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April 13, 2006

Books, Journals & More

This annual University Times supplement recognizes faculty and staff who have written and edited books, as well as those whose efforts have extended into other areas, such as CDs, electronic publications, art exhibitions, plays and musical compositions.

We regret that space constraints prohibit including other kinds of publications/creative endeavors. At the suggestion of a faculty advisory committee, we have included only items that were peer-reviewed: Self-published works are not included. We also have limited listings to complete works, because individual chapters or articles, poems and musical compositions would be too numerous.

Submissions are divided into three sections: Books, Journals & More. In all three sections, submissions are arranged according to school/unit, then listed alphabetically by title. In instances where there has been collaboration, the Pitt faculty or staff member is listed first.

Books, Journals & More was compiled by Barbara DelRaso from information submitted by faculty and staff members themselves.

Jim Burke of CIDDE shot the photograph on which this year’s supplement cover is based.

Submissions in this year’s publication have a 2005 copyright or performance date.




Antonio Gardano, Venetian Music Printer 1538-1569, Vol. 3

by Mary S. Lewis, music.


This is the final volume of a three-volume study of one of the most important music printers of the 16th century. This volume looks at the connections between Gardano’s output and the musical culture of his day.

Artists of World War II

by Barbara McCloskey, history of art and architecture.

Greenwood Press.

This book is the first survey of art in World War II to address nine countries in both the European and Asian-Pacific theatres of the war. Chapters provide an institutional overview of the art worlds in China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, the Soviet Union, Spain and the United States. They also offer critical assessments of the similarities and differences among these centers.

Coalitions of the Unwilling? Politicians and Civil Servants in Coalition Governments

edited by B. Guy Peters, political science; Laszlo Vass, Budapest University of Economics, and Tony Verheijen, World Bank.


This volume attempts to analyze and interpret the new realities in the development of politico-administrative relations, and asks to what degree new patterns of coalition government and management have begun altering traditional systems and notions of politico-administrative relations.

The Collins Big Book of Art: From Cave Art to Pop Art

edited by David G. Wilkins, history of art and architecture.

Collins Design.

The first two-thirds of this book is an illustrated chronology of the history of world art. The last third is devoted to a discussion of themes, including portraiture, rural life, allegory, history, politics, war and social protest.

The Compositionality of Meaning and Content, Vol. 1: Foundational Issues

edited by Edouard Machery, history and philosophy of science; Markus Werning, and Gerhard Schurz.

Ontos Verlag.

This volume contains articles dedicated to the nature and role of compositionality in philosophy, linguistics, cognitive science and neuroscience.

The Compositionality of Meaning and Content, Vol. 2: Applications to Linguistics, Psychology and Neuroscience

edited by Edouard Machery, history and philosophy of science; Markus Werning, and Gerhard Schurz.

Ontos Verlag.

The nature and role of compositionality in philosophy, linguistics, cognitive science and neuroscience are discussed.

Cross-Border Marriages: Gender and Mobility in Transnational Asia

edited by Nicole Constable, anthropology.

University of Pennsylvania Press.

Illuminating how international marriages are negotiated, arranged and experienced, this is the first book to chart marital migrations involving women and men of diverse national, ethnic and class backgrounds. The migrations studied here cross geographical borders of provinces, rural-urban borders within nation-states and international boundaries, including those of China, Japan, South Korea, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, the United States and Canada.

Democracy as Human Rights: Freedom and Equality in the Age of Globalization

by Michael Goodhart, political science.


The author argues that the process of globalization undermines contemporary understandings of democracy and he presents an original reinterpretation of democracy for the current age. Examining democratic theory and practice from early modern Europe through the present, the book exposes certain problematic assumptions about sovereignty, assumptions that have been preserved uncritically in most theories of global or cosmopolitan democracy.

DeVoto’s West: History, Conservation and the Public Good

edited by Edward Muller, history.

Swallow Press/Ohio University Press.

In the 1940s and 1950s Bernard DeVoto challenged the efforts of stockmen, timber companies, mining firms and their Congressional representatives to privatize public lands. In a series of essays, he pointed out the degradation of public lands resulting from the exploitation of their resources and the deterioration of the National Parks. His public campaign twice forestalled legislative attempts to turn over public lands to private interests or the states. The same issues confront the American public today.

The Encyclopedia of War and American Society

editor-in-chief: Peter Karsten, history.


This three-volume encyclopedia considers the range of relationships between the wars Americans have participated in since the earliest colonial times and their society, economy and culture. The volumes consist of entries on the range of subjects and of documents illustrating them.

Feminist Literacies, 1968-75

by Kathryn Thoms Flannery, English and women’s studies.

University of Illinois Press.

This is a history of radical feminist literacy practices and pedagogies. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, ordinary women affiliated with the women’s movement produced an explosion of periodicals, poetry, manifestoes and performance work to support “do-it-yourself” education as part of what Adrienne Rich has called the “women’s university-without-walls.”

Generalized Blockmodeling

by Patrick Doreian, sociology; Vladimir Batagel, University of Ljubljana, and Anuska Ferligoj, University of Ljubljana.

University of Cambridge Press.

This book provides an integrated treatment of blockmodeling, the most frequently used technique in social network analysis. It secures its mathematical foundations and then generalizes blockmodeling for analyzing many types of network structures.

Governing Complex Societies: Trajectories and Scenarios

by B. Guy Peters, political science, and Jon Pierre, University of Gothenberg.


