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March 30, 2000


Thursday, March 30

Hematology/Oncology Grand Rounds

"Ovarian Cancer," Robert Ozols; 5th fl. Eye & Ear Boardrm, 8 am

Wellness Fair

WPU Kurtzman Rm. & Ballrm., 10 am-2 pm (648-8251)

Bioethics Grand Rounds

"Environmental Responsibility & Health Care Ethics," Jessica

Pierce, U of NE; lec. rm. 5 Scaife, noon-1 pm

UPCI Immunology Seminar

"Generation & Regeneration of a Novel CTL Subset," Susan McCarthy;

995 BST West, noon


Vs. Buffalo, doubleheader; Trees Field, 1 pm

Biostatistics Seminar

"Automatic Statistical Analysis of EEGs Recorded During an Epileptic

Seizure," Hernando Ombao; A-115 Crabtree, 3:30 pm

Pharmacology Seminar

"Monocytic Fructose1, 6-Bisphosphatase: An Early & Sensitive

Marker of Calcitriol Effects in Cancer Patients," Josephia Muindi;

622 Scaife, 4-5 pm

UPCI Research Seminar

"Nuclear Matrix Proteins: Cancer Biomarkers," Robert Getzenberg;

1095 BST West, 4 pm

Medicine Lecture

"Sustaining the Academic Enterprise: UPMC Health System Vision

for 2000 & Beyond," Jeffrey Romoff; lec. hall 6 Scaife, 4:30 pm

Toastmasters Meeting

1103 Scaife, 6 pm

Greensburg Campus Salsa Lesson

Smith Hall Lounge, UPG, 7:30-9:30 pm (724/836-9942)

Friday, March 31

Medicine Grand Rounds

"Balancing Iron & Erythropoietin in Renal Failure," Anatole Besarab;

lec. rm. 6 Scaife, 8 am

WPIC Lecture

"Schizophrenia & Aging: Myths & Reality," Dilip Jeste, UC, San

Diego; 2nd fl. Detre Aud., 10:30 am-noon (624-0750)

Pharmacology Seminar

"Subunit-Dependent NMDA Receptor Pharmacology & Function," Elias

Aizenman; 1395 BST, noon

Senate Budget Policies Committee Meeting

WPU Dining Rm. B, 12:05-2 pm

Women's Tennis

Vs. Youngstown State; Washington Landing, 3 pm

Center for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"Physical Cosmology & Theology: A New Critique of Theological

Interpretations of Physical Cosmology," Part II, Adolf Grunbaum;

817R CL, 3:30 pm

Classics Lecture

"Alcaeus in Rome, Horace in New Hampshire: Some Lyric Transpositions,"

Andrew Miller; 149 CL, 3:30 pm

Economics Seminar

"Subgame Perfect Equilibria & Communication in Stage Games,"

Alejandro Manelli, AZ State; 4P58 Posvar, 3:30-5 pm

Greensburg Campus Salsa Band Concert

Sabor Latino; Chamber Hall, UPG, 8:30 pm (724/836-9942)


Saturday, April 1

Film Studies Symposium

"Truth at Twenty-Four Frames/Second?: Realism & the Image Now";

2M/2P56 Posvar, 10:15 am-5 pm (624-6564)


Vs. St. John's, doubleheader; Trees Field, noon


Vs. Providence, doubleheader; Frick Park, noon

Sunday, April 2


Vs. Connecticut, doubleheader; Frick Park, 11 am

Women's Tennis

Vs. Canisius; Washington Landing, 11 am


Vs. St. John's; Trees Field, noon

Biology Open House

Pymatuning Lab of Ecology, Linesville, 1-5 pm (for directions:


Bayer/Center for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"Paradoxes of Infinity, Space & Time?" John Norton, history &

philosophy of science; Carnegie Science Center, 3 pm (624-1052)

Pitt Women's Choral Ensemble Concert

FFA Aud., 7 pm (624-4125)

Monday, April 3

History Brown Bag Lecture

"Electronic Monographs in History: Who, How & Why?" John D'Arms,

ACLS; 3P11 Posvar, noon

Nursing Seminar

"Problems & Solutions in Quality of Life Assessment," Carol Ferrans,

U of IL, Chicago; 129 Victoria, noon

Women's Studies Lecture

"Amelia Norman, the Sentimental Novel & the Nineteenth-Century

American Seduction Law," Andrea Hibbard; 501 CL, noon-1 pm

Classics Lecture

"Penelope & the Origins of Greek Art," Elizabeth Barber, Occidental

College; 202 FFA, 3:30 pm

Biology Promotion Seminar

"The Evolution of Separate Sexes & Sexual Dimorphism in Plants:

