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September 25, 1997

Francis Sargent Cheever

Former Pitt Health Sciences senior administrator Francis Sargent Cheever, 88, died of pneumonia on Sept. 19, 1997, in his home in Westwood, Mass.

Cheever served as medical school dean from 1958 to 1969, as vice chancellor, Schools of the Health Professions, 1967 – 1974; president of the University Health Center, 1970 – 1974, and professor of epidemiology and microbiology, 1950 – 1974.

Cheever retired to Wellesley, Mass., in 1974 where he became chair of the board of trustees of Massachusetts General Hospital and director of admissions at Harvard Medical School.

A native of Wellesley, he earned an A.B. from Harvard University in 1932 and an M.D. from Harvard Medical School in 1936. He came to Pitt from Harvard Medical School in 1950.

During his career, Cheever contributed more than 60 articles to medical journals on epidemiology, immunology and microbiology. He also was the author of chapters in Cecil & Loeb's "A Textbook of Medicine" and Dubos & Hirsch's "Bacterial & Mycotic Infections of Man." Cheever is survived by his wife, Jane, and four children, F. Sargent, Jr. of Chisinau, Moldova; Julia Altshuler of San Francisco; George of Pittsburgh, and Henry of Riverside, Conn.; three stepchildren; seven grandchildren and five step-grandchildren. Cheever's first wife, Julia, died in 1988.

Memorial donations may be made to either the Dr. Francis Sargent Cheever Distinguished Professorship Endowment or the F. Sargent Cheever Historical Library Fund Endowment, University of Pittsburgh, 500 Craig Hall.

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