Western societies are becoming increasingly complex and challenging to govern, yet the modern state continues to play a central role in governance. This book critiques the notion of “governing without government”; instead, the authors argue that what is happening is more a matter of state transformation than state decline.

The Human Fossil Record: Craniodental Morphology of Early Hominids and Overview

edited by Jeffrey H. Schwartz, anthropology, and Ian Tattersall.


This fourth volume presents detailed descriptions and illustrations of virtually all of the important specimens representing the early portion of the human fossil record, plus a systematic appraisal of all fossil hominids.

Hurting the One You Love — Violence in Relationships

by Irene Hanson Frieze, psychology.


This book has grown out of more than 30 years of research. It provides an overview of theory and research on all forms of violence in intimate relationships including violence in dating relationships and marriages, incest, rape and sexual victimization, date rape, stalking, child abuse and sexual harassment. It also explores how violence affects the family and others who are close to the victim, and uses criminal justice data and research as well as the research of psychologists in studying these phenomena. In addition, the text covers rape- and violence-prevention efforts, as well as educational programs.

Institutional Theory in Political Science: The New Institutionalism, 2nd Edition

by B. Guy Peters, political science.

Continuum International Publishing Group.

Intercultural Discourse and Communication: The Essential Readings

by Scott F. Kiesling, linguistics, and Christina Bratt Paulston, linguistics.


This is a collection of articles that discuss major theoretical approaches; case studies of cultural and sub-cultural contact from around the globe; issues of identity in bicultural individuals, and the real world implications of intercultural contact and conflict.

Literary Dollars and Social Sense: A People’s History of the Mass Market Book

by Ronald J. Zboray, communication, and Mary Saracino Zboray, communication.


Summoning the voices of ordinary Americans through diaries and letters, the authors uncover a pivotal moment in the history of modern mass-market publishing. This book shows how common folk of the early 19th century embraced the newly industrialized literary marketplace through their reading and gossiping, addressed it through their writing and editing, and served it through their purchasing, vending and distributing.

Modern Politics and Government,7th Edition

by B. Guy Peters, political science, and Alan R. Ball, University of Essex.

Palgrave Macmillan.

This edition includes a new chapter on globalization and regionalization and broader coverage of democratic politics, interests and movements; of the media; of social and cultural influences on political behavior, and of public management.

The Mojave-Sonora Megashear Hypothesis: Development, Assessment and Alternatives

edited by Thomas Anderson, geology and planetary science; James W. McKee, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; Jonathan A. Nourse, California State Polytechnic University, and Maureen B. Steiner,

University of Wyoming.

The Geological Society of America.

This volume provides an overview of the idea that the Mojave-Sonora megashear served as the plate boundary of southwestern North America in Late Jurassic time. The original uranium-lead analyses and field observations that led to the megashear hypothesis are presented. Papers in the assessment section document significant efforts by numerous geoscientists to tackle various aspects of the problem. Articles in the alternatives section argue against existence of the megashear as originally proposed and provide alternative interpretations to explain geologic relations in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States.

Phaethon’s Children: The Este Court and Its Culture in Early Modern Ferrara

edited by Dennis Looney, French and Italian languages and literatures, and Deanna Shemek, University of California-Santa Cruz.

Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies.

This book brings together essays from numerous disciplines to examine Ferrarese cultural production from approximately 1400 to 1598. Over these two centuries, the Estense city developed cultural practices, visual arts, music and literature that bear a distinct Ferrarese imprint. This volume explores the range of materials that beckons researchers to Ferrara in fields such as literary studies, history, women’s studies and other specializations, materials that have played a primary role in the cultural and political history of Italy as well as Ferrara.

Poesía Clásica Japonesa: Kokinwakashú

edited and translated by Torquil Duthie, East Asian languages and literatures.

Editorial Trotta.

This is a Spanish translation of 100 poems from the Japanese 10th-century “Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poems.” The book includes an extended, 40-page introduction.

Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Data Management for Sensor Networks

edited by Alexandros Labrinidis, computer science, and Sam Madden, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

ACM Press.

This is a collection of peer-reviewed papers on security: accessing and storing data, in-network processing and routing as they relate to data management for sensor networks. They were published in conjunction with the 31st International Conference on Very Large Databases held Aug. 29, 2005, in Norway.

Proceedings of the 4th ACM International Workshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile Access

edited by Alexandros Labrinidis, computer science, and Ugur Cetintemel, Brown University.

ACM Press.

This collection of peer-reviewed papers on context- and location-aware approaches; systems and applications; time- and power-sensitive techniques, as they relate to management of data for wireless and mobile access was published in conjunction with the ACM SIGMOD/PODS conference held June 12, 2005 in Baltimore.

Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Mobile Data Management

edited by Panos Chrysanthis, computer science; Alex Delis, University of Athens; George Samaras, University of Cyprus; Ouri Wolfson, University of Illinois-Chicago, and Arkady Zaslavsky, Monash University, Australia.

ACM Press.

This is a collection of 32 papers and five demonstration descriptions along with keynote and panel abstracts presented at MDM 2005, an international conference on mobile data management.

Public Opinion and Political Change in China

by Wenfang Tang, political science.

Stanford University Press.

This book describes how various factors such as the single-party political system, traditional culture, market reform and industrialization shape public opinion and mass political behavior in urban China. The book draws most of its empirical evidence from 12 Chinese public opinion surveys conducted between the late 1980s and the late 1990s. The book concludes that China’s authoritarian political system proved to be less effective than traditional culture, marketization and industrialization in shaping public opinion and mass political behavior.