Studies in the Wild Strawberry," Tia-Lynn Ash-man; 169 Crawford, 4 pm

KQV 1410 AM

"Higher Education Review," guests: Randy Juhl, Diana Wood, Hide

Yamatani, Jen Saffron; 7:05-8 pm

Tuesday, April 4

HR Workshop

"Being in Charge of Your Emotions," Brad Werley; 100 Craig, 9-11

am (to register: 624-8046)

Equal Rights Alliance Rally

For same-sex health benefits & affordable health benefits for

union workers; WPU lawn, noon (422-4535)

Center for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"Interpreting Quantum Field Theory," Laura Ruetsche; 817 CL, 12:05 pm

Vanguard Presentation

"Tax Planning"; HR training rm. Craig, 1-3 pm

History & Philosophy of Science Master's Defense

"Sharing Responsibility for the Failure to Provide Just Access

to Health Care," Tyan Sauder; Suite 300 Med. Arts. Bldg., 1-3 pm


Vs. Kent, doubleheader; Frick Park, 2 pm

Faculty Assembly Meeting

2P56 Posvar, 3 pm

Bayer Chemistry Colloquium

"Synthetic Methods for Chemical Diversity: From Structural to

Conformational Libraries," Richard Taylor, Notre Dame; Chevron

Ashe Aud., 4 pm

Medieval & Renaissance Lecture

"Saint Edward — Then & Now," Janelle Greenberg, history; 144

CL, 4 pm

CMU Dickson Prize in Science Lecture

"Analytical Roots of a Decision Scientist," Howard Raiffa, Harvard;

McConomy Aud., CMU; 4:30 pm (268-5052)

Pitt/CMU Indian Music Concert

McConomy Aud., CMU, 7:30 pm (tickets: 648-7370)

Jewish Studies Public Talk

"American Jews & Their Judaism," Charles Liebman, Bar Ilan U,

Israel; WPU Dining Rm. A, 7:30 pm

Spring Music Honors Recital

FFA Aud., 8 pm (624-4125)

Wednesday, April 5

HR Workshop

"Semester at Sea," Max Brandt; WPU Dining Rm. A, 9-10 am (to

register: 624-8046)

Honors College Undergrad Research Fair

WPU Assembly Rm., 11:30 am-2 pm

Pitt/CMU Workshop

"Ask the IRB," Jeannie Barone; 1102 Scaife, noon-1 pm

Vanguard Presentation

"Managing Your Retirement"; HR training rm. Craig, noon-2 pm

GSPH Dean Search Committee Meeting

A-115 Crabtree, 3 pm

Bayer Francis Clifford Phillips Chemistry Lecture

"Chemical Basis for the Dynamic Behavior of Single Mammalian

Cells," Edward Yeung, Iowa State; 12 Chevron, 6:15 pm

Pitt/CMU Eminent Biologist Lecture

"Behavior, Ecology & Evolution of Frogs & Fishes," Michael Ryan;

Carnegie Museum of Art Aud., 7 pm (624-1200)

Thursday , April 6

Women's Business Clothing Drive

Drop off at Kurtzman Rm. WPU; 7:30-9 am, 11 am-2 pm, 4-6 pm (624-1541)

Medicine's Young Women in Science Day

3rd fl. teaching labs, Scaife & foyer of BST, 9:15 am-3 pm

Alzheimer's Seminar

"Evaluation of a Caregiver Intervention at a Residential Alzheimer's

Disease Facility," Myrna Silverman; ADRC Conf. Rm. Montefiore,

noon-1 pm

Environmental Future Talk

"The Allegheny National Forest: A Case Study in Poor Federal

Stewardship of the Environment," William Luneburg; G-12 Law,

noon-1 pm

UPCI Immunology Seminar

"HLA, Fertility & Mate Choice in the Hutterites," Carole Ober,

U of Chicago; S120 BST, noon

Race in World Perspective Lecture

"Untouchables in India/Blacks in the U.S.: Caste & Race in Comparative

Perspective," Henry Thiagaraj, U of WI; CL Babcock Rm., 40th fl., 1-4 pm (687-6943)

