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March 30, 2006

Senate announces election slate

This year’s candidate slates for University Senate officers, Faculty Assembly members and members of the University Senate’s 15 standing committees have been set.

Newly elected members to Faculty Assembly serve the first year of their three-year terms on the Assembly; during their second and third years, they serve on both the faculty-only Assembly and on Senate Council, which includes faculty, staff, students and administrators.

Ballots for 2006-07 Senate elections are expected to be mailed to faculty during the week of April 3. The deadline to return ballots to the Senate office, 1234 CL, is April 21.

The following are candidates for University Senate officers:


John J. Baker, associate professor, Department of Microbiology-Biochemistry, School of Dental Medicine;

Irene Hanson Frieze (incumbent), professor of psychology, business administration and women’s studies.

(See related story.)

Vice President:

John M. Close, assistant professor, dental public health/biostatistics, School of Dental Medicine;

Michael R. Pinsky (incumbent), professor of critical care medicine, bioengineering and anesthesiology, School of Medicine.


Lisa Marie Bernardo, associate professor and director of continuing education, School of Nursing;

Ellen R. Cohn, associate professor, communication science and disorders and assistant dean for instruction, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS).

Senate officers will serve one-year terms beginning July 1.

The following are candidates for Faculty Assembly. The number of vacancies is indicated in parentheses.

School of Arts and Sciences (A&S)

• Humanities (1 vacancy):

Philip K. Wion, English.

• Natural Sciences (2):

William Harbert, physics and astronomy;

Jonathan E. Rubin, mathematics.

• Social Sciences (2):

Emmanuel Anise, Office of the Dean;

Susan B. Hansen, political science;

Steven L. Husted, economics;

Jeffrey H. Schwartz, anthropology.

Professional schools

• Business (1):

Madeleine J. Carlin;

Jay W. Sukits.

• Education (1):

Deborah J. Aaron;

Marilyn L. Ross.

• Engineering (1):

Leonard W. Casson;

Rakie Cham;

Ronald D. Neufeld;

Jayant Rajgopal.

• Information Sciences (1):

Roger R. Flynn.

• Law (1):

Kevin Deasy.

• Social Work (1):

Tracy M. Soska.

• University Library System (ULS) (1):

Marian Hampton.

Schools of the Health Sciences

• Medicine (1):

Michael Gorin;

Barry Kisloff;

Michael T. Lotze;

Guy Salama.

• Public Health (GSPH) (1):

Steven H. Belle;

Linda R. Frank;

Wesley M. Rohrer.

There are no openings this year for new Assembly members from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA), the schools of dental medicine, health and rehabilitation sciences (SHRS), nursing and pharmacy, and the Health Sciences Library System (HSLS).

Pitt’s Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown and Titusville campuses elect their own representatives to Faculty Assembly.

The following are candidates for seats on the 15 University Senate standing committees. There are three openings on each committee.

• Admissions and student aid:

Michael DeVera, medicine;

Raymond E. Jones, business;

John B. Lyon, A&S, Germanic languages and literatures;

Susan Shaiman (Kimelman), SHRS;

Carol S. Stilley, nursing;

Louise C. Waszak, nursing.

• Anti-discriminatory policies:

Mark L. Anderson, A&S, English;

Lynn M. Fitzgerald, SHRS;

Dorothy Hawthorne-Burdine, nursing;

Janine E. Janosky, medicine;

Randi Koeske, Greensburg, psychology.

• Athletics:

David M. Brienza, SHRS;

James J. Irrgang, medicine;

Donna G. Nativio, nursing;

Claudia M. Pagliaro, education;

Leonard Plotnicov, A&S, anthropology;

Patrick Smolinski, engineering.

• Benefits and welfare:

Donald G. Angelone, SHRS;

William E. Bickel, education;

John Mendeloff, GSPIA;

Linda Rinaman, A&S, neuroscience;

Robert J. Robertson, education.

• Budget policies:

Balwant N. Dixit, pharmacy;

Michael Gorin, medicine;

Ellen Olshansky, nursing;

Richard H. Pratt, A&S, physics and astronomy;

John P. Williams, medicine.

• Bylaws and procedures:

Michael Hahn, SHRS;

Alice B. Kuller, HSLS;

Joshua Lund, A&S, Hispanic languages and literatures;

Jonathan Miller, ULS;

Kurt F. Summersgill, dental medicine.

• Commonwealth relations:

Rodger L. Beatty, GSPH;

Bopaya Bidanda, engineering;

Robert Hayden, A&S, anthropology;

Eugene Myers, medicine;

Mary S. Vogel, dental medicine.

• Community relations:

Willa Doswell, nursing;

Edward Galloway, ULS;

Mariam C. Hampton, ULS;

Linda Hartman, HSLS;

Ray Anne Lockard, ULS;

Ada C. Mezzich, pharmacy;

Timothy Savisky, biology, Greensburg;

Tracy M. Soska, social work.

• Computer usage:

Vincent C. Arena, GSPH;

Frank Beatrous, A&S, mathematics;

Michael Bolam, ULS;

Peter Draus, nursing;

George H. Pike, law;

Luis Vargas, business.

• Educational policies:

Troy Boone, A&S, English;

Catherine G. Greeno, social work;

Ethan Pullman, ULS; S

usan M. Sereika, nursing;

Anthony J. Silvestre, GSPH.

• Library:

Jacob D. Deininger, Greensburg, public services librarian;

Rosemary L. Hoffmann, nursing;

Lina Insana, A&S, French and Italian languages and literatures;

Brion S. Maher, dental medicine;

Lipika Mazumdar, Greensburg, anthropology;

Valerie Watzlaf, SHRS.

• Plant utilization and planning:

Christopher Drew Armstrong, A&S, history of art and architecture;

Shirley Cassing, A&S, economics;

Lou Fabian, education;

Michael S. Ramsey, A&S, geology and planetary science.

• Student affairs:

Scott M. Mark, pharmacy;

Marriyam Moten, medicine;

Elizabeth Nagle, education;

Rhonda S. Rea, pharmacy;

Ewa A. Rudnicka, Greensburg, engineering;

Elizabeth Wylie-Ernst, A&S, Germanic languages and literatures.

• Tenure and academic freedom:

Vernon Gay, medicine;

Mary Beth Happ, nursing;

Jonathan Harris, A&S, political science;

Consuella Lewis, education;

Linda Penkower, A&S, religious studies;

Luis E. Vallejo, engineering;

Earl Glen Whitehead Jr., A&S, mathematics.

• University Press:

Joseph K. Adjaye, A&S, Africana studies;

John Earman, A&S, history and philosophy of science;

Ann S. Harris, A&S, history of art and architecture;

Lester C. Olson, A&S, communication;

Richard J. Smethurst, A&S, history.

—Peter Hart

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