Reading Adoption: Family and Difference in Fiction and Drama

by Marianne Novy, English.

University of Michigan Press.

This book explores how plays and novels from “Oedipus” to Barbara Kingsolver’s “Pigs in Heaven” represent adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents and their relationships, and how differently these works define parenthood and identity.

The Red Ape: Orangutans and Human Origins

by Jeffrey H. Schwartz, anthropology.


Written not only through experience as a paleoanthropologist but through the eyes of a historian and philosopher of science, this book explores the bases and assumptions of how we came to think that our closest living relative is the chimpanzee, and in doing so reveals that it is the orangutan that most likely occupies this position.

Winter’s Tales: Reflections on the Novelistic Stage

by Kathleen George, theatre arts.

University of Delaware Press.

This book studies the relationship of novel to play from three different angles: their shared ground as forms of narrative; the strategies of playwrights to write more novelistic plays, and adaptations of novels for the stage.

Writing on the Margins: Essays on Composition and Teaching

by David Bartholomae, English.

Bedford/St. Martin’s.

This book is a collection of essays on student writing, the teaching of writing and writing as a school subject.

Youth of Darkest England: Working-Class Children at the Heart of Victorian Empire

by Troy Boone, English.


This book examines how Victorian writings for and about young people undertook an ideological project to enlist working-class children in the British imperial enterprise.


Soccer Steps to Success, 3rd Edition

by Joseph Luxbacher, athletics.

Human Kinetics.

This guide contains progressive instruction for optimal learning of individual techniques and team tactics. It contains step-by-step instruction for mastering the fundamentals needed to develop solid soccer skills.


Wildlife Diseases: Landscape Epidemiology, Spatial Distribution and Utilization of Remote Sensing Technology

edited by Assad Panah, geology and environmental science; Frederic J. Brenner, Grove City College; Jane Huffman, East Stroudsburg University, and Shyamal K. Majumdar, Lafayette College.

The Pennsylvania Academy of Science.

This book provides an introduction to wildlife diseases and critical evaluation of various types of wildlife diseases. Tracking the spread of diseases between wildlife and domestic animals is a major challenge to veterinary scientists. Disease hazard detection, hazard appraisal and risk management techniques described in this book are fundamental tools for reliable wildlife translocations.


Bone Tissue Engineering

edited by Bruce A. Doll, periodontics; Charles Sfeir, oral medicine; Thomas A. Einhorn, Boston University Medical Center, and Jeffrey O. Hollinger, Carnegie Mellon University.

CRC Press.

This book presents current knowledge of bone biology as a basis for understanding the development of bone tissue engineering. Biomimetic materials and the rationale for new therapeutic approaches are discussed and contrasted with current clinical approaches to replace bone.


Improving Instruction in Rational Numbers and Proportionality: Using Cases to Transform Mathematics Teaching and Learning

by Margaret Schwan Smith, instruction and learning and LRDC; Mary Kay Stein, administrative and policy studies and LRDC, and Edward Silver, University of Michigan.

Teachers College Press.

This three-volume set provides teachers of mathematics with support to improve their instruction. The books focus on ways to engage upper elementary, middle school and high school students in thinking, reasoning and problem solving to build their mathematics understanding and proficiency.

Improving Literacy in America: Guidelines From Research

by Heather Bachman, psychology in education; Carol McDonald Connor, Florida State University, and Frederick J. Morrison, University of Michigan.

Yale University Press.

The authors of this book argue that educational policies based on singular, “silver bullet” solutions for improving literacy in America are too simplistic. Research that demonstrates the complexity of interrelated sociocultural, parenting, child care, school and child characteristics that operate in combination to shape children’s early literacy development is reviewed.

Strategies for Addressing Behavior Problems in the Classrooms, 5th Edition

by Mary Margaret Kerr, administrative and policy studies, and C. Michael Nelson, University of Kentucky.

Prentice Hall/Merrill.

A graduate textbook for educators and psychologists, this volume describes assessment, instructional planning, behavioral interventions and interagency approaches to help students with emotional and behavioral challenges. This text provides an in-depth look at specific behaviors and the strategies employed for addressing each behavior. The book addresses school-based interventions in the context of positive behavioral support, a view embraced by practitioners and supported by research. It continues to promote collaboration between other agencies and families, along with better coordination of treatment options to create effective services and intervention in education.


The Oswego Fugues

by Stephen Murabito, English.

Star Cloud Press.

This is a book-length poem.


Mosby’s EMT-Basic Textbook, 2nd Edition

by Debra A. Lejeune, emergency medicine; Thomas E. Platt, emergency medicine, and Walt Alan Stoy, emergency medicine.


This textbook follows the U.S. Department of Transportation National Standard Curriculum for the EMT-Basic. This edition includes four new chapters, as well as supplemental information. A new companion DVD, featuring all of the skill sequences contained in the textbook, is included.

Nutritional Issues in Cancer Care

edited by Valerie Kogut, sports medicine and nutrition, and Sandra I. Luthringer.

Oncology Nursing Society.

This is a textbook authored by oncology dieticians and nurses to provide site-specific information on nutrition and cancer.


Archives & Archivists in the Information Age

by Richard J. Cox, library and information science.

Neal-Schuman Publishers.

This volume provides a guide to the new roles, responsibilities and considerations for archival management, examining the role of archival collections in public scholarship, distance learning and the digital era. The book considers the need for modern organizations that collect historical materials; the creation of job descriptions and the hiring of archivists and consultants, the role of the archivist in the knowledge age; the profession’s changing credentials and specialties, and the growing base of knowledge found in the field’s scholarly works.