Vanguard Presentation

"Women & Money"; Craig conf. ctr., 1-3 pm

Bayer Francis Clifford Phillips Chemistry Lecture

"Imaging Single Molecules: Implications on Microenvironments

& Disease Diagnosis," Edward Yeung, Iowa State; 12 Chevron, 3:30 pm

Pharmacology Seminar

"Fenfluramine Induced Hypothermia-Role of the Sympathetic Nervous

System," Regis Vollmer; 622 Scaife, 4-5 pm

Toastmasters Meeting

1103 Scaife, 6 pm

Friday, April 7

Aphasia Clinical Grand Rounds

4060 Forbes Tower, 7-8 am (647-1346)

Genetics Seminar

"The Genomics of Pancreatitis," David Whitcomb; A115 Crabtree, noon-1 pm

Pharmacology Seminar

"A PDZ-Interaction Domain in CFTR Is an Apical Membrane Polarization

Signal," Bruce Stanton, Dartmouth; 1395 BST, noon

Race in World Perspective Lecture

"The Route of the Slave: African Culture in Cuban Society," Juan

Antonio Alvarado, Institute of Anthropology, Havana; 3P11 Posvar,

noon (687-6943)

Vanguard Presentation

"Take Charge of Your Financial Future"; Craig conf. ctr., noon-2 pm

Music Colloquium

"A Forgotten Voice Remembered: Frank Lionel Curtis & the America

Salon Piano Tradition," Jim Cassaro; 132 Music, 4 pm

Saturday, April 8


Vs. Villanova, doubleheader; Frick Park, noon

Pitt Symphonic Band Concert

Alumni Center, Masonic Temple; open house 3-8 pm, concert 4:30 pm

Men's Glee Club Concert

FFA Aud., 8 pm (624-4125)

Sunday, April 9


Vs. Rutgers, doubleheader; Frick Park, 11 am

Bayer/Center for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"Can the Brain Know What's on Your Mind?" Peter Machamer, history

& philosophy of science; Carnegie Science Center, 3 pm (624-1052)

Heinz Chapel Spring Choir Concert

Heinz Chapel, 3 pm (624-4125)

Monday, April 10

* Summer & fall terms add/drop periods begins.

Senate Council Meeting

2P56 Posvar, 3 pm

Pitt-CMU Colloquium

"The Evolution of American Government," Frank Baum-gartner, Penn

State; 223D Porter Hall, CMU, 4 pm (648-7287)

Contemporary Writer's Lecture

Lee Smith, author of "Fair & Tender Ladies"; 125 FFA, 8:15 pm

Tuesday, April 11

HR Workshop

"The Payroll System at Pitt: An Introduction," Linda Ostroski;

100 Craig, 10 am-3 pm (to register: 624-8046)

Communication/Rehabilitation Sciences Lecture

4060 Forbes Tower, noon-1 pm (647-1341)

Intercultural Bag Lunch

5th fl. Med. Arts, noon

TIAA-CREF Presentation

"Back to Basics! Financial Terms Made Simple"; HR training rm.

Craig, noon-2 pm

Women's Studies Lecture

"Gender & Society in Nepal," Sally Schlippert; 901 CL, noon-1 pm

Center for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"Credit for Discovery," Nicholas Rescher; 817R CL, 12:05 pm


Vs. Ohio State, doubleheader; Frick Park, 2 pm


Vs. Kent State; Trees Field, 3 pm

Titusville Campus Concert

Phil Giordano Jazz Orchestra; Henne Aud., UPT, 8 pm (814/827-4460)

Wednesday, April 12

HR Workshop

"The Payroll System at Pitt: An Introduction," Linda Ostroski;

100 Craig, 10 am-3 pm (to register: 624-8046)

Pathology Seminar

"A Mouse Model of Hereditary Tyrosinemia," Milton Finegold, Texas

Children's Hospital; 1104 UPMC Conf. Ctr., noon

Staff Association Council Meeting

2M/2P56 Posvar, 12:30-2 pm

TIAA-CREF Presentation

"Women & Investing: Debunking the Myths"; HR training rm. Craig, 1-3 pm

Senate Plant Utilization & Planning Meeting

3P57 Posvar, 3-5 pm

Biology & Physiology Seminar

"Sertoli Cell Specific Transcription & the FSH Receptor Gene

Promoter," Michael Griswold, Washington State; 5th fl. Eye &

Ear Boardrm., 4 pm

Health Policy Institute Lecture

Pittsburgh Mercy Health System Health Care, Greg Zollar; GSPH

Aud., 4-5:30 pm (624-6104)


Vs. Akron; Trees Field, 5 pm

Pgh. Chamber Orchestra Concert

Bellefield Aud., 8 pm (624-4125)

Bayer Pittsburgh Conference Lecture

"Artificial Synapses Based on Ultramicroelectrodes: Application

to the Mechanism of Vesicular Release From Single Cells," Christian

Amatore, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris; Chevron Ashe Aud., 8:15 pm

