

Presby conf. rm. M2, 7:30 am

Oakland Farmers Market

Schenley Plaza, 3-6 pm

(Fridays through Oct. 25;

Sunday 14

Episcopal Service

Heinz Chapel, 11 am


Tuesday 16

Hepatology Seminar

“Complications of Cirrhosis: Evaluation & Management (Part 1),”

Kapil Chopra;

Presby conf. rm. M2, 7:30 am

Cell Biology Seminar

“GPCR & Cytokine Receptor Signaling in Lung Inflammatory Diseases,”

Yutong Zhao;

Eye & Ear Inst. 5th fl. boardrm., 11 am


MMR Seminar

“The Roles of Lamin & Ataxin-2 in Aging & Metabolism,”

Yosef Gruenbaum;

Rangos aud., noon


Wednesday 17

HSLS Workshop

“Focus on Behavioral Medicine: Searching in PsycINFO,”

Michele Klein Fedyshin;

Falk library classrm. 1, 9 am


CTSI Workshop

“How to Prepare a National Science Foundation Proposal”;

123 U Club, 9:30 am-noon


Thursday 18

CTSI Workshop

“Learn About the Text Information Extraction System”;

S123 BST, 11 am


Friday 19

• Summer 6-wk-2 session deadline for students to submit monitored withdrawal forms to dean’s office.

Hepatology Seminar

“Complications of Cirrhosis: Evaluation & Management (Part 2),”

Shahid Malik;

Presby conf. rm. M2, 7:30 am

HSLS Workshop


Andrea Ketchum;

Falk library classrm. 1, 11:30 am


Sr. VC’s Seminar

“Regulation of Actin Network Organization at Cell-Cell Contacts,”

Adam Kwiatkowski;

Scaife lect. rm. 6, noon


Tuesday 23

Hepatology Seminar

“ERCP: Indication & Complications,”

Jennifer Chennat;

Presby conf. rm. M2, 7:30 am

MMR Seminar

“Metagenomic Studies of the Gut Microbiome in Hospitalized Babies & Children,”

Michael Morowitz;

Rangos aud., noon


Wednesday 24

• Summer 4-wk-3 session deadline for students to submit monitored withdrawal forms to dean’s office.

HSLS Workshop


Jill Foust;

Falk library classrm. 1, 1 pm


Thursday 25

Grand Rounds

“Barrett’s Esophagus,”

Kevin McGrath;

Shadyside west wing aud., 8 am



SHRS/Rehabilitation Science & Technology

“Physical Activity Monitoring System for Manual Wheelchair Users,”

Shivayogi Hiremath;

July 11, 4065 Forbes Twr., 9:30 am


“GWAS Meta-Analysis: Methodology & Application to Human Recombination,”

Ferdouse Begum;

July 11, A622 Crabtree, 11 am

Education/Administrative & Policy Studies

“Supporting Refugee Children in American Schools,”

Timothy Wagner;

July 11, 5702 Posvar, 6 pm

Medicine/Molecular Pharmacology

“Consequences of Immune Activation During Infection With Francisella Tularensis,”

Mitchell Springer;

July 12, 1395 BST, 10 am

Engineering/Industrial Engineering

“Managing HIV Treatment in Limited & Dynamic Environments,”

Amin Khadmi;

July 12, 1060 Benedum, 10:30 am


“Conflicting Visions of Urban Renewal: Visual Representations of Urban Redevelopment in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, 1943-1968,”

Laura Grantmyre;

July 12, 3703 Posvar, 1 pm

Education/Health & Physical Activity

“Parental Influences on Child Weight Loss: Perception, Willingness to Change & Barriers,”

David White;

July 15, 134 Trees, noon

SHRS/Rehabilitation Science & Technology

“Circling Interface: An Alternative Interaction Method for On-Screen Objects Manipulation,”

Hyun W. Ka;

July 17, 4065 Forbes Twr., 1 pm

Medicine/Molecular Virology & Microbiology

“Activity Profiles & Mechanisms of Resistance of 3’-Azido-2’,3’-Dideoxynucleoside Analog Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors of HIV-1,”

Jeffrey Meteer;

July 18, 1103 Scaife, 9:30 am

Medicine/Molecular Biophysics & Structural Biology

“Impact of Nonnucleoside Reverse Transcriptase (RT) Inhibitors on the Enzyme-Substrate Interactions & Intramolecular Dynamics of Wild-Type & Drug Resistant HIV-1 RT,”

Grant Schauer;

July 18, 1018 BST3, 2 pm

GSPH/Behavioral & Community Health Sciences

“An Exploration in the Professional Ideology of Health Promotion & Implications for a Critical Public Health,”

Alina Bodea;

July 19, 210 Parran, 10 am

Medicine/ Molecular Genetics & Developmental Biology

“Identification & Characterization of Senescence-Associated MicroRNAs in the XFE Progeroid Syndrome,”

Lolita Nidadavolu;

July 19, 503 Bridgeside Point II, 10 am


“Engaging the Immune Response to Normalize the Tumor Microenvironment,”

Nina Chi Sabins;

July 19, 1095 BST, 11 am

Education/Health & Physical Activity

“Feasibility of a Campaign Intervention Compared to a Standard Behavioral Weight Loss Program in Overweight & Obese Adults,”

David Garcia;

July 22, 101 Oak Hill Commons, 1 pm


“Peripheral Arterial Disease: Risk Factors, Prevention & Detection,”

Andrew Althouse;

July 22, Crabtree 5th fl. conf. rm., 3 pm


“Immunotherapeutic Action of T-bet Gene Modified Dendritic Cells,”

Lu Chen;

July 23, S123 BST, 11 am

Medicine/ Molecular Biophysics & Structural Biology

“NMR Relaxation Methods to Detect Protein Dynamics: Evaluation of Accuracy, Improvement of the Methodology & Its Application,”

Wazo Zaw Myint;

July 23, 1018 BST3, 1 pm

SHRS/Communication Science & Disorders

“Perceptual Conformity in Facial Emotion Processing,”

April Scott;

July 24, 6012 Forbes Twr., 9:30 am


“Pharmacoepidemiologic Studies: An Interrupted-Time Analysis on Drug Utilization & Evaluation of Beneficial or Adverse Drug Effect,”

Weihsuan (Jenny) Lo-Ciganic;

July 24, 130 N. Bellefield, 5th fl. conf. rm., 2:30 pm


OMET Student Opinion of Teaching Survey Requests

Deadlines vary by session.


Healthcare Entrepreneurship Competition

Nomination deadline is July 12.


CTSI Burroughs Wellcome Fund for Medical Scientists

Applications due July 15.


Fox Center for Vision Restoration Postdoctoral Research Funding

Application deadline is July 29.


UCIS Sheth Distinguished Faculty Award for Int’l Achievement

Nominations due Aug. 1.


UCIS Sheth Int’l Young Alumni Achievement Award

Nominations due Aug. 1.


CTSI Vilcek Funding

Applications due Aug. 14.


Science2013 Art Submissions

What does personalized medicine mean to you? Submission deadline Aug. 15. (

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