Understanding Operating Systems, 4th Edition

by Ida M. Flynn, information science and telecommunications, and Ann McIver McHoes, Carlow College.


This book blends operating systems theory and practice.


College Reading and Study Strategies

by Dianna L. Van Blerkom, Owen Library, and Patricia I. Mulcahy-Ernt, University of Bridgeport.


Using a strategic learning model, the text includes chapters on motivation, time management, concentration, memory, lecture and text note taking, test preparation and test-taking skills. Students are presented with a variety of strategies and given an opportunity to practice them through numerous and varied chapter activities, then encouraged to select and use the ones that work best for them. The reading chapters include finding main ideas, locating specific details, developing vocabulary, analyzing key points, summarizing and synthesizing text and evaluating information. Students practice the reading strategies on real-life magazine articles and college-level text material.

Essential Genes Test Item File

by Stephen Kilpatrick, biology; Robert Grebenok, Canisius College, and Brent Nielsen, Brigham Young University.

Pearson Prentice Hall.

This is a book of test questions for Benjamin Lewin’s “Essential Genes” textbook.

Whittling Lessons

by Eric Schwerer, creative writing.

Finishing Line Press.

This book of poems has been nominated for an Ohioana Book Award.


CILE Studies: Vol. 1

The Draft UNCITRAL Digest and Beyond — Cases, Analysis and Unresolved Issues in the U.N. Sales Convention

edited by Ronald Brand, Harry Flechtner, and Franco Ferrari.


This book contains papers from a conference in Pittsburgh analyzing the U.N. Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods and reviewing the UNCITRAL Digest of case law on the convention.

CILE Studies: Vol. 2

Private Law, Private International Law and Judicial Cooperation in the EU-US Relationship

edited by Ronald Brand.


This book contains the papers from a conference in Pittsburgh in May 2004 dealing with the evolution of European Community competence for private international law matters and how that evolution affects relations with the United States.

Core Questions of Comparative Law

translated by Vivian Curran.

Carolina Academic Press.

This is the English translation of a book of comparative law in context and theory written in German by Bernhard Grossfeld.

Criminal Procedure: Cases, Problems and Exercises, 2nd Edition

by John Burkoff; Leslie W. Abramson, University of Louisville; Ronald Bacigal, University of Richmond; Catherine Hancock, Tulane University; Donald E. Lively, Florida Coastal School of Law, and Russell L. Weaver, University of Louisville.


Introductory course materials for a first-year course in substantive criminal law are provided in this supplement.

Federal Courts: Cases and Materials on Judicial Federalism and the Lawyering Process

by Arthur Hellman, and Lauren K. Robel, Indiana University-Bloomington.


Although fully attentive to the deeper issues of federalism and separation of powers raised by the cases, the book’s primary focus is on giving students the grounding they will need to be effective lawyer-litigators. The American system of judicial federalism is important because it sets up four possible goals: getting into federal court; staying out of federal court; gaining the benefit of federal law, or avoiding the detriment of federal law. This book concentrates on providing the doctrinal and practical education that will enable lawyers to identify and pursue these goals effectively in the service of their clients.

How Lawyers Lose Their Way: A Profession Fails Its Creative Minds

by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic.

Duke University Press.

This book uses historical investigation and critical analysis to diagnose the cause of the pervasive unhappiness among practicing lawyers.

International Conflict Resolution: Consensual ADR Processes

by Pat Chew; Harold Abramson, Touro College, and Jacqueline Nolan-Haley, Fordham University.


This is a law text on the range of processes for resolving international disputes. The processes are those whereby the parties reach their own solutions (consensual) rather than processes where a third party imposes a decision on the parties, such as litigation or mandatory arbitration. The book addresses all kinds of disputes, including ethnic and business disputes.

White Collar Crime: Cases, Materials and Problems

by Sandra D. Jordan, and J. Kelly Strader, Southwestern University.


This casebook addresses the complex and timely topic of white-collar criminal offenses. The book draws on Jordan’s practical experience in prosecuting and defending white-collar crime cases. The subjects include money laundering, securities fraud and computer crimes as well as procedural subjects such as the grand jury and sentencing. Recent high-profile cases are highlighted and incorporated into the materials.


Improving Instruction in Rational Numbers and Proportionality: Using Cases to Transform Mathematics Teaching and Learning

by Margaret Schwan Smith, School of Education; Mary Kay Stein, School of Education, and Edward Silver, University of Michigan.

Teachers College Press.

Making Sense of Phonics: The Hows and Whys

by Isabel Beck.

Guildford Press.

This book provides a wealth of practical ideas for building children’s decoding skills by teaching letter-sound relationships, blending, word building and multi-syllable words.


ACS Surgery: Principles and Practice

edited by Mitchell P. Fink, critical care medicine; Gregory J. Jurkovich, University of Washington; Larry R. Kaiser, University of Pennsylvania; William H. Pearce, Northwestern University; John H. Pemberton, Mayo Clinic; Nathaniel Soper, Northwestern University, and Wiley W. Souba, Pennsylvania State University.


An official American College of Surgeons publication, this book offers authoritative recommendations on current surgical care from over 200 master surgeons. It is organized in a “body-system” format.

Cytologic Detection of Urothelial Lesions

by Stephen Raab, pathology, and Dorothy Rosenthal.


