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April 17, 2014


V46N15aEditor’s note: The annual University Times Books, Journals & More supplement, published April 3, included  an incorrect description of the following book. The corrected description follows.

Collected Works, Volume I:

Scientific Rationality, the Human Condition and 20th Century Cosmologies

by Adolf Grünbaum, Center for Philosophy of Science.

Oxford University Press.

The essays in this volume focus on scientific rationality — the problem of what it takes for a theory to be called scientific — and ask whether it is plausible to draw a clear distinction between science and non-science as was proposed by Karl Popper. They also delve into the debate between determinism and indeterminism, in both science and in the humanities. The author defends the position of the humane determinist, which then leads to a thorough criticism of the current theological approaches to ethics and morality — where the author defends an explicit secular humanism — as well as a critique of prominent theistic interpretations of 20th-century physical cosmologies.