Thursday, April 13

Cultural/Film Studies Lecture

"The Political Career of Indian Cinema: Understanding Indian

Cine-Politics," M. Madhava Prasad, Center for the Study of Culture

& Society, Bangalore; 501 CL, 10 am (624-6564)

Bioethics Grand Rounds

"Subject Selection, Ethics & Pediatric Research," Eric Kodish,

Case Western; lec. rm. 5 Scaife, noon-1 pm

TIAA-CREF Presentation

"Allocating Assets to Meet Your Financial Goals!"; HR training

rm. Craig, noon-2 pm

UCIS Presentation

"Human Rights Around the World & What You Can Do About It," William

Shulz, Amnesty Int'l., & "Making Women's Rights a Reality in

India: A Practitioner's Perspective," Geeta Ramaseshan, '91 Heinz

fellow; 2M56 Posvar, 3 pm (624-4780)

Biostatistics Seminar

Richard Day; A-115 Crabtree, 3:30 pm

Provost's Inaugural Lecture

"Screening Ireland: Historym Memory, Nation," Marcia Landy, English;

FFA Aud., 4 pm

Bayer Pittsburgh Conference Lecture

"Electrochemistry at Ultra-microelectrodes: New Opportunities,

New Challenges & New Problems," Christian Amatore, Ecole Normale

Superieure, Paris; Chevron Ashe Aud., 4 pm

Pharmacology Seminar

"CNS Serotonin & the Sympathetic Nervous System in the Insulin

Resistance Syndrome," Matthew Muldoon; 622 Scaife, 4-5 pm

History of Art & Architecture Lecture

"John Ruskin's True Griffin: A Grotesque History of Art," Franny

Connelly, U of MO; 202 FFA, 4:30 pm

Toastmasters Meeting

1103 Scaife, 6 pm

Ph.D. Defenses


"Tonal Resources & Compositional Processes of Traditional Ewe

Vocal Music," George Worlasi Kwasi Dor; April 3, 114 Music, 8:30 am


"The Role of Phospholipase D in the Regulation of the Mitogen

Activated Protein Kinase Cascade," Mark Rizzo; April 3, 1395 BST, 2 pm


"Aspects of Information Literacy: A Sociological & Psychological

Study," Teresa Neely; April 6, 503 IS, 10 am-noon

Social Work

"The Impact of Gender Role Adherence, Gender Role Stress & Sexist

Attitudes on Violence Against Women," Bonnie Robinson; April

7, 2112 CL, 10:30 am


"Evaluation of the Erie County Immunization Registry of Children

12 to 23 Months of Age," Nancy Rea; April 13, A-523 Crabtree, 10 am


Pitt Greensburg Players

"Overruled" & "Mixed Doubles"; March 30 & 31, Powers Hall Aud.,

UPG, 7 pm (724/836-9942)

Kuntu Repertory Theatre

"Nefertari Rising"; through April 8, Thur.-Sat. 8 pm, Sun. 4

pm, April 6 matinee for students & seniors, 11 am, Masonic Temple (624-7298)

Pitt Repertory Theatre

"Little Shop of Horrors"; through April 16, Tue.-Sat. 8 pm, Sun.

2 pm, Stephen Foster Memorial (624-7529)


University Art Gallery

"Books & Beyond: Artists' Books From Ohio Valley Collections";

through April 1; FFA, Thur. 10 am-8 pm, Fri. & Sat. 10 am-4 pm (648-2423)

Rainbow Alliance Triangle Project

WPU Kimbo Gallery, through April 2; Thur. & Fri. 10 am-6 pm,

Sat. noon-5 pm (648-2105)

Pitt Studio Arts Student Exhibition

April 12-30; FFA, Mon.-Sat. 10 am-4 pm, Thur. 10 am-8 pm, opening

reception April 12, 4-6 pm (648-2423)


Pilot Research Projects in Oral Cancer

Deadline for applications is April 1. (For applications: 647-2111)

KGSB Women's Alumni Council Forum

"Sharing Wealth & Falling Behind? A Report on the Economic Status

of Women in the Pittsburgh Region," Audrey Murrell; April 18,

Founders Rm. Duquesne Club, noon. (RSVP by April 7: 648-1645)

Tripartite Symposium

"Sensor Technology for the New Millennium"; Aud. 6 Scaife. (Register

by April 17: 386-5799)

Child Welfare Education for Leadership

For caseworkers, supervisors & other child welfare employees

who want to earn a master's degree. Applications due by April

30. (624-6305)

Calendar Deadline

The next issue of the University Times calendar will be published April 13. It will contain events of April 13-27. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 pm April 6, at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information may be sent by fax: 624-4579 or e-mail to

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