DNA Repair and Mutagenesis, 2nd Edition

by Richard Wood, pharmacology and biological sciences; Tom Ellenberger, Errol C. Friedberg, Roger A. Schultz, Wolfram Siede and Graham C. Walker.

ASM Press.

This edition presents updates to this comprehensive textbook on DNA repair. It provides a strong historical context for comprehensive review of material and covers all aspects of biological responses to DNA damage.

The Eustachian Tube: Structure, Function and Role in the Middle Ear

by Charles Bluestone, otolaryngology.

BC Decker.

This book includes important contributions made in this area by investigators around the world, so that there is now one source that presents the state of knowledge of the Eustachian tube within its “system” (the nasal cavities, nasopharynx and palate at its proximal end and the middle ear and mastoid at its distal end).

Functional Hemodynamic Monitoring

edited by Michael Pinsky, critical care medicine, and Didier Payen.

Springer Verlag.

This volume addresses the philosophical and practical issues related to hemodynamic monitoring in the critically ill patient.

Innovative Management of Atrial Fibrillation

edited by David Schwartzman, medicine, and Marco Zenati, surgery.


This book provides a useful window to the limitations of cardiovascular disease prevention and management as it is currently practiced. The disease is under-diagnosed and preventative strategies are underutilized. The goal of this book is to provide a snapshot of a rapidly moving target: the non-pharmacological management of patients with atrial fibrillation.

Minimally Invasive Approaches to Pediatric Urology

edited by Steven Docimo, urology.

Taylor Francis.

This is a summary of minimally invasive surgery, including laparoscopic and endo-urological techniques, as applied to the pediatric patient.

Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery

edited by Steven Docimo, urology; Jay Bishoff, Wilford Hall Medical Center; Stefan Loening, Charite-Universitats-medizin, and Robert G. Moore, Texas

Tech-El Paso.

Taylor Francis.

This is a textbook of minimally invasive urological techniques, with chapters covering all aspects of adult and pediatric urology.

Sleep Disorders and Psychiatry

edited by Daniel Buysse, psychiatry.

American Psychiatric Publishing.

This book is Vol. 24 in the series “Review of Psychiatry.” It describes the major categories of sleep disorders, detailing how virtually every psychiatric disorder and a wide variety of medical illnesses adversely affect sleep. Twelve experts in sleep disorders present current knowledge about these conditions and their treatment, emphasizing the disorders most likely to be encountered in psychiatric clinical practice.

Textbook of Critical Care, 5th Edition

edited by Mitchell P. Fink, critical care medicine; Patrick Kochanek, critical care medicine; Edward Abraham, University of Colorado, and Jean-Louis Vincent, University Libre de Bruxelles.

W. B. Saunders/Elsevier.

A new editorial team presents a radical revision to this critical care text. The new edition includes coverage of both adult and pediatric critical care, with contributions from world experts. In addition to numerous new chapters and many extensively rewritten ones, it features a new section on commonly encountered problems and a more user-friendly organization. It also is available in a multimedia package that combines the book with access to a fully searchable, continuously updated web site.

Therapeutic Hypothermia

edited by Samuel Tisherman, surgery, and Fritz Sterz, Medical University of Vienna. Springer.

This book summarizes the scientific rationale, laboratory studies and clinical studies of therapeutic hypothermia. The emphasis is on resuscitative hypothermia after cardiac arrest, trauma, stroke, asphyxia and organ dysfunction. Cooling methods and possible detrimental effects of hypothermia also are discussed.

Year Book of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

editors-in-chief: Stephen S. Raab, pathology, and Anil V. Perwani.


This yearbook summarizes and comments upon the most important pathology articles published in the previous year.


Reproductive Health Awareness for Teenage Girls With Diabetes: What Teens Want to Know About Sexuality, Pregnancy and Diabetes

by Denise Charron-Prochownik.

American Diabetes Association.

This self-instructional book and CD is for teenage girls with diabetes. It focuses on preconception counseling, sexuality and pregnancy as it relates to type 1 diabetes.


Cognitive Harmony: The Role of Systemic Harmony in the Constitution of Knowledge

by Nicholas Rescher, philosophy.

University of Pittsburgh Press.

This book explains the crucial role that systematization plays -— not just for the organization of what we know, but also for its validation — and argues for a new conception of induction.

Common-Sense: A New Look at an Old Philosophical Tradition

by Nicholas Rescher, philosophy.

Marquette University Press.

Philosophy has long had a love-hate relationship with common sense. On one side, philosophers want to stay on good terms with common sense and avert the charge of falling into absurdities and paradoxes. On the other, philosophers are uneasy about giving much heed to what is so trite and truistic as to be unable to afford insight and interest. The book’s key message is that common sense deserves a good deal more respect than philosophers of late have given it.

Cosmos and Cognition: Studies in Greek Philosophy

by Nicholas Rescher, philosophy.

Ontos Verlag.

The six studies comprising this volume deal with some fundamental issues in early Greek thought: cosmic evaluation in Anaximander; the theory of opposites from the pre-Socratics to Plato and Aristotle; thought experimentation in pre-Socratic thought; the origins of Greek Scepticism among the Sophists; the prehistory of “Buridan’s Ass” speculation, and the role of esthesis in Aristotle’s theory of science. The early discussion seeks to show how certain ideas bore unexpected fruit during the subsequent development of philosophical thought.

Epistemic Logic: A Survey of the Logic of Knowledge

by Nicholas Rescher, philosophy.

University of Pittsburgh Press.

