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September 26, 2013


Flu Shot Clinics on Campus

The University once again will offer flu shot clinics on campus. Faculty and staff members who carry the University’s medical insurance with UPMC Health Plan still can obtain a flu shot with no out-of-pocket cost. Should you choose to take advantage of an on-campus flu shot clinic, you simply need to present your University ID card and UPMC insurance card; no claim forms are necessary.

The main (Oakland) campus flu shot clinic information is listed below. Faculty and staff members at  regional campuses should expect to see an email from their Human Resources or Student Health Services contact with information specific to their locations.

benefits chart

Flu shots also can be obtained at Falk Pharmacy on any Tuesday or Thursday, September–December, 9 am-3 pm.

UPMC Health Plan members also can obtain a flu shot from a participating provider at no out-of-pocket cost. If plan members obtain a flu shot at a clinic or pharmacy that does not participate with UPMC Health Plan, they will need to pay for the flu shot at the time of service and file a claim form to receive reimbursement. Reimbursement forms can be downloaded from UPMC Health Plan’s web site at under “Commonly Used Forms” located at the bottom of the page.

Individuals who participate in the Panther Advocate plan can receive HIA credits for obtaining a flu shot.

Health Care Reform

In compliance with the Affordable Care Act, all members of the University of Pittsburgh community will be receiving the model notice provided by the federal government along with a cover letter briefly explaining the development of the health care exchanges now commonly known as the health care “Marketplace.” Effective October 1, the Marketplace will be available for citizens to enroll in medical coverage. University of Pittsburgh faculty and staff who have University coverage or are eligible and decline University coverage will not be eligible for government subsidies for Marketplace coverage. As an employer, the University is required to offer “affordable” coverage to all faculty and staff members who, on average, work 30 hours per week over an extended period of time (the Employer Mandate). All University medical plans meet the definition of affordable. Anyone who is not offered coverage through the University, and does not have coverage through another source (e.g. another employer, government sponsored plans) is required to enroll in coverage through the Marketplace (the Individual Mandate). There are penalties for not having medical coverage. During October, there will be significant media coverage regarding this critical piece of the health care reform legislation.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) became law in 1996. Several changes and expansions have taken place since its inception, including strengthening of key provisions and the regulations issued this year. Generally, the law provides for portability of health care coverage. It allows individuals with continuous coverage to avoid the need for waiting periods for any pre-existing conditions if they change employers. The law also provides for the protection of personal health information (PHI). Faculty and staff members will be provided with a post card indicating the availability of the University’s updated Privacy Notice. It can be found on the web site: Hard copies can be obtained by contacting the Benefits Department at 412-624-8160.

Important Vendor Contact Information

Benefits Department

Office hours: 8 am-5 pm EST, 320 Craig Hall

412-624-8160 (Main Line) • 412-624-3485 (Fax)

Please visit our web site for FAQs, downloadable forms and other benefits information.


UPMC Health Plan



United Concordia 1-877-215-3616


Davis Vision 1-800-999-5431


TIAA-CREF 1-800-682-9139

Vanguard 1-800-523-1188

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