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April 17, 2014

Senate committee slates announced

The slate of candidates for seats on the University Senate’s standing committees has been set. There are three seats open on each of the Senate’s 15 committees.

Committee elections will run April 24-May 6.

For more information, contact the Senate office at 4-6505.

  • Admissions and student aid: Julius Kitutu, nursing; Steven Levine, dental medicine; John Ozolek, medicine; Juan Taboas, dental medicine.
  • Athletics: Mike-Frank Epitropoulos, arts and sciences (A&S); Susanne Gollin, public health; Kevin McLaughlin, education; Jay Rajgopal, engineering; Steve Wendell, medicine.
  • Benefits and welfare: Colleen Culley, pharmacy; Jeanann Haas, University Library System (ULS); Angelina Riccelli, dental medicine; Sachin Velankar, engineering.
  • Budget policies: Balwant Dixit, pharmacy; Beverly Gaddy, Greensburg campus; Emily Murphy, health and rehabilitation sciences; Elia Beniash, dental medicine.
  • Bylaws and procedures: Laura Fonzi, education; Malgorzata Fort, Health Sciences Library System; Ketki Raina, health and rehabilitation sciences.
  • Commonwealth relations: Christopher Bise, health and rehabilitation sciences; J. Patrick Card, A&S; Linda Frank, public health; Robin Gandley, public health; Tamer Ibrahim, engineering; Patrick Loughlin, engineering; Ann Mitchell, nursing; Bita Moghaddam, A&S; Debora Rougeux, ULS.
  • Community relations: German Barrionuevo, A&S; Heidi Donovan, nursing; Maggie Folan, pharmacy; Linda Garand, nursing; Michael Lovorn, education.
  • Computer usage: Alex Jones, engineering; Marian Hampton, ULS; Arif Jamal, ULS.
  • Educational policies: Amy Aggelou, health and rehabilitation sciences; David Beck, health and rehabilitation sciences; A. Murat Kaynar, medicine; John Stoner, A&S.
  • Equity, inclusion and anti-discrimination advocacy: Cynthia Danford, nursing; Adriana Modesto Vieira, dental medicine; Andrew Strathern, A&S; Luis Vallejo, engineering.
  • Library: Eileen Chasens, nursing; Tin-Kan Hung, engineering; B. Guy Peters, A&S; Parmjeet Randhawa, medicine.
  • Plant utilization and planning: Tracey Olanyk, ULS; Joseph Newsome, medicine; Maureen Reynolds, pharmacy.
  • Student affairs: Lance Davidson, engineering; Leslie Eibl, ULS; Chyongchiou Jeng Lin, medicine; Pierre Landry, A&S; Margaret Rosenzweig, nursing; Mark Scott, ULS.
  • Tenure and academic freedom: Christopher Bonneau, A&S; Rose Constantino, nursing; William Federspiel, engineering; Rakesh Sindhi, medicine.
  • University Press: Charles Atwood, medicine; Kathleen Musante, A&S; Peter Friedman, medicine.