This book examines the nature of knowledge, the conceptual ramifications of defining knowledge and the reach and limits of what we know. Epistemic logic seeks to articulate and clarify the general principles of reasoning about knowledge.

Metaphysics: The Key Issues From a Realistic Perspective

by Nicholas Rescher, philosophy.

Prometheus Books.

Combining philosophical sophistication with logical rigor and a clarity of exposition, this book offers a discussion that will challenge students and general readers alike.

Realism and Pragmatic Epistemology

by Nicholas Rescher, philosophy.

University of Pittsburgh Press.

This book addresses the core idea of the author’s work in epistemology: that functional and pragmatic concerns exert a controlling influence on the conduct of rational inquiry and on the ways in which one can and should regard its products. While pragmatism is regarded widely as a philosophical approach that stands at odds with realism, the author takes a very different approach. He views pragmatism as a realistic position and utilizes a number of case studies to make his argument.

Reason and Reality: Realism and Idealism in Pragmatic Perspective

by Nicholas Rescher, philosophy.

Rowman & Littlefield.

This book sets out the theoretical

underpinnings of the idealistic approach to metaphysical realism that the author has developed over several decades.

Scholastic Meditations

by Nicholas Rescher, philosophy.

Catholic University of America Press.

This book is Vol. 44 in the series “Studies in the Philosophy and the History of Philosophy.” It is comprised of 10 essays that mediate between Scholastic concerns and contemporary philosophical issues. The studies gathered seek to do homage to the spirit of Scholasticism.

What If? Thought Experimentation in Philosophy

by Nicholas Rescher, philosophy.

Transaction Publishers.

This book undertakes a systematic survey of the role and utility of thought experiments in philosophy. After surveying the historical issues, the author examines the principles involved and explains the conditions under which thought experimentation can yield instructive results in philosophy.


Classic Readings and Contemporary Debates in International Relations, 3rd Edition

by Donald Goldstein, Jay M. Shafritz and Phil Williams.


This is a book of readings on theories and traditions, the structure of the international system, the actors of the international system, anarchy and society, deterrence, coercion, and war and contemporary issues and debates. Each section has an introduction and summary of the articles.

Defensive Internationalism: Providing Public Goods in an Uncertain World

by Davis Bobrow, and Mark A. Boyer, University of Connecticut.

University of Michigan Press.

What actions are reasonable for rich countries to take to deal with the problems that affect others as much as themselves? That’s the question posed by this book. The book explores examples of international cooperation where the United States takes the lead and where other countries are willing to exercise leadership with or without the involvement of the United States. The authors explore the future evolutionary trajectory of global politics based on past policy actions and introduce the concept of muted optimism. They conclude that “to cope with problems over the long term, states must directly engage the world and the problems posed from outside domestic borders to solve problems that have domestic impacts….states are compelled to be internationalists for defensive reasons.”

God’s Samurai

by Donald Goldstein, Gordon Prange and Katherine V. Dillon.


This is the story of Mitsuo Fuchida, the lead pilot of the Pearl Harbor attack, and his conversion to Christianity.

The Pacific War Papers: Japanese Documents of World War II

edited by Donald Goldstein, and Katherine V. Dillon.

Potomac Books.

This book contains documents pertaining to the planning by the Japanese military prior to World War II. Among the documents are the diary of the Japanese ambassador to the United States, short monographs by Japanese military commanders and other documents pertaining to WWII. These works are translated from Japanese to English.


Stranger Truths

by Maureen Passmore, academic affairs.

Kent State University Press.

This book of poetry details the author’s experiences in Ukraine and Lithuania.


The Practice of Research in Social Work

by Rafael J. Engel, and Russell K. Schutt, University of Massachusetts.

Sage Publications.

This book introduces social workers to the study of research and the contributions research efforts make to understand what is effective social work practice.


boundary 2

edited by Paul A. Bové, English.

Duke University Press.

This journal encourages new thinking in all areas of humanistic study in an era of emerging globality.

The Carl Beck Papers in Russian & East European Studies: No. 1705 The War Schools of Dobrinja Schooling Under Siege in a Sarajevo Community

edited by William Chase, history; Bob Donnorummo, UCIS, and Ronald H. Linden, political science; managing editor: Eileen O’Malley, UCIS.

Center for Russian and East European Studies.

David M. Berman received a Fulbright Scholar Award under the minority studies regional research program for work at the University of Sarajevo during 2001, which served as the basis for his current research for this book.

The Carl Beck Papers in Russian & East European Studies: No. 1706 Trials and Tribulations of Learning the Market: Culture and Economic Practice in Russia’s Market Transition

edited by William Chase, history; Bob

Donnorummo, UCIS, and Ronald H. Linden, political science; managing editor: Eileen O’Malley, UCIS.

Center for Russian and East European Studies.

Drawing on insights from economic sociology, Jeffrey K. Hass argues that culture-path-dependent practices, categories and assumptions of normality-shaped reactions are responses to changes in legislation and structure.

Child Development

associate editor: Sharon Nelson-Le Gall, psychology and LRDC.


This bimonthly, peer-refereed journal of the Society for Research in Child Development publishes empirical, theoretical, review, applied and policy articles on child development research.

Ethnology: An International Journal of Cultural and Social Anthropology

editor-in-chief: Leonard Plotnicov, anthropology; co-editors: Joseph S. Alter, anthropology; Richard Scaglion, anthropology, and Marie Norman, Carnegie Mellon University.

University of Pittsburgh.

