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October 24, 2013

Obituary: Adam Obsenica

Funeral services were held Oct. 22, 2013, for finance staff member Adam Obsenica, a senior investment analyst.

Obsenica, 35, died Oct. 17 at UPMC Shadyside of complications related to surgery earlier this year.

A Hopewell native, Obsenica earned a bachelor’s degree in investment management at Duquesne University. He joined the University staff in 2009 and was part of the team responsible for investing the University’s endowment.

His supervisor, assistant treasurer Paul Lawrence, said Obsenica was bright and enjoyed his work. “He was very interested in finance and in personal investing,” Lawrence said. He also was skilled at bringing people together, Lawrence said. “He loved his job and the group.”

Colleague Mike Imbrogno commended Obsenica’s intelligent approach to investing. “He loved reading about finance and about the markets,” he said. “He was a great analyst.”

Obsenica enjoyed good-natured teasing and joking with co-workers. “He had a laugh that would reverberate across the office,” Imbrogno said.

His dislike of the cold amused his colleagues, who would tease him for bundling up like Ralphie’s little brother in “A Christmas Story.”

Obsenica’s office was notoriously messy, piled with accumulated work-related documents that might be needed later. Despite the apparent disarray, he typically could find whatever he needed, Imbrogno said.

He also was known for ordering huge lunches in an attempt to boost his weight, Imbrogno said. Despite his intentions, more often than not, the remnants of the dinner-sized portions would be forgotten in the office refrigerator.

Imbrogno and Obsenica socialized outside of work, spending time golfing, watching sports and barbecuing. “He was a bachelor, so if food was involved, he was there,” Imbrogno joked.

Obsenica cherished having beers with friends, visiting casinos and making friendly wagers with friends. He liked watching sports —particularly ultimate fighting, boxing and Pirates baseball, Imbrogno said.

However, his biggest passion was for golf, Imbrogno said, adding that Obsenica played well, playing often with friends at courses throughout the region.

Obsenica is survived by his parents, Rod and Karen Obsenica, brothers and sisters-in-law Ryan and Rachael Obsenica and Aaron and Kelly Obsenica, and a nephew and niece.

—Kimberly K. Barlow

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