This international journal focuses on aspects of cultural anthropology and theoretical and methodological


International Jazz Archives Journal

edited by Nathan Davis, music.

International Jazz Archives.

This journal publishes scholarly research and lectures by visiting artists.

International Journal of Computer Processing of Oriental Languages

editor-in-chief: Shi-Kuo Chang, computer science.

World Scientific Publishing.

This is an international journal that publishes original research contributions on computer processing of Oriental languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Arabic and others four times a year.

International Journal of Distance Education Technologies

edited by Shi-Kuo Chang, computer science, and Timothy K. Shih, Tamkang University.

Idea Group Publishing.

This journal publishes research papers and survey articles on distance education technologies four times a year.

International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering

editor-in-chief: Shi-Kuo Chang, computer science.

World Scientific Publishing.

This international journal publishes original research contributions on software engineering and knowledge engineering six times a year.

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

edited by Susan B. Campbell, psychology.


This scholarly, peer-reviewed journal presents original research on psychopathology in children and adolescents, with an emphasis on empirical studies of the major childhood disorders. Studies focus on the epidemiology, etiology, assessment, treatment and developmental course of disorders, as well as their family and peer contexts.

Journal of Mathematical Sociology

edited by Patrick Doreian, sociology.

Taylor & Francis.

This journal publishes articles in all areas of mathematical sociology.

Journal of Visual Languages and Computing

edited by Shi-Kuo Chang, computer science, and S. Levialdi.


This journal is published six times a year. It is the flagship journal that publishes original research contributions on visual languages, visual computing, visualization and related topics.

Magazine of History: Teaching History With Music

guest editor: Mariana Whitmer, Center for American Music.

Organization of American Historians.

This magazine is distributed to K-12 teacher members of the Organization of American Historians. Based on the work of Pitt’s Center for American Music, it was devoted to using music to teach history, including lesson plans and project profiles.

Revista Iberoamericana

edited by Erika Braga, Hispanic languages and literatures.

Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamerica.

This is a peer-reviewed journal.


Magazine of History: Medicine and History

guest editors: Jonathon Erlen, and Kathleen Jones, Virginia Tech.

Organization of American Historians.

This journal’s special issue contains 14 sections on various aspects of the history of American medicine. The purpose is to encourage teachers of American history survey courses to include segments on the history of medicine.


The International Information and Library Review

edited by Toni Carbo.


This is a peer-reviewed, international journal covering information policies, information ethics and other international topics in the library and information science field.

Journal of Network and Systems Management

guest editors: David Tipper, information science and telecommunications, and Wayne Grover, University of Alberta.

Kluwer Academic.

This was a special issue on Designing and Managing Optical Networks and Service Reliability.

Records and Information Management Report

edited by Richard J. Cox, library and information science.

M.E. Sharpe.

This records management publication provides in-depth discussions of topics vital to professional information managers. Each issue focuses on a particular subject, and includes an overview of the topic, a summary of the latest research, suggestions for practical application and a list of resources.

Spatial Cognition and Computation

edited by Stephen Hirtle, information science and telecommunications, and Anthony G. Cohn.

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

This quarterly multidisciplinary journal covers cognitive and computational models of spatial reasoning, navigation and environmental learning.

Technology, Instruction, Cognition and Learning

edited by Peter Brusilovsky, information science and telecommunications, and

Norbert M. Seel, Frieburg University.

Old City Publishing.

This is an international, interdisciplinary journal of structural learning promoting and disseminating interdisciplinary advances in theory and research at the intersection of four focus disciplines: technology, instruction, cognition and learning.


Pennsylvania Geographer

edited by William Kory, geography; associate editor: Greg Faiers, geography.

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

This semi-annual journal deals with a variety of geographical topics.

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator

associate editor: Karen Scanlon, education.

Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators.

This yearly journal is intended to provide teacher educators with a venue

for publishing current research and best practices in the field of teacher education.

South Asian Review

edited by Kamal Verma, humanities.

South Asian Literary Association.

This refereed journal is a representative international scholarly forum for the examination of South Asian languages and literatures in a broad cultural context.


Search and Seizure Law Report

edited by John Burkoff.


This is a monthly newsletter.


Child Development

associate editor: Sharon Nelson-Le Gall, School of Arts and Sciences.


Research Points

edited by Lauren Resnick; managing editor: Chris Zurawsky.

American Educational Research Association.

This journal brings information on education research to public policy makers and state educational leaders.

South Asian Language Review

associate editor: Umarani Pappuswamy.

Indian Institute of Language Studies.

This journal publishes papers on theoretical and applied aspects of language and linguistics as well as book reviews with special reference to South Asian languages.


Critical Care Clinics: Critical Care Nephrology

guest editors: Russel L. Delude, critical care medicine and pathology; Mitchell P. Fink, critical care medicine; John Kellum, critical care medicine, and Paul Palevsky, medicine.


In this issue, experts from nephrology and critical care medicine review both the latest advances and the “tried and true” for many of the most common critical care nephrology syndromes.

Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

associate editor: Mitchell P. Fink, critical care medicine.

American Society for Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics.

This journal provides broad coverage of all aspects of the interactions of chemicals with biological systems including autonomic, behavioral, cardiovascular, cellular, clinical, developmental, gastrointestinal, immuno-, neuro-, pulmonary and renal pharmacology, as well as analgesics, drug abuse, metabolism and disposition, chemotherapy and toxicology.

The Laryngoscope

editor-in-chief: Jonas T. Johnson, otolaryngology.

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

This monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal delivers a scientifically rigorous, multidisciplinary package that brings the practitioner up to date on the latest worldwide findings concerning acquired and congenital diseases and disorders of the head and neck.

Pediatric Diabetes

editor-in-chief: Mark A. Sperling, pediatrics.

Blackwell Munksgaard.

This quarterly publication is the official journal of the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes. It is devoted to disseminating new knowledge relating to the epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, management, complications and prevention of diabetes in childhood and adolescence.

Seminars in Ophthalmology

edited by Thomas R. Friberg, ophthalmology.

Taylor & Francis.

This peer-reviewed journal presents new and innovative strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease.

Vaccines Across the Life Span, 2005

edited by Donald B. Middleton, family medicine, and Richard Zimmerman, family medicine.

Dowden Health Media.

This is a vaccine supplement to the Journal of Family Practice, January 2005. Topics include an update on influenza vaccine, routine vaccines across the life span, vaccines for persons at high risk, vaccine schedules, vaccine risk communication, immunization barriers and solutions, and pictures of vaccine preventable diseases.


Journal of Professional Nursing

edited by Ellen Olshansky, health and community systems.


This is the official journal of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.


The Carl Beck Papers in Russian & East European Studies: No. 1705

The War Schools of Dobrinja Schooling Under Siege in a Sarajevo Community

edited by William Chase, School of Arts & Sciences; Bob Donnorummo, Russian and East European studies, and Ronald H. Linden, School of Arts & Sciences; managing editor: Eileen O’Malley, Russian and East European studies.

The Center for Russian and East European Studies.

The Carl Beck Papers in Russian & East European Studies: No. 1706

Trials and Tribulations of Learning the Market: Culture and Economic Practice in Russia’s Market Transition

edited by William Chase, School of Arts & Sciences; Bob Donnorummo, Russian and East European studies, and Ronald H. Linden, School of Arts & Sciences; managing editor: Eileen O’Malley, Russian and East European studies.

The Center for Russian and East European Studies.


Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association

edited by James P. Cassaro, Music Library.

Music Library Association.

This quarterly journal includes scholarly articles on music bibliography, the music trade, music printing and publishing, among other topics. It also offers reviews of recently published books on music, music scores, video and sound recordings and digital media in the field of music.


Henry IV

actor: W. Stephen Coleman, theatre arts.

Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre.

Coleman portrayed Warwick in Dahrin Matthew’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Henry IV, Part 1” and “Henry IV, Part 2,” April 21-May 14 at Pitt’s Charity Randall Theatre.

Mrs. Shakespeare: Will’s First and Last Love

by Yvonne Potts Hudson, theatre arts.

New Place Collaborations.

This was a one-woman show in historic settings, including Pitt’s English Nationality Room and Calvary United Methodist Church. The character of Shakespeare’s wife explores their marriage, his works and the themes that make Shakespeare’s plays and poetry so universal.

The Music of Asenjo and McKinley

composed by Florencio Asenjo, mathematics, and William Thomas McKinley.

MMC Recordings.

This music CD includes three compositions by Asenjo: “Effusions”; “Figures Taking Form,” and “The Supplicants,” recorded by The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra.

My Hamburger

artist: Barbara Weissberger, studio arts.

Capsule Gallery, New York City.

This was a solo exhibition of 15 watercolor and gouache works on paper.

Old Times

directed by W. Stephen Coleman, theatre arts.

University of Pitttsburgh Repertory Theatre.

This Harold Pinter play was performed Sept. 21-Oct. 9 in Pitt’s Henry Heymann Theatre.


Psychology Videos

produced by Roger D. Klein, psychology in education.


This CD of five videos, featuring the research of prominent psychologists, accompanies selected textbooks in psychology. Roger Klein writes, produces and narrates each video.


Proceedings: 22nd International Pittsburgh Coal Conference

edited by Crystal M. Jones, chemical and petroleum.

University of Pittsburgh.

This CD includes papers on environmental emissions issues and technologies surrounding the continued use of coal and the development of future coal-based energy plants to achieve near-zero emissions of pollutants, reduced costs and high thermal efficiency while producing a suite of products to meet future energy market requirements. The conference was held Sept. 12-15.


A Minor Nuisance Spread Across the Organization: Factors Leading to the Establishment and Support of Records and Information Management Programs

by Richard J. Cox, library and information science.

ARMA International Educational Foundation.

This is an electronic publication on developing a working set of the factors causing organizations to establish records and information management programs. The researcher posed no specific hypothesis but tried to answer a simple research question: What causes any organization to establish a records and information management operation?


Shots 2005

by Donald Middleton, family medicine, and Richard Zimmerman, family medicine.

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine.

This is a quick reference guide to immunizations for PDAs, available for Palm OS and Pocket PC devices. It is derived from the recommended childhood, adult, medical and catch-up immunization schedules for the United States. Free downloads are available at

by Donald Middleton, family medicine, and Richard Zimmerman, family medicine.

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine.

This web site provides educational resources and up-to-date information on immunizations for family physicians and other clinicians. It is the web site of the Group on Immunization Education of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine.


The Genetics of Common Disorders: Implications for Primary Care and Public Health Providers

edited by Elizabeth Gettig, human genetics.

Department of Energy.

The National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics released this CD-ROM in spring 2005. This program focuses on the genetics of common disease and on the broad principles that emerge when viewing disease from the perspectives of variation and individuality, which are at the heart of thinking genetically.

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